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Welcome To Wiki Polis

Online Policy Development Tool

  • Inspired by the success of Wikipedia I've decided to try to create an online policy development tool. Those of you who are familiar with Wikipedia will instantly understand the principle that informs this instrument. The idea is to decentralise decision making by allowing a policy community to organically create a policy. Anyone at any time can edit the material that has been created.

Policy Page

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to an executive summary of an open policy issue. For the purposes of experimentation, I have chosen a discussion paper produced by the Qld government on planning.

Executive Summary: http://bluwiki.com/go/Policy_Page

From this summary you will be able to move pages where the particular policy is being developed.

Discussion Page

  • By following the link you will be taken directly to a policy page. On the page will be some policy ideas. As I have already said, anyone at anytime can alter the policy. All that is asked is that the changes are made in good faith and that there is to be no more than three changes - that is, if you try to change a policy decision more than three times and it is rejected then reconsider.
  • To Edit policy page please go to - [edit]

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