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Our movies

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What do we watch this week?
  • War and Peace (Votes: Vivek, Diane)

Movie Crazy!

Movies we have seen

  1. Central Station (Brazil)
  2. Dona Flor e seus dois maridos (Brazilian, hot & spicey; good fun, but like we just said - there are sensibilities and sensitivities!)
  3. Bicycle Thief
  4. Color of paradise
  5. The Girl's secret (Egypt; not sure if they have it here)
  6. Kelid/The Key (Iran) See IMDB Review.
  7. Baran

Heard from other sources

  1. Hellboy and Devil's Backbone (both directed by Guillermo del Torro - destined to be the next great Hollywood director, if not already)
  2. Man on the Train (Homme du train, L')
  3. The Ogre (w/John Malkovich)
  4. The Good Thief (not a great film, but a strong and good film with an actual good performance turned-in by Nick Nolte)
  5. Lifeboat (Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece on propaganda and ideology)


  1. War and Peace (Anand Patwardan)
  2. The Corporation
  3. Liberation of Auswitch (did not like watching it, but I sort of liked the idea of having watched it).

Suitable times for joint movie session


  • Vivek: Anytime (Not the next few Saturday's though)
  • Payal:
  • Sriram: Anytime
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: Anytime, but not a preferred day.
  • Payal: Not a preferred day.
  • Sriram
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: I am out!
  • Payal:
  • Sriram
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: Noon onwards
  • Payal: After 5 pm or so.
  • Sriram
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: Anytime
  • Payal: Now, we are talking. Prefer evenings.
  • Sriram
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: Noon Onwards But this friday, I am leaving to NY, and I'll not be back for 10 days.
  • Payal:
  • Sriram
  • Bertha


  • Vivek: Anytime (Not the next few Saturday's though)
  • Payal: Early afternoon or evening
  • Sriram: Anytime
  • Bertha

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