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PackRat - Cimarron Canyon

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PackRat|New Releases|Collections & Families|Collection: Cimarron Canyon
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This collection was retired on March 14th, 2008.
The information regarding recipes are valid and the items listed here could still exist in circulation. Retired cards may be available in the Premium markets on a limited basis.
Check the MARKET TRACKER for the most up-to-date info.

Icon: Packrat-cimarron-canyon.gif (15 total items)

Sheriff small.gif
Sheriff (2500)
Buy (Berkeley, 250 credits)
Sam-the-gambler small.gif
Sam the Gambler (2300)
Outlaw + Six Shooter + Ace of Spades
Ace-of-spades small.gif
Six-shooter small.gif
Outlaw small.gif
Great-state-of-texas small.gif
Great State of Texas (1600)
3 x Tin Star
Tin-star small.gif
Tin-star small.gif
Tin-star small.gif
Damsel-in-distress small.gif
Damsel in Distress (1500)
Brave small.gif
Brave (1000)
Buy (Chicago/Berkeley, 150 credits)
Outlaw small.gif
Outlaw (800)
3 x Cerveza
Cerveza small.gif
Cerveza small.gif
Cerveza small.gif
Pony small.gif
Pony (600)
Buy (Berkeley, 60 credits)
Boot small.gif
Boot (500)
Buy (Berkeley, 50 credits)
Six-shooter small.gif
Six Shooter (400)
Invite Bonus, Buy (Berkeley, 40 credits)
10-gallon-hat small.gif
10 Gallon Hat (400)
3 x Lasso
Lasso small.gif
Lasso small.gif
Lasso small.gif
Tin-star small.gif
Tin Star (400)
Buy (Scottsdale, 10 tickets) Buy (Berkeley, 40 credits)
Ace-of-spades small.gif
Ace of Spades (300)
Buy (Berkeley, 30 credits)
Saguaro small.gif
Saguaro (200)
Buy (Scottsdale, 10 tickets) Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)
Cerveza small.gif
Cerveza (200)
Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)
Lasso small.gif
Lasso (100)
Buy (Berkeley, 10 credits)

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