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PackRat - Feats of Wonder

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PackRat|New Releases|Collections & Families|Special: Feats of Wonder

Collection Feats


7th Inning Stretch Collection (1000)
Complete the 7th Inning Stretch collection
Yowsniddly! You're a true major leaguer now! Congrats on finishing the 7th Inning Stretch collection. Grab an nice, cool energy drink from the fridge, sit back in your leather recliner, and admire your shiny new "I'm an All-Star" card.

A - C

A Christmas Carol Collection (1000)
Complete the A Christmas Carol collection
Bah humbug? We say, Yowsniddly! Congratulations on completing the Christmas Carol collection and restoring the Christmas spirit. Enjoy a good night's sleep, take tomorrow off, and enjoy your lovely "God bless us, every one!" card.
Abracadabra Collection (1000)
Complete the Abracadabra! collection
Hocus Pocus! With a wave of your magic wand, you've made the Abracadabra! collection disappear into your vault. You're no longer an apprentice, but a true magician. The show is about to begin, so find your favorite assistant and head to the stage with your s...hiny new "Presto Chango!" card. We've also added 5000 credits and 5000 points to your totals.
Alice in Wonderland Collection (1000)
Complete the Alice in Wonderland collection
Congratulations on completing Alice in Wonderland! Did you enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole? Find a shady place to relax with a cup of team while admiring your beautiful Cheshire Rat.
Ancient Realms Collection (1000)
Complete the Ancient Realms collection
Inconceivable! Thou hast completed the journey through Ancient Realms! Few have survived this treacherous world and you have proven yourself a brave and noble warrior. Put down your weapon, grab a pint, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Knight Bootay" card.
Angels and Devils
Angels and Devils Collection (1000)
Complete the Angels and Devils collection
Oh heavenly day! Kudos to you for completing the Angels and Devils collection. You earned a weekend at your choice of the Cloud Palace or Devil Tower, as well as this devilish Feat of Wonder!
Ants and Grasshoppers Collection (1000)
Complete the Ants and Grasshoppers collection
Yowsniddly! Not only did you complete the Ants & Grasshoppers collection, but you deftly maneuvered the two rivals to the negotiating table. Thanks to you, there may soon be peace in the village. For that, you've earned this "Nobel PackRat Card"!
Arctic Adventure Collection (1000)
Complete the Arctic Adventure collection
Yowsniddly! Even Al Gore thinks you're cool now! Congrats on finishing the Arctic Adventure collection. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit back in front of the fireplace, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Bootay" card.
Arcade '80 Collection (1000)
Complete the Arcade '80 collection
WOW. BOOM. KAPOW! Congratulations on only losing once before mastering the entire Arcade. You are a retro-maniac! Enjoy your shiny, new, "It only cost a Quarter!" feat card!
Arctic Expedition Collection (1000)
Complete the Arctic Expedition collection
Congratulations! You've navigated the icy waters and finished your Arctic Expedition. Come in from the cold and relax in front of the fire with your new "Walking in a Winter PackRatLand" card.
Arctic Snowball Fight Collection (1000)
Complete the Arctic Snowball Fight collection
It was a hard-fought battle, but you have emerged victorious! Congratulations on winning the epic Arctic Snowball Fight. Enjoy the frozen spoils of war, including this "You're So Cool" Feat of Wonder.
Art Heist
Art Heist Collection (1000)
Complete the Art Heist collection
Good show, Detective! You've caught the thief and recovered the stolen art work. Please accept our invitation and sign your brand-new "Baker Street Detective Agency" membership card. Now, on to the next case!
Austin By Day
Austin By Day Collection (1000)
Complete the Austin By Day collection
The hipster in you has finally surfaced, dude. Congrats! Time to celebrate all day long: Don your Keep Austin Weird tee, cutoffs, and hip sunglasses before hitting the lake for the sunset viewing of the famous Austin bats. Don't forget to share your "I Heart Austin!" feat card with your friends!
Back to School: Retro Style
Back to School: Retro Style Collection (1000)
Complete the Back to School: Retro Style collection
Congrats! Time to don your orange bell-bottoms (or rad mini skirt & tights), tease your hair all, like, big...and just do, like, whatever it takes to make sure you win the "Most Popular Retro Middle Schooler" award! Here's to many more years of school (and play) in PackRatLand!
Baker's Dozen
Baker's Dozen Collection (1000)
Complete the Baker's Dozen collection
Yowsniddly! You obviously know how to bake! Congratulations on finding just the right recipes and creating this delicious collection! It's time to relax with a piece of cake and your brand-new "I'm a Top Chef" card. Well done :)
Barnyard Ruckus Collection (1000)
Complete the Barnyard Ruckus collection
Yowsniddly! Congrats on finishing the Barnyard Ruckus collection. The rocket is on the launching pad, so buckle up and hang on tight to your shiny new "I'll Believe That When Pigs Fly" card.
Be Mine Collection
Be Mine Collection (1000)
Complete the Be Mine collection
Happy Valentine's Day! Congratulations on completing the Be Mine collection. Head out to dinner to celebrate with that special someone, but don't forget your brand-new "Be My Valentine?" card!
Best in Show Collection (1000)
Complete the Best in Show collection
Well done, dahling! Congratulations on finishing Best in Show. You are completely non-numpty now! Order a glass of Perrier (and maybe another for your prized pooch), sit back, and admire your shiny new "We Do Tricks for Trophies" card.
Big Daddy Collection (1000)
Complete the Big Daddy collection
Way to go, daddy-o! Congratulations on finishing the Big Daddy collection. Grab a tall glass of your favorite beverage and head outside for a relaxing afternoon in your hammock. And don't forget your well-earned "Top of the Pops" card.
Born to Be Wild Collection (1000)
Complete the Born to Be Wild collection
Right on! You're not a numpty bunny now! Congrats on finishing the Born to Be Wild collection. Grab a long-neck from the bar, kick back, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Bootay" card.
Boy Genius Collection (1000)
Complete the Boy Genius collection
Awesome! The world is safe, thanks to you! Congratulations on finishing the Boy Genius collection. Have your robo-pet fetch you a soda pop from the fridge, grab a seat in the lab, and admire your shiny new "I'm a Mad Scientist's Worst Nightmare" card.
Breaking News Collection (1000)
Complete the Breaking News collection
This just in...a super-talented PackRat player has just completed the Breaking News collection. Our camera crew is heading to the scene as we speak and we should have a live interview soon. We have, however, obtained an exclusive photo of the award the player received for this impressive feat.
Bulls and Bears Collection (1000)
Complete the Bulls and Bears collection
You completed the Bulls and Bears Collection! Booya! You've mastered the markets with your mad trading skills. Grab your copy of the Journal, put your feet up and admire your freshly issued "Greed is Good" stock certificate.
Canada Day Collection (1000)
Complete the Canada Day collection
Not bad, eh? We have to say, we're pretty impressed. Thanks for celebrating the Great White North by completing the Canada Day collection. Grab a cup of Tim Hortons and enjoy your brand-new "I'm No Hoser!" card!
Caterpillar Spring Collection (1000)
Complete the Caterpillar Spring collection
Nicely done! You've completed the beautiful Caterpillar Spring collection! Step out of your cocoon and spread your wings, but don't leave without your brand-new Feat of Wonder card!
Checkmate Collection (1000)
Complete the Checkmate collection
It was a close match, but in the end you made active moves, set up a bind, and cleaned up on the Rabbit (the Great Rat). Congratulations! You now have a life-time membership to the Cheesy Chess Club with no monthly dues. Why don't you grab a deck of cards and invite a PackRat friend to play some Gin Rummy for a while.
Chinese New Year Collection (1000)
Complete the Chinese New Year collection
You're awesome! Congratulations on finishing the Chinese New Year collection! Slip into your silk robe and enjoy a New Year's feast, along with this one-of-a-kind "Spicy PackRat Noodles" card.
Cimarron Canyon Collection (1000)
Complete the Cimarron Canyon collection
Yowsniddly! You're not some no good, yellow-bellied urban cowboy anymore! Congrats on completing the Cimarron Canyon collection. Grab a cold one from the saloon, kick of your dusty boots, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Keister" card.
Collezioni La Soul Collection (1000)
Complete the Collezioni La Soul collection
Yowsniddly! No more off-brand flip-flops for you! Congratulations on finishing Collezioni La Soul. Grab a bottled water, head to the shoe store, and make sure to bring along your brand-new "I'm a Professional Shopper" card.
Creature Feature Collection (1000)
Complete the Creature Feature collection
Congratulations, my campy friend! You survived a frightful trip through monster movie classics and completed the Creature Feature collection! Grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite PackRat friends because the midnight movie is about to start. And don't forget your ticket - your new Feat of Wonder card!
CSI: PackRat
CSI: PackRat Collection (1000)
Complete the CSI: PackRat collection
Evidence Match! Good work, Detective. You've solved the most complicated crime ever faced by the CSI: PackRat Team. Time to lock up the Perp and get back to playing PackRat full-time. Enjoy your shiny, new "My CSI Badge is PackRat-legit" feat card!

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D - F

Dark Roast Collection (1000)
Complete the Dark Roast collection
Way cool, man! You're definitely more hip cat than square. Awesome job finishing the Dark Roast collection. The poetry slam is about to start, so order a triple-shot, grab a seat on the couch, and admire your "I Support Local Artists" card.
Devs Devs Devs Collection (1000)
Complete the Devs Devs Devs! collection
Yowsniddly! You've proven your serious Packrat skills by completing the Devs Devs Devs! Collection. Grab a sausage roll and head outside for a round of disc golf, but don't forget to bring your Shiny-new "I Kick Devs Bootay" card.
Dogs of War
Dogs of War Collection (1000)
Complete the Dogs of War collection
Congratulations! You're mostly bark but you have the bite too! Since you barked up the right tree, you can now hunker down in your bunker, grab your favorite weapon, and enjoy your slobbery new "Cute, Cuddly Dogs Always Win!" card.
Dreams Collection (1000)
Complete the Dreams collection
Congratulations on completing the Dreams collection! You've proven yourself to be a skillful PackRat player. Now take a break, rest a little, and dream of happy things, like your new "Sleep in Peace" card.
Easter Basket Collection (1000)
Complete the Easter Basket collection
Happy Easter! Congratulations on finishing the Easter Basket collection! Now that all of your eggs are decorated, invite your friends over to enjoy your pile of candy and show-off your new "Somebunny Loves Me!" card.
Easter Bunnies Collection (1000)
Complete the Easter Bunnies collection
Happy Easter! Congratulations on completing the crazy cute Easter Bunnies collection. Now that you've finished the egg hunt, relax in the spring air with your well-deserved "I Am Eggcellent!" card.
Emerald Isle Collection (1000)
Complete the Emerald Isle collection
Congratulations on completing the rare Emerald Isle collection! The luck of the Irish was with you. Grab a pint and your top hat, along with you shiny-new "Green is Good" card, and enjoy a belated St. Paddy's Day on us!
Enchanted Forest Collection (1000)
Complete the Enchanted Forest collection
Well done, kind traveller! You have completed the long journey through the Enchanted Forest. Find a shady spot underneath the Wise Old Oak and relax with your hand-carved "I Learned the Secret of the Forest" card.
Enterprising Fungi Collection (1000)
Complete the Enterprising Fungi collection
Congratulations on completing the Enterprising Fungi collection! Enjoy your shiny new "Shrooms are the New Cheese" card - you've earned it!
Extra Value Meal Collection
Extra Value Meal Collection (1000)
Complete the Extra Value Meal collection
Well done! Congrats on finishing the Extra Value Meal collection! Head to The W with your friends and get yourself a Double Cheeseburger Deluxe and a milkshake, but don't forget this brand-new "Do you want fries with that?" card.
Faery Realm Collection (1000)
Complete the Faery Realm collection
It would have been wiser to steer clear of the faeries' hill; perhaps you were led astray by a will-o'-the-wisp? Having stumbled into their fey world, your only hope is the magnanimity of the Faery Queen. Bring no iron into her hidden courts, and you may live to enjoy your "Dusted With Pixie Dust" card.
Fantastic Mr. Frog Collection (1000)
Complete the Fantastic Mr. Frog collection
Brilliantly done! Congratulations on completing the Fantastic Mr. Frog collection. Hop over to a shady spot in the yard and enjoy the company of your favorite green friend. Don't forget your "It's Not Easy Being Green" card!
Five Alarm Fire Collection (1000)
Complete the Five Alarm Fire collection
HOORAY! You've saved the day and your entire PackRat card collection with a smooth and speedy cat rescue! You should ring the fire bell, slide down the fire pole, and hustle over to the Great Rat Firehouse to receive your honorable "I Saved PackRatLand!" Feat Card.
Five Wishes Collection (1000)
Complete the Five Wishes collection
Congratulations! You've successfully mastered your two genies and survived The Evil Sorcerer's nasty spells. Time to bask in the glory of all five of your wishes coming true! Now that you're finished, it's time to chill in your comfy Seat and fixate on the Magic Screen. Until the next collection.
Flagellum Trilogy Collection (1000)
Complete the Flagellum Trilogy collection
Well played! You have defeated the Overlord Virus and completed the Flagellum Trilogy! Hop in your Inner Space Ship and set a course for the nearest galaxy, but don't forget your brand-new "I Kick Microscopic Bootay!" card.
Forest Friends Collection (1000)
Complete the Forest Friends collection
A stunning accomplishment! Congratulations on completing the Forest Friends collection! Join your new friends for some berries and granola, but don't forget your brand-new "Animal's Best Friend" card.
Freeriders Collection (1000)
Complete the Freeriders collection
Yownsiddly it's cold outside! Congratulations on navigating the slopes and completing the Freeriders collection.Step inside, grab some hot chocolate, and enjoy your new "(Black) Diamonds Are Forever" card.
Full Throttle Collection (1000)
Complete the Full Throttle collection
Way to go! You've zoomed past your friends and finished the Full Throttle collection! Grab an energy drink from the fridge, choose your next destination, and bring along your brand-new "I Have a Need for Speed" card.

G - I

Games of Summer Collection (1000)
Complete the Games of Summer collection
Yes! You stuck the landing and grabbed the gold medal by finishing the Games of Summer collection. Step up to the medal stand for your national anthem, proudly wearing the shiny "Amateurs Get Paid in Gold" card around your neck.
Go Go Gowalla Collection
Go Go Gowalla Collection (1000)
Complete the Go Go Gowalla collection
Congratulations on completing Go Go Gowalla! You're definitely a seasoned world traveler now. Grab your tickets and passport and head to the airport for your trip home, but don't forget your new Pa...ckRat Pilot's License.
Gowalla U Collection
Gowalla U Collection (1000)
Complete the Gowalla U collection
Outstanding! Congratulations on graduating from Gowalla U! Your degree will open a lot of doors for you in the real world, especially when you show people your brand-new Gowalla U Feat of Wonder card.
Green Scene Collection (1000)
Complete the Green Scene collection
Congratulations! Not only have you completed the Green Scene collection, but you've helped make the world a better place. Hop in your hybrid and head to the recycling center with your shiny new "It's Easy Being Green" license plate.
Happy Birthday to You Collection (1000)
Complete the Happy Birthday to You collection
Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, Awesome PackRat Player! Happy Birthday to You! Enjoy your present, this hand-made Birthday Feat Card just for you.
Happy Halloween Collection (1000)
Complete the Happy Halloween collection
BOO! You've successfully spooked all your PackRat neighbors, so now it's time to sort through the candy piles. Look closely at the bottom of your treat bucket to find your shiny, new, "I'm the Spookiest PackRatter Around!" feat card.
Happy Hanukkah Collection (1000)
Complete the Happy Hanukkah collection
Congratulations on completing the Happy Hanukkah collection! Please accept this handmade Feat of Wonder as a reward for your great accomplishment. We hope your holiday is filled with health, happiness, and PackRat!
Harvey Porker Collection (1000)
Complete the Harvey Porker collection
Congratulations! You've just magically finished the Harvey Porker collection with flying b-vroom colors! Grab a book of magic, hop on your personal flying dragon, and soar over the rest of the crowd waving your sparkly, new "I'm a PackRat Wizard" feat card!
High-Maintenance Movie Star Collection (1000)
Complete the High-Maintenance Movie Star collection
Congrats! You are now the hottest star in PackRatLand, beating out Shakirat by a golden mile. Time to sit back, sip on your NFEHWM, and enjoy your new-found stardom. Your shiny new "It's all about Me!" feat card will one day be worth millions, so be sure to brag about it to all your common-folk friends!
High Seas Century Collection (1000)
Complete the High Seas Century collection
Aye Aye, Captain! Congrats on completin' the High Seas Century collection. Climb aboard the Flying Razor with yer crew, grab a pint of grog and admire yer plunder, including this golden "Yo Ho Ho" card.
High Seas Rivalry Collection (1000)
Complete the High Seas Rivalry collection
Yowsniddly! Arr, yer no scalawag afterall, matey! Congrats on completin' the High Seas Rivalry. Grab yerself a bottle of rum, sit back with your crew, and admire yer golden "I Steal Bootay" card.
Hightail Zoo Collection (1000)
Complete the Hightail Zoo collection
Woo Hoo! No more elephant duty for you! Congrats on finishing the Hightail Zoo collection. Grab an ice cold soda and some popcorn, hop on the zoo train, and admire your shiny new "I'm a Junior Zookeeper" card.
Hightail Zoo 2 Collection (1000)
Complete the Hightail Zoo 2 collection
Congrats! You've gathered enough animal food to successfully feed every little critter at the Hightail Zoo 2! We hope you enjoyed every part of your visit. It's time to shout out to your friends about your shiny new, "I Heart PackRat Zoo Animals!" feat card.
Hook Learning Collection
Hook Learning Collection (1000)
Complete the Hook Learning collection
Congratulations on graduating from Hook Learning! You finished at the top of your class and earned this "No More Teachers, No More Books!" card.
Honky Tonk Tour Collection
Honky Tonk Tour Collection (1000)
Complete the Honky Tonk Tour collection
Yeehaw! 'bout time you finished this'un up! Took ya how long? Here's hopin you'll keep followin' us 'roun the countryside honky tonkin all night long. For now though, kick up yer boots and start celebrating your new feat by hummin our all-time favorite country tune, "PackRat twang is my thang!"
Housebuilders Collection
Housebuilders Collection (1000)
Complete the Housebuilders collection
Congratulations! You and are your talented team of contractors have completed this beautiful new home! The grateful homeowners wanted you to have this one-of-a-kind 'Certified PackRat Builder' card as a way of saying thanks. Well done!
Household Tales Collection
Household Tales Collection (1000)
Complete the Household Tales collection
Who's the fairest of them all? It's obvious -- you! Congratulations on completing Household Tales and saving us from the Wicked Queen. Enjoy your brand-new "Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall" Feat of Wonder card!
I Do Collection (1000)
Complete the I Do collection
A toast to the happy couple! What a lovely ceremony! We wish you many wonderful years together. Your plane is waiting, so finish packing your bags for the honeymoon and be sure to bring along our gift - this sterling silver "Just Married" card.
In Bloom Collection (1000)
Complete the In Bloom collection
Yowsniddly! You finished the In Bloom collection and have the green thumb to prove it! Now it's time to relax in your hammock and enjoy the beautiful garden, along with your new "I Like to Get Dirty" card.
Independence Day Collection (1000)
Complete the Independence Day collection
O Say Can You See your new Feat of Wonder card? Congratulations on completing the Independence Day collection and spreading freedom and liberty throughout the land. Or at least on Facebook. Well done!
Ink Wars Collection (1000)
Complete the Ink Wars collection
Awesome, dude! Congrats on finishing the Ink Wars collection. No more lame temporary tatts for you. Head downtown to meet your friends and show off your beautifully drawn, full sleeve PackRat tattoo.

J - L

Jump the Shark Collection (1000)
Complete the Jump the Shark collection
You jumped the shark! Thumbs up for not being a nerd. The sun is going down, but the fun is just beginning. Grab a seat on the beach blanket and admire your new "I Like to Rumble" card.
Land Down Under Collection (1000)
Complete the Land Down Under collection
G'day cobber! Well done on making it back from your walkabout with Outback Jack in one piece, so grab yourself a tinny and throw some roo steaks on the barbie as you sit back and admire your shiny new 'Life is Good Down Under' card.
Little Hero League Collection (1000)
Complete the Little Hero League collection
You completed the Little Hero League Collection. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you for defeating Dr. Devious and saving the planet from certain destruction. As a small token of our gratefulness, please accept this "You're Awesome, Commander" card.
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood Collection (1000)
Complete the Little Red Riding Hood collection
Well done, Red! You made it through the frightening forest to Grandmother's house and survived your encounter with the nasty wolf. Now enjoy a lovely lunch with Grandmother, along with this super-special "My, What Big Eyes You Have!" card.
Lucha Libre Collection (1000)
Complete the Lucha Libre collection
Congratulations to our new champion! The title belt is yours after finishing the Lucha Libre collection. Grab a seat just outside the squared circle and enjoy the next match, along with your new "Yo Soy el Campeóe Lucha Libre!" card.

M - O

Magical Mystery Tour Collection (1000)
Complete the Magical Mystery Tour collection
What a long, pixel-perfect, trip it's been! We hope you had a groovy time on the Magical Mystery Tour. Your friends are waiting, so grab your shiny new "Happiness is a State of Mind" card and get on the bus!
Mardi Gras Collection (1000)
Complete the Mardi Gras collection
Hey now! Congrats on completing the Mardi Gras collection! Grab your saxophone and head down to the French Quarter, but don't forget your brand-new "Dancing in the Streets" card.
Meme-O-Rama Collection (1000)
Complete the Meme-O-Rama collection
Merry Ole England
Merry Ole England Collection (1000)
Complete the Merry Ole England collection
Splendid! You've seen the sights, eaten proper chocolate, and learned the correct way to make a cup of tea. Now, sit back with your fish and chips and let the double-decker take you home while you admire your brand-new "Keep Calm and Carry On" card.
Monkey Lids Collection (1000)
Complete the Monkey Lids collection
Yowsniddly! Congrats on completing the wacky Monkey Lids collection. We've run out of bananas, so please accept this shiny-new Feat of Wonder card as your reward instead.
Mr. Whiskers Jigsaw Collection (1000)
Complete the Mr. Whiskers Jigsaw collection
Congratulations! You finished the Mr. Whiskers Jigsaw! Don't take apart the puzzle just yet, though. Leave it out for others to admire, along with your super-special "PackRat Puzzle Master" Feat of Wonder.
Mum's Day Collection (1000)
Complete the Mum's Day collection
Happy Mother's Day! Congratulations on completing Mum's Day and earning this extra-special Feat of Wonder! If you're a mom, take the rest of the day off! Just tell your family and co-workers that PackRat gave you permission :)
Mystery of the Deep
Mystery of the Deep Collection (1000)
Complete the Mystery of the Deep collection
The greatest naval power of antiquity is said to have vanished in a single day and night; but not before the Atlanteans' obsession with the sea led them to adapt a few of their own to thrive in the deep. These aquatic Atlanteans are all that now remain of the island nation, and they jealously guard its sunken secrets. Congratulations on uncovering the Mystery of the Deep! Enjoy your "Plato Was Right, As Usual" card -- assuming you can escape with it back to the surface...
Nacho Ducks
Nacho Ducks Collection (1000)
Complete the Nacho Ducks collection
Congratulations on completing a mind-bending journey through the world of Nacho Ducks! Celebrate with chips and queso while admiring your new "There's No Such Thing as Too Much Cheese" card.
Neighborhood Barbecue
Neighborhood Barbecue Collection (1000)
Complete the Neighborhood Barbecue collection
Welcome to the neighborhood! You've finished the Neighborhood Barbecue collection and made some new friends in the process. Find an empty lawn chair, grab a cold drink, and watch the sunset with your new "Grill, Baby, Grill" card.
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve Collection (1000)
Complete the New Year's Eve collection
Happy New Year! Congratulations on completing the New Year's Eve collection. Grab a glass of champagne and toast the awesome year ahead! And don't forget your one-of-a-kind "Party Like It's 1999" card.
Nightmares Collection (1000)
Complete the Nightmares collection
Congratulations on completing the Nightmares collection! Your PackRat skills and creativity are truly impressive. We only hope your subconscious can escape all that you've just seen, including this brand-new "Rest in Peace" card.
Ninja Dawn
Ninja Dawn Collection (1000)
Complete the Ninja Dawn collection
Well done, Senpai. Sensei is proud of you. Completing the Ninja Dawn collection is a great accomplishment. Enjoy a cup of hot tea while you admire your new "Art of War" card.
Ninja Storm
Ninja Storm Collection (1000)
Complete the Ninja Storm collection
You have repelled the mysterious Dragon Ninja and restored balance to the Elements. The dragons sleep and the Stone Sentinels are still once more. Return to your Eastern Fortress and continue to hone your skills, remaining vigilant against whatever new forces may arise to threaten your land.
Ninja Twilight
Ninja Twilight Collection (1000)
Complete the Ninja Twilight collection
Yowza! The forces of darkness threatened to plunge the land into an eternal night. Only you, a fully-trained ninja, were able to drive them back! You have successfully helped Hiroshi master the elemental powers of twilight—star and shadow—and have defeated his greatest foe, the mysterious Dark Ninja! Enjoy your shiny, new "I am a Stealthy Ninja PackRatter!" feat card.
North Pole Industries Collections (1000)
Complete the North Pole Industries collection
Congratulations! You have proved yourself to be a talented elf, so we have promoted you to Santa's Elite Elf Squad, based at the North Pole. Say goodbye to your family and friends and meet us at the Sleigh Station at dawn. Be sure to bring this passport - you'll need it to get past security.
Oh the Drama Collection (1000)
Complete the Oh the Drama collection
Wonderful job, dahling! You're no longer a fashion don't! Congratulations on finishing the Oh the Drama collection. Make an appointment at the spa, pack your bags, and enjoy your fashionable new "I Kick Bootay" card.

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P - R

PackRat 100 - Artist's Choice Collection (1000)
Complete the PackRat 100 - Artist's Choice collection
This very unique collection celebrates two years and 100 collections of pixelriffic fun! For making this possible and putting the AWESOME in PackRat, all we can say is, WE ♥ YOU!
PackRat: The Board Game Collection (1000)
Complete the PackRat: The Board Game collection
Yowsniddly, you won! Congratulations, you are now the PackRat Board Game Champion! Enjoy the spoils of victory, including this extra-special "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
PackRat Ice Cream Shoppe Collection (1000)
Complete the PackRat Ice Cream Shoppe collection
Sweet! You've scooped up a finger-licking, ice-cold feat just for building a PackRat Ice Cream Shoppe. Time to twirl around on your red diner stool, double dip into your chocolate sundae, and enjoy your sweet new, "I love PackRat Ice Cream!" feat card.
Pangea Patrol Collection (1000)
Complete the Pangea Patrol collection
You completed the Pangea Patrol Collection! Well done! You've survived the treacherous trek through time and completed Pangea Patrol! Celebrate this great accomplishment with a fine meal around the campfire and this "I'm Dino-mite!" card.
Papa Louie's Collection (1000)
Complete the Papa Louie's collection
Mamma mia! We're so proud of you for joining the family business. Now you can open a Papa Louie's in your neighborhood. But first, grab a pizza pie with your favorite toppings and show off the "Kiss the Chef" card.
Peaceful Afternoon Collection
Peaceful Afternoon Collection (1000)
Complete the Peaceful Afternoon collection
Bravo! Congratulations on finishing Peaceful Afternoon. We are so delighted that you have accomplished this impressive feat! Find a seat by the fire, pour yourself a delicious cup of tea, and relax with your new "Life is Good" card.
Pee Wee Pigskin Collection
Pee Wee Pigskin Collection (1000)
Complete the Pee Wee Pigskin collection
Touchdown! Congratulations on winning the big game! Join your teammates in the end zone for a post-game celebration, including some ice cold juice boxes and this limited-edition "I'm a Star on Team PackRat!" card.
Pee Wee Thanksgiving Collection (1000)
Complete the Pee Wee Thanksgiving collection
Gobble, gobble! Congratulations on finishing the Pee Wee Thanksgiving collection. Invite your friends and family to join you around the table for a delicious meal, and don't forget to pass around your new "We're Thankful for Our Awesome Players!" card.
Pet Shop Collection (1000)
Complete the Pet Shop collection
Good show! Congratulations on completing the Pet Shop collection. Now, which one of these delightful creatures are you going to take home? Pick your favorite, but don't forget your brand-new "Rats Are Pets, Too!" Feat of Wonder card.
Primary Colors 2008 Collection (1000)
Complete the Primary Colors 2008 collection
Yowsniddly! The nomination is yours! Congrats on finishing the Primary Colors collection. Grab a beer with a friendly lobbyist and admire your shiny new "Four More Years!" card.
Purrfect Spy Agency Collection (1000)
Complete the Purrfect Spy Agency collection
Yowsniddly! Congrats on your purrrfect track record at the detective agency! Why don't you climb a curtain or two, then do a little catnip dance to celebrate winning a shiny, new "Ninja Cats Always Win!" card.
Quest of Montezuma Collection (1000)
Complete the Quest of Montezuma collection
Amaizeing! You are truly a great explorer! Congratulations on completing the Quest of Montezuma. Find a shady spot to relax and admire your new "I'm the 8th Wonder of the World" card.
Rat Pack Collection (1000)
Complete the Rat Pack collection
Yeah, baby! Your losing streak is over! Congrats on finishing the Rat Pack collection, babe. Ask your waitress for a martini, sit back, and admire your shiny new "I Got Mad Skillz" card.
Refrigerator Artist Collection (1000)
Complete the Refrigerator Artist collection
Five Gold Stars for you! Congratulations on completing the Refrigerator Artist collection. Take this hand-drawn Feat of Wonder and hang it on your refrigerator - you've earned it!
Return to Tiki Island Collection (1000)
Complete the Return to Tiki Island collection
Outstanding, mon! Congratulations on completing the Return to Tiki Island collection! The King and Queen of Tiki Island are hosting a dinner in your honor, so grab your new "I'm Cuckoo for Coconuts" card and head to the luau.
Robot Rumble Collection (1000)
Complete the Robot Rumble collection
KAPOW! Congratulations on landing the knockout punch and winning the Robot Rumble! Time to celebrate your victory with a pint and this one-of-a-kind Feat of Robotic Wonder card.
Rock Band Collection (1000)
Complete the Rock Band collection
ROCK AND ROLL! You refused to succumb to the adoring fans and instead rose above them all. Congratulations on your GOLDEN record! Sign an autograph, turn up the volume, and shout out about your shiny new, "I Rock PackRat!" feat card.

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S - U

Safari Kingdom Collection (1000)
Complete the Safari Kingdom collection
G'day, mate! U R 100% non-drongo now! Congrats on completing Safari Kingdom. Refill your canteen with fresh spring water, throw some meat on the barbie, and admire your authentic "I Landed a Leopard" card.
Saint Valentine's Day Collection (1000)
Complete the Saint Valentine's Day collection
Happy Valentine's Day! Congratulations on finishing the Saint Valentine's Day collection. Snuggle up with that special someone and enjoy your brand-new "We Love Our Players!" card.
Sushi Bar Achievement
Sushi Bar Collection (1000)
Complete the Sushi Bar collection
Congratulations! You have courageously tried and tested all compatible confectionery combinations and are now a completely cool and prominent Sushi Chef in the PackRat world. Enjoy your shiny, raw, "I'm a sushi lover!" feat card.
Signs of the Zodiac
Signs of the Zodiac Collection (1000)
Complete the Signs of the Zodiac collection
As we predicted, today was your day for completing a PackRat collection! You're feeling the urge to buy new cards. Stay alert though...the Moon in Virgo makes a square to Mercury in Sagittarius, indicating a greater likelihood of acquiring a new rare card, or losing an older rarer one to the rats. But if you hold your shiny, new feat card at just the right angle, all will forever be well in PackRatLand.
Sleep Tight Collection (1000)
Complete the Sleep Tight collection
Yipee! Congratulations on finishing the Sleep Tight collection. You can stay up past your bedtime now! Grab a cup of milk and a good book, climb under the covers, and admire your shiny new "I'm really, Really Brave" card.
Socmo: The Adventure Begins (1000)
Complete the Socmo: The Adventure Begins collection
Yowsniddly! We're pretty impressed that you've completed the Socmo collection. Maybe, in fact, a little jealous. Either way, you've certainly earned this "Paging Dr. Socmo" card, along with the grateful appreciation of damaged and otherwise disadvantaged sock monkeys everywhere.
South by Southwest Collection (1000)
Complete the South by Southwest collection
Yowsniddly! Your stock options are no longer worthless! Congrats on finishing the South by Southwest collection. Grab a margarita and head to the patio with your favorite geek to admire your pixelicious "I'm a Paper Millionaire" card.
Strike! Collection (1000)
Complete the Strike! collection
Way to go! You bowled a perfect game and completed the Strike! collection! It's time to celebrate with your friends. Grab a cold drink and your trophy, along with this one-of-a-kind "I'm a Bowling Superstar!" card.
Sweet Bacon Dreams Collection (1000)
Complete the Sweet Bacon Dreams collection
This is not a dream. Congratulations! You've successfully cooked up the Sweet Bacon Dreams feat! Only Sir Bacon knows if you finished it in your sleep. Time to slide down a Baconbow into a Bacon River, and enjoy your crispy, new "I Heart Everything About Bacon!" feat card!
Subterranean Kingdom Collection (1000)
Complete the Subterranean Kingdom collection
Congratulations! You have completed the perilous journey through the Subterranean Kingdom. Grab your treasure and this hand-forged "Ruler of the Underworld" card and head for the surface!
Sugar Rush Collection (1000)
Complete the Sugar Rush collection
Yowsniddly! No more low-fat, low-cal, sugar-free desserts for you! Congrats on finishing the Sugar Rush collection. Grab a big spoon and a bowl of your favorite ice cream, sit back, and admire your shiny new "I'm an Anti-Dentite" card.
Summer Blockbuster Collection (1000)
Complete the Summer Blockbuster collection
You've got a hit! Start making a list of who to thank because even the critics love this summer blockbuster! Awards night is just a few weeks away, so it's time to get the Benz detailed to highlight your new "I Kick Paparazzi Bootay" bumper sticker.
Supermassive Black Hole Collection (1000)
Complete the Supermassive Black Hole collection
Yowsniddly! You're not a lowly space cadet anymore! Congrats on finishing the Supermassive Black Hole collection. Grab some tasty astronaut food, lean back in your captain's chair, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Alien Bootay" card.
Supermassive Gravastar
Supermassive Gravastar Collection (1000)
Complete the Supermassive Gravastar collection
Fantastic job, Captain! Congratulations on completing Supermassive Gravastar. The Federation thanks you for your service. All systems are go for your next adventure, so grab your shiny new "PackRat: The Final Frontier"... card and head to your briefing.
Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar Collection (1000)
Complete the Sushi Bar collection
Congratulations! You have courageously tried and tested all compatible confectionery combinations and are now a completely cool and prominent Sushi Chef in the PackRat world. Enjoy your shiny, raw, "I'm a sushi lover!" feat card.
Symphony Orchestra Collection (1000)
Complete the Symphony Orchestra collection
Encore! You delivered a flawless performance and the crowd is begging for more! Please accept the accolades, along with your brand-new "PackRat: The Unfinished Symphony" Feat of Wonder card.
Team Turkey Collection (1000)
Complete the Team Turkey collection
Magnificent job! Congratulations on completing the Team Turkey collection. We can't thank you enough for being one of the thousands of people who make PackRat awesome. Enjoy your brand-new "Gobble Gobble" card, along with our thanks!
The 12 Days of Christmas
The 12 Days of Christmas Collection (1000)
Complete the The 12 Days of Christmas collection
Merry Christmas! On the 12th day, you received a sparkly, new "Twelve Days of Christmas" feat card. Time to sing a Christmas tune with a calling bird, or four, and relax for the rest of the year!
The Bee's Knees Collection (1000)
Complete the The Bee's Knees collection
Yowsniddly! The internets are buzzing about your latest accomplishment! Congrats on finishing the Bee's Knees collection. Grab some toast and tea, along with a jar of honey, and admire your shiny new "I am the Bee's Knees" card.
The Big Top
The Big Top Collection (1000)
Complete the The Big Top collection
Yowsniddly! You're certainly not a numpty or a scary clown - you're awesome! Congrats on completing the Big Top collection. Grab some cotton candy and head for the spotlight to receive your "Welcome to the 3 Ring Circus" card!
The Mad Scientist
The Mad Scientist Collection (1000)
Complete the The Mad Scientist collection
Fantastic! Thank you for stopping the Mad Scientist and his fiendish plans! The chickens of the world would like to present you with this Feat of Wonder card as a token of their appreciation. They'd also like to encourage you to eat more burgers.
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker Collection (1000)
Complete the The Nutcracker collection
At the stroke of midnight, an army of mice appears and the toys come to life! You've helped the Nutcracker to overcome the Mouse King and discover the wondrous Land of Sweets. Enjoy your snow-dusted "I've danced with the Sugar Plum Fairy" feat card!
The Razor's Plunder Collection (1000)
Complete the The Razor's Plunder collection
Yo Ho Ho, Cap'n! You've finished the swashbuckling adventure, The Razor's Plunder, and emerged as the ruler of the seas! Be sure to guard your newly acquired treasure, along with this "I Steal PackRat Booty" card.
The Roswells Collection (1000)
Complete the The Roswells collection
Enthusiastic greeting! Congratulations on finishing The Roswells collection. Put your feet up on the Java Support Furniture, turn on the Color Entertainment Device and admire your Unidentified Feat Object.
The Summit Collection (1000)
Complete the The Summit collection
Congratulations on reaching The Summit! You deserve some relaxation after mastering this challenging climb. Grab a protein shake and some trail mix and enjoy the magnificent view of your new Feat of Wonder card!
The United States of PackRat Collection (1000)
Complete the The United States of PackRat collection
Congratulations on completing the biggest PackRat collection ever! You've earned this rousing rendition of "Hail to the Chief" along with your commemorative "Star-Spangled PackRat" card. Well done!
Tiki Island Collection (1000)
Complete the Tiki Island collection
Yowsniddly! U R 100% non-numpty now! Congrats on finishing the Tiki Island collection. Grab a pina colada, find the nearest hammock, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Bootay" card.
Toys Toys Toys Collection (1000)
Complete the Toys Toys Toys collection
Yowsniddly! You are now a certified toy collector after finishing the Toys Toys Toys collection. Gather all of your toys in your toy box, sit back, and admire your shiny new "No Batteries Required" card.
Treasure Tomb Adventure Collection (1000)
Complete the Treasure Tomb Adventure collection
Congrats! You've survived a heated mine cart chase and dodged a hundred rolling boulders. Better get out of there now! Time to grab the Golden Idol, your precious pet tarantula, hop in the dirigible, and fly back to PackRatLand. Don't forget your new, shiny, "None can rival Idaho James and the Temple of Rooms!"
Trick or Treat Collection (1000)
Complete the Trick or Treat collection
Happy Halloween! Congratulations on completing the ghoulish Trick or Treat collection. Grab a handful of candy, turn off the lights, and listen to the spooky tale of a greedy rat who terrorized a small town. Before he was caught, the rat disappeared, leaving only this "Trick or Cheese" card behind.
Urban Hipster Collection (1000)
Complete the Urban Hipster collection
What up, playa! U ain't no hater no mo! Props on reaching Urban Hipster status. Grab a microbrew, sit back in front of your flat screen, and admire your shiny new "I Kick Bootay...in HD" card.

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V - X

Valley of the Kings Collection (1000)
Complete the Valley of the Kings collection
Congratulations on completing the Valley of the Kings collection! Through your skill and cunning, you have acquired the Eighth Wonder of the World - a brand-new "King PackRat" Feat of Wonder card.
Collection: Vive la France
Vive la France Collection (1000)
Complete the Vive la France collection
Félicitations! You have tasted les délicatesses francaises, climbed La Tour Eiffel, and navigated les Rues de Paris on your bicyclette. Sit back at Les Deux Magots for un petit moment and people watch while you enjoy un croque-monsieur, un café au lait and your toujours à la mode “Vive La France” feat card.
Voyage of the Vikings Collection (1000)
Complete the Voyage of the Vikings collection
Congratulations on completing the Voyage of the Vikings adventure! We wish you good luck on your journey to other distant lands. Please accept this small reminder of your success. Safe travels!
Warbirds Collection (1000)
Complete the Warbirds collection
Nice flying, Captain! You've successfully navigated the unfriendly skies and led us to victory! It's time for a little R&R with your buddies, but first, General Warbeak has a special medal for you. You earned it!
Whodunit? Collection (1000)
Complete the Whodunit? collection
So, now you know. It was Professor Purple in the Library with the Lead Pipe! Congratulations on solving the mystery, detective! You've certainly earned this one-of-a-kind Feat of Wonder. Ready for your next case?
Winston World Collection (1000)
Complete the Winston World collection
Yowsniddly! Congrats on surviving a full day at Winston World and completing the collection too! Grab a front row seat on the Leviathan and hold on tight to your shiny new "I Survived Big Goliath" card.
Winter Games Collection (1000)
Complete the Winter Games collection
Congratulations! You skated past the competition and finished first. Step up to the medal stand to receive your gold medal, along with this "Ice Ice Baby" card.
Wizard of Oz Collection (1000)
Complete the Wizard of Oz collection
Congratulations! Somewhere over the rainbow, you learned there was no place like home. Now click your heels together and enjoy your new "I Represent the Lollipop Guild" card. We've also added 500 credits and 1000 points to your totals.

Y - Z

Yard Sale Collection (1000)
Complete the Yard Sale collection
Way to go, bargain hunter! You leafed through hundreds of classified ads and finally finished the Yard Sale collection. Drop a record on the hi-fi, turn it up loud, and show off your slightly-used "I Break for Yard Sales" card.
Yuletide Trimmings Collection (1000)
Complete the Yuletide Trimmings collection
Merry Christmas! Congratulations on decking the halls and completing Yuletide Trimmings! Now cozy up next to the fireplace with some eggnog and enjoy the little gift we left under your tree. Stay excellent.
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse Collection (1000)
Complete the Zombie Apocalypse collection
Congratulations! You've survived the epic battle with the Zombie Horde and made the town safe at last. Please accept this key to the city as a token of our gratitude, along with your brand-new "It's a Running Buffet!" Feat of Wonder card.

Achievement Feats

1 Million Points in Packrat Classic (5000)
Achieved 1 Million Points in Packrat Classic
5 Million Points in Packrat Classic (5000)
Achieved 5 Million Points in Packrat Classic
10 Million Points in Packrat Classic (5000)
Achieved 10 Million Points in Packrat Classic
Bought A Card (500)
Bought A Card
10 Copies of a Card (1000)
Completed 10 Copies of a Card
By vaulting 10 copies of the same card, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
25 Copies of a Card (2500)
Completed 25 Copies of a Card
By vaulting 25 copies of the same card, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
50 Copies of a Card (5000)
Completed 50 Copies of a Card
By vaulting 50 copies of the same card, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
100 Copies of a Card (10000)
Completed 100 Copies of a Card
By vaulting 100 copies of the same card, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
Drew A Card (500)
Drew A Card
Epic Steal (5000)
Pulled of an Epic Steal
By pulling off an Epic Steal, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
10 Epic Steal (5000)
Pulled of 10 Epic Steals
By pulling off 10 Epic Steals, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
Flipped A Card (500)
Flipped A Card
Locked A Card (500)
Locked A Card
Made A Card (1000)
Made A Card
McLovin (5000)
Completed the McLovin Feat
By completing the Saint Valentine's Day Collection on Valentine's Day, you've earned a bonus Feat of Wonder card!
Reached Level 10 (1000)
Reached Level 10
Reached Level 25 (2500)
Reached Level 25
Reached Level 50 (5000)
Reached Level 50
Reached Level 75 (7500)
Reached Level 75
Reached Level 100 (10000)
Reached Level 100
Reached Level 150 (15000)
Reached Level 150
Reached Level 200 (20000)
Reached Level 200
You've reached Level 200 and earned this Feat of Wonder!
Reached Level 250 (25000)
Reached Level 250
You've reached Level 250 and earned this Feat of Wonder!
Stole A Card (500)
Stole A Card
Vaulted A Set (500)
Vaulted A Set
Vaulted Cards from Each Family (5000)
Completed Cards from Each Family
Congratulations! You have vaulted cards from each color family. Enjoy this shiny-new card!
Vaulted a Foil Card from Each Family (10000)
Completed Vaulting a Foil Card from Each Family
Congratulations! You have vaulted a foil card from each color family. Enjoy this shiny-new card!
Packrat 1 Year Anniversary (5000)
Completed Packrat 1 Year Anniversary
Happy anniversary! By playing PackRat for a whole year, you've earned this super-special card. We love you!
Packrat 2 Year Anniversary
Packrat 2 Year Anniversary (10000)
Completed Packrat 2 Year Anniversary
Happy anniversary! By playing PackRat for two whole years, you've earned this super-special card. Stay awesome!
Packrat 3 Year Anniversary
Packrat 3 Year Anniversary (10000)
Completed Packrat 3 Year Anniversary
It's a party! To celebrate PackRat's 3rd birthday, we are giving out a super-special feat, bonus points and loads of credits as party favors! Thanks for playing PackRat - stay awesome!
Vaulted 15 Cards at Once (1000)
Completed Vaulting 15 Cards at Once
By vaulting 15 cards at once, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
Vaulted 30 Cards at Once (5000)
Completed Vaulting 30 Cards at Once
By vaulting 30 cards at once, you've earned a Feat of Wonder!
Welcome to PackRat (500)
Welcome to PackRat

Purchased Feats

These special feats are awarded on a seasonal or a promotional basis and cannot be achieved once the event has expired.

Gift tickets to another PackRatter and become Santa's Little Helper (5000)
You successfully purchased a Gift of ? PackRat Tickets!
Gift tickets to another PackRatter during Valentine Season and Share The Love (1000)
Your Gift of ? Packrat Tickets has been added to your friend's account. Enjoy this new Share the Love Feat card!
Receive "A Rose By Any Other Name" as a gift with tickets from another PackRatter during Valentine Season (1000)
You've received a gift of PackRat tickets and a special, limited-edition Feat card!
Receive "Be My Valentine?" as a gift with tickets from another PackRatter during Valentine Season (1000)
You've received a gift of PackRat tickets and a special, limited-edition Feat card!
Receive "Girl's Night Out" as a gift with tickets from another PackRatter during Valentine Season (1000)
You've received a gift of PackRat tickets and a special, limited-edition Feat card!
Receive "i luv you" as a gift with tickets from another PackRatter during Valentine Season (1000)
You've received a gift of PackRat tickets and a special, limited-edition Feat card!
Receive "Sweets for the Sweet" as a gift with tickets from another PackRatter during Valentine Season (1000)
You've received a gift of PackRat tickets and a special, limited-edition Feat card!

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