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PackRat - Oh the Drama

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PackRat|New Releases|Collections & Families|Oh the Drama
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This collection was retired on May 15th, 2008.
The information regarding recipes are valid and the items listed here could still exist in circulation. Retired cards may be available in the Premium markets on a limited basis.
Check the MARKET TRACKER for the most up-to-date info.

Icon: Packrat-oh-the-drama.gif (15 total items)

Gossiprag small.gif
Gossip Rag (6800)
Little Black Dress + Red Carpet + Paparazzo
Paparazzo small.gif
Redcarpet small.gif
Little black dress small.gif
Sparklie small.gif
Sparklie (5600)
3 x Credit Cards; Buy (Paris, 100 tickets)
Credit-cards small.gif
Credit-cards small.gif
Credit-cards small.gif
Little black dress small.gif
Little Black Dress (2000)
Buy (New York, 350 credits); Buy (Paris, 75 tickets)
Redcarpet small.gif
Red Carpet (2000)
Designer Handbag + Audrey Shades + Lipstick
Lipstick small.gif
Audrey-shades small.gif
Designer-handbag small.gif
Credit-cards small.gif
Credit Cards (1650)
Designer Handbag + Audrey Shades + Pink Cellphone; Buy (Scottsdale, 50 tickets)
Pink-cellphone small.gif
Audrey-shades small.gif
Designer-handbag small.gif
Paparazzo small.gif
Paparazzo (800)
Pop-up; Buy (Dubai, 10 tickets)
Designer-handbag small.gif
Designer Handbag (750)
Buy (New York, 150 credits); Buy (Scottsdale, 10 tickets)
Chihuahua small.gif
Chihuahua (500)
Invite Bonus, Buy (London, 50 credits); Buy (Paris, 25 tickets)
Pink-cellphone small.gif
Pink Cellphone (500)
Buy (Chicago/London, 50 credits); Buy (Dubai, 10 tickets)
Audrey-shades small.gif
Audrey Shades (400)
Buy (London/Sydney/Las Vegas, 40 credits); Buy (Paris/Dubai, 10 tickets)
Upscale-push-up small.gif
Upscale Push-Up (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits); Buy (Paris, 25 tickets)
Eau-de-parfum small.gif
Eau de Parfum (300)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney, 30 credits)
Broken-bff-locket small.gif
Broken BFF Locket (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
Moisturizer small.gif
Moisturizer (200)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney/Las Vegas, 20 credits)
Lipstick small.gif
Lipstick (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits); Buy (Paris, 10 tickets)

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