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PackRat - Purrfect Spy Agency

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PackRat|New Releases|Collections & Families|Collection: Purrfect Spy Agency
Primary Colors 2008 <<<< NAVIGATION >>>> Quest of Montezuma
This collection was retired on October 12, 2010.
The information regarding recipes are valid and the items listed here could still exist in circulation. Retired cards may be available in the Premium markets on a limited basis.
Check the MARKET TRACKER for the most up-to-date info.

Icon: Purrfect Spy Agency (10 total items)

Market information was based on availability when the collection initially released.
Litterbox Mech
Litterbox Mech (10000)
Chew Laser
Armored Bulldogzer
Cat Tower
Ninja Cat
Ninja Cat (7500)
Cat Tower + Det. Sneaky Cat + Dogs of WarParatrooper Rat
Paratrooper Rat
Det. Sneaky Cat
Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower (5000)
Kopter Kitty + Hover Kennel + Dogs of WarElectrified Scratching Post
Electrified Scratching Post
Hover Kennel
Kopter Kitty
Kopter Kitty
Kopter Kitty (2500)
Night Vision Goggles + Suction Cup Gloves + Dogs of WarChew Laser
Chew Laser
Suction Cup Gloves
Night Vision Goggles
Hover Kennel
Hover Kennel (1000)
XL Markets Austin/Singapore/Vancouver, 100Cr
Packrat-market-reg.gif Washington DC/Moscow, 100Cr
Det. Sneaky Cat
Det. Sneaky Cat (750)
Premium Markets Paris/Beijing, 25Tx
XL Markets Vancouver, 75Cr
Packrat-market-reg.gif London/Venice, 75Cr
Bomber Rat
Bomber Rat (500)
XL Markets Austin/Singapore, 50Cr
Packrat-market-reg.gif Moscow/Venice, 50Cr
Booby-Trapped Food Bowl
Booby-Trapped Food Bowl (500)
Premium Markets Paris/Portofino, 25Tx
XL Markets Singapore/Vancouver, 50Cr
Packrat-market-reg.gif Venice, 50Cr
Suction Cup Gloves
Suction Cup Gloves (500)
Bonus Card Bonus Draw
Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles (250)
Packrat-market-reg.gif Moscow, 25Cr

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