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Pacman Speech

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The Pacman speech was done by Oleg for a project in Mrs. Brown's class on the nomination of historical characters for different awards on 23rd February, 2007.


Madams and messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, I feel very honored to stand here in front of you today, to present my nomination of an outstanding man, for an equally outstanding award. Above all else, it is an award that requires moral fiber, and a great strength of character, and cannot easily be achieved by your average Joe. For the Courage and Perseverance Award of the Decade, I would like to nominate Pac-man.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pac-man. *draw Pac-man on blackboard*

Above all else, Pac-man is a humble man, and he works hard everyday to bring food to his family's table. However, in his workplace he faces dangers and challenges the likes of which we, sitting in this warm, comfortable room, can hardly imagine. His hardest challenge is, quite literally, not to die. Every morning Pac-man wakes up, and goes off to the stronghold of the Capitalist, bourgeois arch-nemeses; Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde, where he tries to collect much needed food to sustain his family.

Pac-man has a great and unrelenting desire to succeed when to everyone else, all might seem lost. On a regular basis, he dodges ghosts and an assortment of all other nasties, and has shown a strong moral core in his desire not to let any food go to waste. Often, he has displayed the courage to chase down and eat even his enemies.

Pac-man has lived a long 8-bit life, and during his older years he has often faced criticism for being 'poorly drawn' and badly animated or some other such ridicule, but despite this kind of negativity, he has remained confident in himself and his abilities; I mean, lets face it, if we looked like that, we would have become emo a long time ago. Despite all possible negativity, he has continued to persevere and overcome all the odds. He has even come so far as to appear on his own TV show, along with Ms. Pac-man, something that very few can boast. And for those of you in biology class today, you will also learn that Pacman is apparently an XO-repair gene to fight against T-39 Cancer cells.

Madams and messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, for great courage, for remaining steadfast in the face of grave danger (and sometimes even taking a bite out of danger), it gives me great pleasure to nominate Pac-man for the Courage and Perseverance of The Decade award, 2007. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the show.

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