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Pampers Coupons

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Pampers Coupons

Moms and Dads have it much easier today than parents of the past when it comes to diapering their little ones. Before the introduction of disposable diapers in 1961, diaper duty was a time consuming process that involved daily washing of multiple cloth diapers.

The disposable diaper was a parent's dream come true when a chemical engineer working for Proctor and Gamble, Victor Mills, developed the first disposable diaper that became the first product in the line of baby products that we know as Pampers today.

The first Pamper diaper was a bulky, fluff pulp filled version of the cloth diaper that parents were familiar with. They required an extreme amount of tree pulp to produce. Three garbage bags full of tree pulp would be required to create one package of 30 of these original Pampers disposable diapers.

Pampers have come a long way since that first bulky disposable diaper. Not only with the size and amount of volume in the diaper but the original Pamper required the old safety pins to hold the diaper on the baby.

Product Changes

The sticky closure tape that we are all familiar with now wasn't added to the diaper until 1971. Parents everywhere rejoiced at the thought of not having to tolerate being accidentally stuck with the end of a pin while diapering their squirming little one.

Over the years the disposable diaper has consistently been improved to what parents are using today. In 1971, Pampers added an elastic leg opening feature to their diapers along with the adhesive strips and reducing the bulk of the diaper to make them thinner. Parents loved the improvements and the popularity of the Pampers name and product grew.

Pampers Logo

1986 brought around another big breakthrough in the design of the Pampers disposable diaper. Absorbent gelling material, called the lock away core, was added to the content of the diaper reducing the bulk once again resulting in smaller packaging and using less tree pulp material when constructing the diaper.

This breakthrough also created a more flattering, less bulky looking fit on babies and added to the absorbency factor of the diaper allowing it to hold more liquid.

Thinner Diapers

As we were all celebrating the beginning of a new millennium, Pampers was in the process of developing an even thinner and more absorbent diaper and creating a new line with different sizes and designs for the different stages of a baby's life.

In 2002 they introduced this new and improved line of diapers specifically designed for the different stages of a baby's development to the public. They also improved the absorbent gelling material and reduced the bulk of the thin diapers and just when parents thought they couldn't become any better, they surprised everyone with the release of Pampers Cruisers in 2010 which to date is the thinnest and most absorbent diaper ever released by Pampers.

Saving on Pampers

Disposable diapers are one of the costly necessities for parents and Pampers has taken quite a few steps to help reduce the cost of purchasing their line of diapers with a loyalty program in combination of releasing Pampers coupons in the Sunday newspaper inserts on a regular basis. One of the best ways to get coupons for Pampers products is to join the Gifts to Grow program on the Pampers website.

Just by signing up with your child's birth date and your address, Pampers will mail coupons to you for the line of diapers that is specifically designed for the age group that your child is in at the time. The Gifts to Grow program's coupons are at a higher value than what you will generally find in the newspaper inserts and the points that you acquire for purchasing Pampers products can be used on the site to receive a wide variety of products and discounts.

Requesting Coupons

Another way to acquire higher value coupons and save money on your Pampers purchases is to write directly to Proctor and Gamble and ask the company for coupons. Be sure to include your mailing address in the email and assure them that you love the product and want to continue to purchase it. These coupons usually take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Pampers has chosen not to participate in any online printable coupons because of the fear of fraud. Any online coupons that you stumble upon for Pampers products are not real coupons and should not be printed or used. The company is monitoring the situation with fake online pintables for their products and stresses that they are in fact not real coupons and please to not print or attempt to use them.

Combining your Pampers coupons with store sales is one of the best ways to save money on disposable diapers. Combine this tactic with purchasing Pampers at a store with a loyalty program of its own, such as Target or CVS, and you will be able to use your rewards cash or any gift cards that you have acquired through purchase deals to receive an even better final price on your Pampers purchase.

Saving Big on Pampers

Pampers have come a long way since that first disposable diaper in 1961 and has contributed in the evolution of baby products in the years since the first Pampers diaper was constructed. Today's parents have the thinnest, most absorbent disposable diaper ever available at their fingertips.

The combination of store loyalty programs, Gifts to Grow and coupons from Proctor and Gamble make it possible and easy to purchase Pampers products without ever paying retail price again.

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