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Panera Bread Coupons

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History of Panera Bread

In 1981, Louis Kane and Ron Shaich launched a company called Su Bon Pain. After purchasing and merging with Saint Louis Bread Company in 1993, the company began to see signs of success.

Stores sprang up across the eastern United States and in some international locations and between 1993 and 1997, the merger and the increase of units spurred the changing of the company's official name to Panera Bread in 1999.

Panera Bread's business has boomed since then and stocked has grown about thirteen times over. In 206, Panera Bread was one of Business Week’s "One Hundred Hot Growth Companies" and in 2007, Panera Bread bought out most of the stock in the Paradise Bakery and Cafe. Panera Bread assumed control over Paradise Bakery and Cafe's 70 country-wide locations by June 2009.

As of May 2010, Bill Moreton was named Chief Executive Officer and President of the Board and Mr. Ron Shaich became the Executive Chairman of the Board. There are currently 1,453 Panera Bread stores that spread through 40 states.

Menu and Specialties

Panera Bread stores are divided into two main service sections. The first is the Bakery and the second is the Cafe. The Bakery menu includes delicious treats such as breads, bagels, pastries, desserts, and egg soufflés.

Panera Bread

All of these food items are baked fresh by Panera Bread chefs and bakers. The Cafe menu includes tossed salads, soups, pasta, and sandwiches. Panera Bread also sells beverages such as soft drinks, coffees, and juices. The stores also offer kid's menu selections, with smaller portions and for less. Panera Bread offers dine in and carry out options, as well as catering opportunities.

Panera Bread Give Backs

Panera Bread as a company has a heart for giving back to local communities. Panera Bread has established a program called Community Breadbox that uses a portion of money made form sales, matches it, and donates it to local charities. Another program is the Day End Dough Nation project.

Through this program, bakery products such as bread, bagels, and desserts that were not sold are given to local food banks, soup kitchens, and charities.

Where to Find Coupons

Panera Bread coupons allow the chance for customers to enjoy delicious bread soups, and sandwiches for much, much less. Online coupons can be found at sites such as panerabreadcoupons.com and panerabreadcoupons.net. Another great way to receive Panera Bread Coupons is through the local newspapers and shopping journals.

Panera Bread also offers a rewards program called My Panera. BY locating a nearby store and asking for a My Panera Card at the bakery or cafe, customers and Panera Bread fans have a chance at receiving coupons, discounts, and surprises. Simply request a card, set up an account at mypanera.com, and use your card whenever you purchase a food item at a Panera Bread Location.

The company will then surprise you and shoe their appreciation for your business by sending you coupons, deals on free or discounted items, and more. To find out more about discounts through the My Panera program, visit panera.com or ask any of your local Panera Bread employees.

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