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Pantene Coupons

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Product History

Pantene is an economical hair care solution for the cash-challenged shopper. The company offers a variety of formulas for all types of hair situations. In total, there are over 100 Pantene products available. Pantene has served their client’s needs since 1947. The Swiss formula made its way to the United States in the 1960s by way of New York City. Waldorf Astoria and Saks Fifth Avenue were some of the first department stores to offer the product to consumers in the United States.

Proctor and Gamble acquired the company in 1985. The product launch was accompanied by numerous advertising campaigns that informed the masses of the effectiveness of the product. Pantene has been endorsed by popular magazines such as Vogue, Allure and Cosmopolitan. Ford Models, Club Evian and Milan Fashion Week also endorse the product.

Pantene Pro-V offers an enhanced formula that promotes shiny, healthy hair. Customized products are also available for consumers to receive optimal care for their tresses. For long, beautiful hair Pantene provides a patented formula that may assist clients world-wide. The brand is worth a billion or more dollars and proves its worth within the hair care community.


Pantene is one of the few economical shampoo lines that provide a variety of shampoo formulas to cater to all hair types. From damaged hair to healthy hair, there are numerous shampoo types that will assist with all types of hair.

Shampoo formulas are available that will preserve color and highlights. Whether your hair is blonde or brunette, a formula is available to preserve your precious tresses. Volume, moisture and breakage repair are each addressed with this particular shampoo product offering. There are over 20 different formulas that are available for the consumer.

Pantene Shampoo

Many shampoos only cater to one ethnicity or hair type. Pantene addresses curly hair, straight hair, relaxed hair, fine hair and other types of hair that may need additional help. Variety ensures that your particular needs are met and that your hair is cleansed without stripping the hair of its natural moisture.

UV rays from the sun are one of the primary causes for damaged hair. The sun may cause the color in the hair to fade. Pantene products protect against fading and dirt build-up from impurities in the air. Pantene will keep both the hair and the skin safe from daily exposure. Pantene compares with upscale salon brands and is competitive in several different categories.

Popular Locations to Find Pantene

The product is popular in several locations ranging from: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North Africa, Korea, Latin America and the Middle East. Drug stores and discount stores carry the popular line. Walmart, Target, Walgreens and CVS are just a few of the popular discount chains where consumers may purchase the shampoo. Local grocery chains may also offer the popular shampoo and conditioner. Publix, Kroger, Albertson’s and others are just a few of the chains where consumers can expect to find the popular brand.

Types of Coupons and Where to Find Them

Pantene offers several coupons both online and offline. This list is not exhaustive; however, the reader will leave the article with an idea of the types of articles available on the internet and print magazines. Some of the most popular offers are listed below:

2 Times Your Money Back

Pantene manufacturers are so sure of their product that they offer 2 times the purchase price if the consumer does not like the product. The refund request should be accompanied by the receipt of purchase and the purchaser’s full name and address on the mailing card. This is offered to anyone that purchases a Pantene product, but is limited to one per household. This offer is valid through June of 2011.

Save 30% on Pantene Products

This limited offer celebrates the success of the award-winning product line offered by Pantene. This coupon is offered online to consumers that meet the criteria listed in the product offering.

$2 Pantene Texturize Coupon

This manufacturer coupon is offered to consumers that complete a short consumer response form regarding the product. The coupon will be delivered within two to four weeks after the completion. Consumers may use the coupon at any grocery store across the United States.

$2 Pantene Pro V Coupon + Freebie

This particular promotion promises a free item along with the coupon for $2 off the normal retail price. Consumers will enjoy a variety of Pro V products to select from, where the offer is valid.

$3 Printable Pantene Coupon

This coupon offers consumers a three dollar discount on a combination of any three Pantene products sold at participating Target stores. Target stores are located in numerous convenient locations throughout the country.

Relevant Industry Publications and Newspapers

Pantene coupons are featured frequently in Sunday local news publications and also popular magazines. Beauty and fashion magazines are more apt to feature promotional offers regarding the popular shampoo and conditioner. Consumers should check magazines and newspapers periodically for promotional offers.

As a parting note: Always check the expiration date before redeeming the coupon in the store to ensure the promotional offer is still valid. This will help consumers avoid any complications at the register when purchasing the product.

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