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Papa Gino's Coupons

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Papa Gino's: A Brief History

Papa Gino's has been a New England favorite for over 40 years. The company has been able to successfully keep its time-honored traditions of quality and customer service, while offering updated menu choices, on-line coupons, and rewards programs. It's this perfect blend of the old and the new that makes Papa Gino's such a success.

In 1936, the Valerio family moved from Italy to Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to the usual immigrant plans and dreams, Michael Valerio also brought something that would prove invaluable; tried and true family recipes. When Michael and his wife Helen opened a restaurant called Piece O'Pizza in East Boston in 1961, the old family recipes found their way into signature thin crust pizzas and homemade pasta sauces.

In 1968, the name of the restaurant was changed to Papa Gino's, and more restaurants were opened in the Boston area. The popularity of Papa Gino's continued to increase, and soon more restaurants were opening all over New England. In 1997, Papa Gino's bought D'Angelo Sandwiches, and the company expanded even more. Today, there are over 170 locations around New England.

Despite many changes over the years, pizzas are still made where customers can watch, and the decor still features the famous red and white checked tables.

Papa Gino's Rewards Program

While carrying on many time-honored traditions, Papa Gino's has had no problem keeping up with the times. The company offers many special promotional programs that can be enjoyed on or off-line.

A good example is the Papa Gino's Rewards Program. The customer gets a free rewards card at Papa Gino's or at participating D'Angelos. For every dollar spent, the customer receives a point. When 50 points have been reached, the customer has $5 to spend at any participating location.

By participating in this program, customers receive member promotions and special offers during the year. Participants need to be at least 13 years old, and rewards cards can be registered on-line. On-line information can be found at papaginos.com.

Papa Ginos Coupons

Papa Gino's E-mail Specials

The rewards card program is not the only way for Papa Gino's customers to receive information about specials and promotions. Customers can go to the company website and sign up for Papa Gino's e-mail blasts. People who sign up will receive e-mails informing them about new menu items, special promotions, and current specials.

Papa Gino's Coupons

Coupons for Papa Gino's products are often found on their pizza boxes. Customers simply peel them off, and use them on another visit. Papa Gino's coupons can also be found in the Entertainment Coupon book. Promotional items can be found at papaginos.com. Some of these items require a coupon, while others do not. Information is given on the website.

Other Papa Gino's Special Items

In addition to the savings opportunities mentioned above, Papa Gino's offers many other special features. E Gift cards are available for purchase on their website. It's a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Simply go to their website, fill out the requested information, choose a design and a message, and the card will be sent via e-mail. Traditional gift cards can also be purchased at Papa Gino's restaurants or can be ordered on-line.

Papa Gino's has an extensive catering menu, and has facilities for birthday parties. Every Thursday after 5:00 p.m., it's Kidz Night at Papa Gino's. There are fun activities and meal specials, and the whole family can relax and enjoy a "night out".

Some of Papa Gino's promotional specials include the 5 Minute Value Meal Guarantee. Between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, Papa Gino's offers a choice of five different lunches that are guaranteed to be ready in five minutes. The $6 Pizza Time Deal is great for large gatherings. Buy any large pizza and get up to five large cheese pizzas for $6 each. Other promotional specials can be found on their website.

With a menu that offers pizza, salads, pasta, subs, hamburgers, and a variety of appetizers, Papa Gino's has something for everyone, at a price that is reasonable.

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