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Paper Dice

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A die is a small polyhedral object used to generat random numbers (the most common of these is cubical). Dice are used in a variety of gaming situations, ranging from gambling to board games and especially roleplaying games such as are represented on BluWiki in Creation Et All and Fallen Empire.

Paper Dice

On 23 Mar 2006, Nerdvana discovered a freely downloadable set of PDFs of printable d10s - made with the intention of printing them on cardstock in order to make usable, cheap dice. After finding these (made by Microtactix) he went on a Google Search for more and found a small collection of these sorts of things, all freely downloadable. So as to share them, he then created this article.

Links to Paper Dice

This one even inculdes a twelve sided die with the Biblical Disciples of Jesus Christ.

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