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Paper Towel Coupons

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Paper Towels

You will find paper towels in many households. To many, they are not just a miscellaneous item, they are essentials in the kitchen. They are an indispensable necessity for those who wish to save on cleaning and laundering. While a cloth towel has to be washed and maintained, paper towels are disposable. After you are doe using one, you can just throw it away. After a certain period of use, cloth towels start smelling or withering away. Cloth towels can also become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs because of being constantly moist. However, paper towels help you to maintain hygienic conditions at home.

History of paper towels

There is an interesting story behind the evolution of paper towels. Arthur Scott who was the head of Scott Paper Company accidentally invented paper towels. It is believed that when he was processing toilet rolls, the sheets came out too thick. While he was about to throw it away as a waste, a teacher came forward to buy the stock. When he saw that the stuff could be sold, he started manufacturing paper towels, which could be used for cleaning purposes at various places. The towels were named sani-towels and were marketed to hotels, restaurants and public bathrooms.

How do paper towels work?

While paper towels are a good option for cleaning messes, good ones are usually expensive. The cheaper ones either wither away or tear off once they get wet. Good paper towels are made of high quality paper pulp. Their Fiber is threaded loosely so that they can absorb and hold water. Their surfaces are smooth and can be used to clean glass, dust and wipe smooth surfaces.

How to save on paper towels

If you are looking at quality paper towels that can be used longer, you have to spend a few extra bucks. However, there is an alternative - paper towel coupons are the best solution to cut down the expenses incurred on paper towels. With the help of those coupons, you can get quality and branded paper towels at cheaper prices. These coupons serve those that have a huge family the best. If you do not have a big family, you can buy paper towels in bulk and stock them at home to use when required; they will not expire.

paper towel coupons

Where do you find paper towel coupons?

You get paper towel coupons in the form of inserts in your local newspapers and even online. Checkout the websites of the companies that manufacture paper towels. They might, at times, offer you discounts, sweepstakes and special contests that further reduce the price of paper towels. Read the policies of the company that offers you the paper towel coupons. They have a certain expiration date before which you must use them. So redeem them as early as possible.

Think out of the shell at times to get the best money saving deals. Visit auction sites and online shopping sites for coupons. People who have many coupons unused auction it off on these sites. At times, they sell them for a very low price. You will have to pay a small fee for these coupons but think of the big discounts you get on these coupons; they help you save.

Popular manufacturers of paper towels

Other than Scott, many other brands offer quality paper towels for home use and other uses. The paper towels manufactured by these companies are white. A few of them have patterns and designs on them. Other local manufacturers and generic companies offer cheaper paper towels, which are not as absorbent and long lasting as some of the popular brand names. The quality ones on the other hand are thicker, so they can be used longer.

Offers and discounts on paper towel coupons

Most of the coupons found on websites are printable. Once you print out the coupons, you can use them in any stores near you where they are accepted. The discount available is mentioned on the coupon itself. Select the one that suits you. In a few cases, the coupon can be used only once, but in those stores that offer double or triple coupon discounts, you can use them twice or thrice. You have to select the stores that offer such discounts and you may have to shop on specific days to save money on paper towels.

Official sites that offer paper towel coupons

Other than local newspapers and magazines, you can get paper towel discount coupons online. Either log in to the official sites of paper towel manufacturers or get them on sites such as Amazon.com and Re Stock It. You have to log in to their sites and register yourself with all the requested details. Once you successfully register with them, you receive a coupon, which can be printed and used as per the offer printed on it.

How to save on paper towels

Paper towels are not just a healthy alternative to cloth towels, they are also environment friendly and easy to use. With coupons, you can save money in stocking up the towels. Let us discuss few ways to save and store the paper towel stock. Whenever you get a coupon, keep it safe and shop when you see attractive offers and discounts in the stores. Purchase the paper towels based on the number of sheets per roll.

The number varies from company to company. To stay within budget and control use, purchase small sized paper towels. Keep the bigger ones for rare use. Keep varieties of paper towels on hand, and use them for any liquid messes or to clean non-porous surfaces, glass and mirrors.

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