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The Penguin Empire

The Penguin Empire is massive, spanning thirty-six Galaxies and six realities. It is led by the Penguin Overlord, who is President, Pope, General, and God all rolled into one.


It began on a version of Earth where, for some reason, various governments were researching the potential of flightless waterfowl as an alternative to traditional infantry. Through an accelerated breeding program, the joint Russian-United States effort managed to create several new species of Penguin, derivative of already existing strains. Intelligent, adaptable, and capable of following complex instructions. Then one of the lead researchers at the project's antarctic station took it a bit further - via radical embrionic gene therapy, he managed to drastically boost their intelligence, putting them on par with humans. Several of the smarter ones escaped into the surrounding tundra, where they began to interbreed with the native penguins.


Just four years later, equipment began to dissappear from various antarctic stations. Just small things at first - tools, batteries, spare parts.... but it was beginning to add up. Eventually the raiders got bolder. Several men were sent home pending psychiatric evaluation after they claimed to have seen Penguins making off with their vehicle. And then, one day in July, the attack came. Penguins wielding spears, ratchets, knives, and couple old shotguns battled their way into the research station to liberate their brethren... only to discover that their 'brethren' were not what they were expecting. The original escapees had been Chinstrap Penguins... in the intervening years, research had shifted towards Emperor Penguins. The revolt was on, but there was immediate tension between the two groups.

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