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Who we are:

The People and Parks Foundation is a national, not-for-profit charitable organisation whose purpose is to connect people to parks in order to educate them about the natural environment and to build a stronger relevance of parks in people's lives.

Founded on the concept that a healthy environment, a healthy community and a healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked, the People and Parks Foundation run and support programs that encourage connection to parks, enabling people to improve their mental and physical health through interactions with nature.

Our programs:

Our programs and activities result in greater community awareness and appreciation of parks and the natural environment as well as contributing to health, cultural acceptance and community wellbeing and cohesion.

Some of the adults and children who are involved in our programs come from sections of the community who are live with disadvantage, disabilities and/or chronic illness. Putting fun and laughter back into their lives through outdoor experiences has proved to be a very effective development and therapeutic technique.

We also provide opportunities for a greater involvement of the general and corporate communities by engaging volunteers for skills sharing, capacity building and corporate social responsibility commitments. Refer to our Volunteer for a Program pages for specific program outlines.

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