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Pepperidge Farm Coupons

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Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farms was founded in 1897 by Margaret Rudkin. She began experimenting with recipes when she discovered that her youngest son had allergies to processed foods. The conditions caused asthma and other conditions.

She began to make him foods with all natural ingredients like stone ground wheat. After making this bread with stone ground wheat for her son, she discovered that this alleviated the condition. The bread was both nutritious and delicious. From this bread-making process, Pepperidge Farms emerged.

By 1939, Pepperidge Farm had produced its 500,000th loaf of bread. Six months after this date, the bread had reached one million loaves. When the business outgrew the kitchen, she set up operation in her garage, until she opened her first factory in 1940. In 1947, on July 4th, she opened her new modern bakery which was the official beginning of Pepperidge Farm.

Signature Products

Her signature products, not only include bread, but also Distinctive Cookies, such as Milano, Brussels and Bordeaux. Goldfish crackers and Goldfish bread are also enjoyed by our customers. These fish shaped products were memorable to customers and popular with younger connoisseurs. Puff pastries, 3-Layer Cakes, Pot Pies and Texas toast were introduced later to the delicious line-up of baked items. These are all a part of the frozen Pepperidge Farm product lines.

Later, the company was sold to the Campbell’s Soup Company. Margaret continued to serve on the board of Campbell’s Soup Company after the company was sold. After 26 years, Pepperidge Farm has witnessed an annual growth rate of 53 percent. Margaret Rudkin also produced an award-winning cookbook and lectured at Harvard about her business model.

Popular Locations

Pepperidge Farm Coupons

The first official manufacturing plant for Pepperidge Farms products was headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut near the home of Margaret Rudkin. Since then, offices and plants have expanded to a number of locations all over the world including Cherry Hill, NJ; Downers Grove, IL; Charlotte, NC; Worcester, MA; Tyler, TX; St. Louis, MO; San Antonio, TX; Lakeland, FL; West Chester, OH; Phoenix, AZ and Richmond, UT.

Where Coupons are Located

The first source of discounts and coupons will be located on the official Pepperidge Farms website. This website often offers discounts on select products. Visitors must check the website periodically to determine the offers available to consumers. Consumers may save as much as $1 on select cookies, such as the new Milano Melts. In addition to the savings, a sweepstakes is also available for consumers to enter. The sweepstakes will award free tickets to San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago. Click here to enter the sweepstakes.

Campbell’s offers a coupon booklet with several coupons inside with relevant products. Consumers will not only save on Pepperidge Farms products, but also Campbell’s Soup, Coca Cola, Swanson, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Hidden Valley and Prego products. This coupon book is valued at $20 and saves an average of $1 on each product. Many grocers will match the coupon denomination; therefore, the savings could potentially be larger than $1.

Bargain Match

Bargain Match offers a number of coupons and cash back offers for consumers that purchase Pepperidge Farms products in bulk and a number of other products as well. Consumers must simply sign up to start making offers for products for certain discounted products and also to redeem coupons offered on the site.

Coupon Tweet is a new website, associated with Twitter, that offers clients coupons from manufacturers daily on the site as Twitter updates. This is a phenomenal way to receive coupons and coupon codes on products that consumers enjoy. Most of the coupons are from $.50 to $1.00 in value. Consumers may also vote on the offer to determine its validity, efficiency or comment on the content of the coupon. Clients enjoy this feature because it deters fraud. Most coupons are printable or may be used online with coupon codes. Coupon Tweet is very popular.

As with any coupon, the offers may expire or the links may be broken. Test the coupon in advance of purchasing the product to ensure that it is redeemable before committing to purchasing the product. Moms, students and anyone who just wants to save money have a great time with this particular website.

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