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Peter Piper Pizza Coupons

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Peter Piper Pizza Coupon Background

Peter Piper Pizza coupons are available on the Internet and on the main site of the franchise. Those coupons offer you discounts for parties, meals and tokens on both of those locations. Here is a look at some of the things that make Peter Piper Pizza a great place for family and pizza gatherings. First here's some history of the place.

Some History

Peter Piper Pizza, which was created by Tony Cavolo is the place that kids love to go with their families. It opened for business back in 1973, in Glendale, Arizona. It was hugely popular and grew into chains from Arizona throughout the Southwest.

Their big attraction and difference was the games that the restaurant offers. The kids love it and the grown ups love that the kids are entertained and having fun. When the kids win on the games, they win prizes as well. The idea is that nobody leaves empty handed. Everybody wins something when they play.

Even More History

When Peter Piper first came on the scene they offered competition to another pizza place. No names mentioned here, but Peter Piper won the battle and is still running strong to this day. Tony Cavolo had a crazy New York accent when he started, and the crowds couldn't get enough of him or his pizza place.

Peter Piper

Another bit of trivia and history is the fact that Peter Piper Pizza was one of the first family gaming, pizza places to offer alcoholic beverages alongside the sodas for adults. That won some controversy. Still, Tony stood by his goals and started a fantastic franchise for families that love pizza and games.

The Main Attraction

Their main attraction is pizza of course. It is actually really good pizza. The crust is crisp and the toppings are like a traditional New York City pizza. If you love that type of pizza, then this place is going to make you really happy. You can also get Chicago style crust pizza. They basically have something for everyone at Peter Piper Pizza.

They have 5 different sizes in order to fit everyone. Their toppings range from the traditional to the not so traditional. They also offer some specialty pizza which range according to the location that you live. They have a buffet as well for both adults and children. They have salad as well at a salad bar at most locations. It's always best to call ahead to be sure.

The Games

Peter Piper Pizza started with restaurants that offered 5 games. They expanded to their modern style of an entire gaming room. They even have a quiet room so parents can get away from the noise. There are tunnels and things for kids to go wild on.

They can climb through, over and into some fun places on the modern tunnels and play area. It is a little like the McDonald's play area. It is definitely a fun place for the kids to let off some steam and let the parents enjoy some grown-up time together.

Coupons and Parties

Coupons are available through other sites as well. Many companies on the web offer coupons for guests to their sites. Generally, you can print them from your computer and use them the next time that your family wants a pizza party.

You can even book the party online and plan ahead. It’s really nice for anyone that wants to save some time and money. There are group rates that vary by your location. The best way to find out how much your party will cost, is to go to their site and enter your address. The site shows the closest locations. Then you can book your party.

They have coupons for your family, based on your location. You can go to their web site at: www.peterpiperpizza.com and enter your address. Then, it shows you the coupons that are currently available for your area. Speaking if their website, they have designed their website to offer online gaming soon. Considering the way kids love video games and pizza, it’s a winning situation. When the kids win on the games, they get tickets that they exchange for small toys.

The link is right on the page. Just click on it and you can go print your coupons right there. Typically the coupons vary by your location and the month of the year. Check it out and see if you can get some great deals for your family.

You can also check your weekly mail for coupons and specials. Almost every city in the Southwest has fliers in the mail when Peter Piper Pizza coupons are available for your area. So check it out and see what specials that you have in your town.

What Else?

Some of the Peter Piper Pizza locations even have free Internet and beer for adults. It is a great place for all ages to come together and share some fun times as friends and family. Their hours vary by location so check ahead before going. You can look forward to some discounts too, if you check out the Peter Piper Pizza coupons that are available on the main site and the other affiliate sites.

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