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This is a Wiki for the Student Peace and Human Rights Organization at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Mission Statement


To provide a forum for activists and advocates advancing Peace and Human Rights and to energize and mobilize ECSU students into informed advocates of Peace and Human Rights. As a student organization of the ECSU community, the Student Peace and Human Rights Organization facilitates the advancement of Peace and Human Rights globally through local action.

Definition of Rights


The organization is committed without reservation to non-violence. For the purposes of this Organization, Peace shall not be defined just in terms of the absence of physical violence, but also as freedom from fear and want that results from structural violence.


Human dignity of every person regardless of race, age, creed, or political alignment


The ability to have a livelihood and access to education or other goods necessary to attain and sustain that livelihood


Freedom of expression in all non-violent forms: artistic, social, religious, philosophical or political


The freedom to assemble or communicate with others as is necessary for such expression


Institutionalized democracy and pluralism in hopes that all individuals may express their political interests and have institutional avenues to actualize those interests.

Human Rights Questionnaire

On October 4, 2006, The Student Peace and Human Rights Organization voted to organize material for a Voter Education Drive on October 17-19, 2006. The material will be based on the positions of various state-level candidates on the fundamental tenets of Human Rights. This material will be collected via a questionnaire to be submitted to the candidates' offices by October 11, 2006.

Questions on Human Dignity

Marriage Rights

Who should have the right to be married to whom? What legal distinction, if any, should be made between a marriage and a civil union?


Past Discrimination

What steps should the government take, if any, to correct past social injustices against racial, ethnic, and gender minorities? Should the government have an Affirmative Action policy in place to give preferential treatment to certain groups? Which groups should be subject to preferential treatment under an Affirmative Action policy? Which fields and systems should be affected by Affirmative Action? Should the private sector be subject to an Affirmative Action policy?

Current Discrimination

Does prejudice or discrimination exist in our current social or legal system? What steps, if any, should the government take to correct present instances of prejudice or discrimination? How should government, if at all, ensure equal treatment in the workplace, particularly in terms of salary and advancement?

Right to Life/Right to Die


What is your stance on abortion? Do you believe laws should be in place to prevent, promote, or control abortion?


What is your stance on euthanasia and assisted suicide? Do you believe laws should be in place to prevent, promote, or control either euthanasia or assisted suicide?

Social Protection

To what extent, if at all, is the government responsible for the social protection of its citizens in terms of social issues such as poverty, unemployment, disability, retirement, homelessness, and medical care? How should these systems of social protection be implemented?


What is government's responsibility, if any, with the issue of the health of its citizens?

Questions on Freedom From Violence and Fear

Police Power

What measures, if any, should the government take to ensure that police power is not abused?

Justice System

Capital Punishment

What is your stance on capital punishment? Which crimes, if any, should be considered subject to sentence by the death penalty?


What should be the purpose of incarceration? What changes should be made to the corrections system to ensure that the purpose of incarceration is fulfilled?

Questions on the Right to a Livelihood and Access to Materials Necessary


What role, if any, should the government play in assuring a successful economy?

Job Security vs. Economic Growth

What part, if any, should the government play in ensuring job security? Do "hire at will" policies benefit the economy? Should the government play a part in ensuring hiring and firing based on "just cause"?

Eminent Domain

Under what circumstances, if any, should the government be able to exercise eminent domain, the state's power to expropriate private property? Should any restrictions be placed on the use of eminent domain?

Questions on Access to an Acceptable Education

Purpose of Education

What do you believe is the purpose of education?


Which institutions should be responsible for the public funding of education? Should public education funds be available to private institutions through systems such as school vouchers, etc.?

Political Influence

Which levels of government, if any, should have influence in the administration and curricula of our schools? Should the federal? The state? The municipal? If a school voucher system was in place, should the government be allowed to have influence over the administration and curricula of schools that accept school vouchers?


Higher Education

What should the role of government be in assuring access to higher education?

Questions on Freedom of Non-Violent Expression, Communication, and Assembly


How should, if at all, the government regulate public demonstrations and displays? Should there be limitations on the demonstrations or displays of any particular groups of people, such as minors or hate groups?

Communications Anonymity

Under what conditions, if any, should it be acceptable for a government institution to monitor a citizen's communications?

Campaign Finance Reform

What limitations, if any, should be placed on the funding of political campaigns? Should political campaigns have public funding? What requirements should be met by a political campaign to be eligible for public campaign funds?

Questions on Promotion of Pluralism in an Institutional Democracy

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