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Pizza Hut Coupons

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About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut offers consumers a delicious selection of pizzas, pasta dishes, bread sticks and other yummy treats.

Most people can enjoy these yummy treats at Pizza Hut locations across the country.

Many people have come to trust the Pizza Hut family of restaurants to offer this selection of food in a clean, wholesome environment.

As a result, Pizza Hut continues to be a popular place to enjoy a great pizza with the entire family.

People who would like to save money on Pizza Hut menu items can find coupons offered by many media outlets.

These coupons can help people save up to $3.00 on most Pizza Hut menu items.

Here is a brief guide to Pizza Hut coupons that can help consumers find coupons offered by various media outlets. To start off, let's explore the evolution of the Pizza Hut restaurant chain.

Company History

The Pizza Hut restaurant chain was founded in 1958 Wichita, Kansas by the Carney brothers. Dan and Frank started out by borrowing $600 from their mother to purchase used cooking equipment to make pizzas. They later teamed up with entrepreneur John Bender to open the first prototype "Pizza Hut" in downtown Wichita.

The store was named "Pizza Hut" because the sign the Carney Brothers purchased only had room for nine characters and spaces.

Pizza Hut

During the first few weeks the store was open, the Carney brothers developed the simple recipe for pizza dough that would yield a crispy crust at high temperatures. The recipe that they developed was such a hit that it is still used today in some Pizza Hut products.

This success made the Carney brothers realize that they needed a brand concept to develop product loyalty. As a result, they contacted well-known Wichita architect Richard D. Burke, who designed the distinctive mansard roof shape and the standardized restaurant layout that was used for all Pizza Hut locations until 1978.

60's - 70's

These concepts were finalized in 1964, thus creating a universal look that customers easily recognized.

In the early 1970s, the Carney brothers added 300 more franchises across the country. This success enabled the Carney brothers to offer stock in the Pizza Hut restaurant chain on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1972, Pizza Hut went public on the NYSE.

During this time, the Carney brothers developed the buffet lunch specials that are still popular today.

The mid 1970s saw the Carney brothers develop early prototypes of the deep-dish pizzas and stuffed crust pizzas that are popular today. These pizzas were sold mainly in the Midwest and in Michigan.

In 1978, the Carnery brothers were ready to quit the pizza business. As a result, they sold all of their interests in the Pizza Hut brand to the Pepsico company. The Pepsico company purchased Pizza Hut because it wanted to pair Pizza Hut pizzas with Pepsi Cola to increase market share in the soft drink industry.

Current Days

This idea didn't work so well for Pepsi. As a result, in 2001, the Pepsico company combined the Pizza Hut brand with the Long John Silvers brand and the A & W restaurant brand to form Yum! Foods, Inc.

Nowadays, Pizza Hut also sells pastas, bread sticks and soda. As a result, people can enjoy other good things to eat that go along well with a Pizza Hut Pizza.

Famous Products

The Pizza hut restaurant chain has developed several popular pizzas. Here is a quick look at some of them:

The "Stuffed Crust" pizza.

This pizza features a coil of mozzarella cheese that is wrapped the pizza's outermost edge.

The "Hand-Tossed" pizza.

This pizza features a chewy crust that tastes much like the crusts found on pizzas made at local pizzerias.

The "Thin 'N Crispy" pizza.

This pizza features a thin, crispy crust that uses the exact recipe that was used in the first Pizza Hut location.

Coupon Availability

Consumers can find coupons for these and other Pizza items from several sources.

For example, many people can find Pizza Hut coupons online.

The Internet can be a great place to find Pizza Hut coupons. This is the case because many legitimate companies offer consumers coupons good for up to $3.00 on most Pizza Hut items.

For example, the Valpak corporation offers many Pizza Hut coupons at their website located at Valpak.com/coupons/home. Consumers can find many Pizza Hut coupons at this website by typing in the phrase "Pizza Hut" in the search engine located near the upper right hand corner of the webpage.

Consumers who have done this have found many coupons including one good for $2.00 off any Stuffed Crust pizza and another one good for $3.00 off any two medium Hand-Tossed pizzas.


Moreover, Yum! Foods, Inc. also offers Pizza Hut coupons at Pizza Hut's website located at Pizzahut.com/deals.html. This nifty website offers coupons that can help people save money on pizzas, soda and side items.

For example, consumers can find a coupon good for one order of bread sticks and one 2 liter bottle of any Pepsi product for just $5.00 this coupon can save people up to $2.19 off the price of these items if they purchased them separately.

Traditional Methods for Coupons

Furthermore, don't forget to check your weekly bulk mail for Pizza Hut coupons.

Most people tend to throw away their weekly bulk mail circulars. However, if you take the time to look through your bulk mail, you can often find many coupons for Pizza Hut inside these circulars. This is true because Pizza Hut often works with local advertisers to develop coupon offers to attract local consumers to Pizza Hut locations.

Many consumers who have done this have already found many coupons for Pizza Hut products in their bulk mail circulars. For example, many consumers have found coupons good for $2.00 off any medium-sized Pizza Hut pizza. Other consumers have found coupons good for $3.00 off any large-sized Pizza Hut pizza.

As you can see, consumers can find coupons for Pizza Hut products online and in their mailbox. Have fun searching for these and other coupon deals!

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