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Planet Fitness Coupons

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About Planet Fitness

When you're in the market for a gym membership, it's important to consider that there are essentially three "types" of gyms available: discount gyms, mid-range gyms, and resort-style high-end gyms. While the latter two categories have been around for as long as gyms and fitness centers have existed, Planet Fitness is among the companies pioneering an innovative new membership model that focuses on extremely low rates and ample fitness equipment.

Planet Fitness isn't just well-known for its fantastic rates on gym memberships, however. Since 1992, the company has been positioning its gym as the "judgment free zone," a place where gym novices can go to get a great workout and not feel judged by more in-shape members. To that end, its clubs offer a "lunk alarm" that will ring if there is excessive grunting or dropping of weights in the club. The offended member or members will be asked to change their behavior or simply leave the club.

Because of these unique features, Planet Fitness has become a mainstay among Americans who are just getting back into shape and reacquainting themselves with the gym, as well as those who have no prior gym experience and want a friendly environment. The clubs even encourage their members to socialize and support one another by offering a free pizza night every Monday. These events are intended to introduce members to one another and help them feel even more comfortable working out with each other at the club.

All of these benefits come at a great price, and there are additional ways to save on Planet Fitness memberships that can turn a good deal into a great one.

The Planet Fitness Website

The first line of great savings begins at <addhtml id="something-unique"> <a href="http://www.planetfitness.com">PlanetFitness.com</a></addhtml> , where prospective members are constantly introduced to new special rates on memberships, joining fees, and personal training sessions. Planet Fitness has two membership levels: one that goes for $9.99 per month and includes all the basics of gym use, and one that comes in at $19.99 per month and includes discounted drinks, unlimited access to tanning beds, an unlimited number of guest passes, and unlimited use of the facility's massage chairs.

Logo Planet Fitness

Each membership is attached to an initiation fee that varies depending on the type of membership selected. Generally speaking, lower-priced memberships have more expensive initiation fees, and vice versa. However, the website frequently has exclusive deals that cannot be found in Planet Fitness' clubs, offering members a month-to-month membership with no initiation fee at all. Because these fees are often the most expensive part of a gym, that means that users who frequently check the website for deals can save between $40 and $60 up front, on the day they begin their membership.

Other online promotions in the past have included special deals on personal training, but Planet Fitness has changed to a model that offers unlimited fitness training as part of both of its monthly memberships. It's just one more reason to sign up online and get the most out of the low monthly fees offered by Planet Fitness.

Community Coupons

From time to time, Planet Fitness will place a special, region-specific deal on coupon community sites like Groupon. Users of those websites will be able to buy a year-long Planet Fitness membership at a steep discount that can make the high-end $19.99 membership cost about as much as its lower-priced cousin. These deals only last a limited time -- typically one day -- so the key to snagging a great deal on a gym membership is to be vigilant and always on the lookout for a Planet Fitness offering.

Traditional Coupons

Outside of community coupon sites that offer steep discounts on membership by essentially getting a large group of people to spring for the same deal (thus, similar to a group rate), there are more traditional coupons that offer extra savings to prospective members.

Many of these coupons can be found in the newspapers which serve the communities with Planet Fitness locations. Remember that Planet Fitness is always in competition with every gym in your neighborhood, and they'll do what it takes to keep their membership numbers high and increasing. That means lots of coupons for discounted membership rates, or waived initiation fees, will appear in your newspaper on a pretty regular basis. Be sure to pay attention to any expiration dates or catches, as some gyms like to sneak in the requirement of a contractual membership or other unpleasant surprises when offering discounted rates.

If you're not a newspaper subscriber or you simply haven't noticed any coupons from Planet Fitness among the many included with your copy of the paper, the internet is a great resource for alternative coupons. Coupon sites aggregate Planet Fitness coupons, allowing you to easily print them out and take them with you when you sign up at your local gym location. Pay special attention to user reviews and comments regarding each coupon, as you want to ensure that the deal has not expired and is not fraudulent. Planet Fitness is under no obligation to honor a fraudulent coupon, and that can result in a nasty surprise when signing up.

The key to saving on a membership to Planet Fitness is to be vigilant, as there are many discounts to be had both online and off. Be sure to monitor the company's website for a rotating slate of promotions that waive initiation fees and offer free months of membership during certain times of the year. And always check your local newspaper, as it's the number one resource for coupon savings across the board.

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