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Executive Summary

3. The aim of IPA is to deliver integrated planning that enables sustainable development to proceed as effectively and efficiently as possible with appropriate checks and balances.

4. The IPA/IDAS Improvement Project was established to determine the key issues of concern to stakeholders through a short and intensive consultation process, and to determine the actions required to improve IPA and IDAS over the short-, medium-and long-term.

6. Stakeholders regard the guiding principles underpinning the IPA as sound and relevant to the current and future challenges facing Queensland.

7. However, stakeholders are concerned that, under the IPA and IDAS decision-making has become too cumbersome, lacking in clarity and focussed on process rather than good-quality outcomes.

8. The key strategies outlined in this paper will address the majority of stakeholder issues including: development of an ongoing stakeholder engagement framework; improving the whole-of-government approach to State planning; improving the consistency and clarity of planning schemes; support and assistance for councils to adopt the new infrastructure planning and charging framework; streamlining IDAS; strengthening alternative dispute resolution methods; and measures to improve capacity within the planning sector.A summary of the key strategies is outlined on page 10.

9. The paper is structured to cover the following seven topics:

  • State and Regional Planning;

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