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Political Science Job Market 2008-2009

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University Hiring Freezes

Arizona State University (only for full-time TT jobs, still hiring part-time/adjunct faculty positions)


Boston University (note: Freeze does NOT apply to faculty recruitment)

Brandeis r

Creighton (IR)

Emory (Apparent Soft Freeze for 2009-2010; no positions advertised for 2008-09)

Harvard (http://chronicle.com/news/article/5630/harvard-freezes-salaries-suspends-faculty-searches)

ITAM/ Mexico City/ IR institute, due to budgetary freeze.

Maryland (with some exceptions; Towson University's Comparative and Public Policy positions exempt from the hiring freeze; also exempt is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) theorist search-->Letter from UMBC Dept of Poli Sci dated 12/12/08 says Political Philosophy search was cancelled due to state-wide budget constraints)

Northern Arizona University (all searches frozen for 2008-2009, but hiring one year positions)

North Carolina State University (International Political Economy opening)

Quinnipiac (may reopen)

SUNY Albany (temporary freeze has been lifted)


Tulane University (apparent soft freeze)

University of Kansas (all searches in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including political science)

University of Kentucky (http://www.kentucky.com/210/story/614807.html)

University of Miami

University of Minnesota http://minnesotaindependent.com/17244/university-of-minnesota-imposes-hiring-freeze

University of Missouri (http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/stories/2008/11/17/daily38.html)

University of Oklahoma (exemption appears to be granted to Political Science hires)

University of Tennessee (http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2008/dec/10/hiring-freeze-on-at-ut/)

Villanova University

Virginia - except William and Mary political theory position; and James Madison University's searches

University System of Georgia (not quite a freeze, but very close to it, Georgia Gwinnett College is the one exception - not true; Tech is hiring, as is West Georgia, Georgia State, Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Southern, and Kennesaw)

University of Illinois at Chicago (suspending American Politics search, others unclear)

University of South Carolina (all positions)

University of Washington - all searches are now frozen (dead) - one exception is CP/IR search is going through

American Politics

See also: http://www.poliscijobrumors.com/

See also Public Law below.

Accepted Offers

Baylor University: Curt Nichols (Texas ABD)

Birmingham Southern College

Bucknell University

California State University, Los Angeles: Culbert (Virginia)

Carrol College Callen (Chicago)

CUNY John Jay: Majic (Cornell ABD)

Dartmouth: Nyhan (Duke)

Denison University

Depauw: Gallagher (Emory ABD)

Duke: Hillygus (Associate Prof, Harvard)

East Carolina

Eastern Kentucky

Furman: David Fleming (Wisconsin)

George Washington: Brandon Bartels (Stony Brook)

Georgia State University: Lakeyta Bonnette (Ohio State ABD)

Goucher College

Grinnell College (policy) Werner (Wisconsin ABD)

High Point University. Kifer (Minnesota)

Hope College: Paula Brooke (Chicago)

Indiana-Bloomington: Krupnikov (Michigan)

Indiana U Purdue U Indianapolis: Dusso (George Washington ABD)

Iowa State: Peterson (Texas A&M, Minnesota PhD)

Kent State: Ensley


Lafayette College (Easton, Pa.): Suhay (Michigan ABD)

Linfield College: Buccola (USC)

Loyola University New Orleans <b>

<b>Marymount Manhattan College:

Marquette University: Engle (Yale, ABD)

Methodist University

Michigan State University (Chicano & Latino Studies): Juenke (Colorado; TAMU PhD)

Michigan State University (Urban): Reckhow (Berkeley ABD)

Michigan State University (Policy): Sapotichne (Washington ABD)

North Dakota State: Kjersten Nelson (Minnesota)

Northern Illinois: Schraufnagel (FSU Ph.D., UCF)

Northern Kentucky: Reilly (Georgia State ABD)

Northwest Missouri Wade (Southern Illinois ABD)

Northwestern University: Harbridge (Stanford ABD)

Oklahoma State U: Eve Ringsmuth (Minnesota)

Randolph-Macon College

Ripon College: Schatzinger (UGA ABD)

Sarah Lawrence College

Shippensburg University

Stonehill College

Susquehanna: Hendriks (Minnesota)

Texas Christian University: Goble (Wisconsin ABD)

University of Colorado, Boulder: Sokhey (Ohio State ABD)

University of Delaware: Jones (Harvard)

University of Illinois: Dragu (Stanford)

University of Iowa: Hatemi (VIPBG Post-Doc; Nebraska PhD)

University of Kentucky Wallace (Cornell ABD)

University of Michigan: Jowei Chen (Stanford)

University of Missouri-Columbia: Justin Dyer (Texas ABD)

University of Nebraska: <b> Dana Adams (Minnesota)

<b>University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: William Greene (NYU)

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

University of North Texas: Carey (Stony Brook)

University of Oklahoma: Johnson (Texas A&M ABD)

University of Oregon: Terry (UCSD, deferred)

University of Pennsylvania Gillion (Rochester), Meredith (Stanford GSB/MIT)

University of Rhode Island: Pearson-Merkowitz (Maryland ABD)

University of Texas - Austin: Albertson (UChicago/UW), Workman (UWashington)

University of Toledo: Taylor (N.C. State PhD)

West Chester University

Westmont College: Knecht (U. Denver)

Williams College: Crowe (Princeton/Pomona)

<b>Wofford College

Wright State University

Yale: Decanio (Ohio State), Powell (Harvard)

Search Closed, No Hire

Arizona State University

Coast Guard Academy (American/Policy)

Rider University

Southern Connecticut State University

St. John's University in New York

University of Illinois -- Springfield

University of North Florida

University of Tulsa

United States Naval Academy


California State University, Los Angeles

The Citadel: S. Buchanan

Carrol College: Callen (Chicago)

Depauw University

George Washington: Brandon Bartels (Stony Brook)

Georgia State: Carey (Stony Brook) Bonnette (OSU)



Iowa State: Sokhey (Ohio State ABD; offer declined)

Northern Illinois: Ensley (offer declined); Blackstone (offer declined); Schraufnagel (FSU Ph.D., UCF)

Northern Kentucky University: Reilly (Georgia State ABD)

Northwestern University: Powell (Harvard ABD, offer declined); Harbridge (Stanford ABD, offer accepted)

Ohio University: Sokhey (Ohio State ABD; offer declined)

Randolph-Macon College

University of Colorado: Sokhey (Ohio State ABD)

University of Delaware: Krupnikov (Michigan, offer declined)

University of Nebraska: Wals (Illinois)

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of North Texas: Carey (Stony Brook)

University of Oklahoma: Goble (Wisconsin, offer declined); T. Johnson (Texas A & M)

University of Pennslyvania: Meredith

University of Western Connecticut:

Wake Forest: Wals (Illinois, offer declined)

Wofford College


Yale DeCanio (Ohio State)

Yale: Powell (Harvard)

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

Bacone College:

Birmingham-Southern College

Brown University

Bucknell University:

Clark University (in late January)

Cornell University (likely 2 positions): Suhay (Michigan); Sokhey (Ohio State)

Dartmouth College (Terry UCSD ABD/Caltech)

Depauw University

Duke: Chen (Stanford ABD), Dragu(Stanford ABD), Hillygus (Harvard), Herron (Dartmouth)

George Washington University Brandon Bartels (Stony Brook), Kastellec (Columbia), Suhay (Michigan)

Georgia State: Bonnette (Ohio State), Carey (Stony Brook)

Gonzaga Wade (Southern Illinois)

Goucher College

Grinnell College

High Point University

Iowa State: Peterson (Texas A&M; Minnesota Ph.D.), Powell (Harvard ABD), Sokhey (Ohio State ABD)

Indiana University-Bloomington : Krupnikov (Michigan ABD), Nyhan (Duke ABD)

Indiana University-South Bend

Kalamazoo College

Kent State (American/Policy)

Lafayette College

Loyola University New Orleans

Marymount Manhattan

Morehouse College

New School for Social Research

Northern Illinois: Blackstone (Emory) (offer declined), Ensley (Indiana)(offer declined), Scot Schraufnagel (UCF)

Northern Kentucky University


Notre Dame (Religion & Politics): Sokhey (Ohio State)

Notre Dame (Latino Politics) Interviews are underway

Ohio University: Sokhey (Ohio State)

Ohio State (Communication Dept): Gadarian (Princeton)

Princeton: Chen (Stanford), Terry (UCSD), Callen (Chicago), Gillion (Rochester), Moore (Harvard)

Randolph Macon College

Ripon College: Schatzinger (UGA ABD)

Rochester Terry (UCSD)

Rutgers University (joint w/ Eagleton Center) Interviews scheduled

Sarah Lawrence College

<b>Susquehanna University

Stanford: Powell (Harvard)


SUNY Albany: Sapotichne (University of Washington)

Texas A&M University: Gillion (Rochester ABD), Aguilar-Pariente (Michigan ABD), Wals (Illinois ABD)

Texas Christian University

Union College (theory)

University of California- Merced

University of Chicago (Harris School): Ashworth (Princeton), Hirano (Columbia), Powell (Harvard), Dragu (Stanford), Dube (Harvard)

University of Colorado, Boulder: Murakami (UC Berkeley PhD, Yale Post-Doc); Sokhey (Ohio State)

University of Delaware: Jones (Harvard ABD), Krupnikov (Michigan), Gadarian (Princeton)

University of Illinois at Chicago (State politics position) Kazee (Yale ABD), Mooney (Wis. senior), Yates (FSU senior)

University of Iowa: Claasen (Kent State), Jennifer Jerit (FSU), Jason Barabas (FSU),

University of Kentucky (Institutions): Terry (UCSD ABD), Gillion (Rochester ABD), Powell (Harvard ABD), Sophia Wallace (Cornell)

University of Memphis

University of Miami

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor John Kastellec (Columbia), Jowei Chen (Stanford)

University of Minnesota (senior): Hibbing (Nebraska)

University of Missouri-Columbia: Blackstone (Emory), Lukasik (Vanderbilt), Murtazashvili (Wisconsin)

University of North Texas (REP) Carey (Stony Brook), Gillion (Rochester), Wals (Illinois)

University of Oklahoma: Evans (Indiana), Goble (Wisconsin), Johnson (Texas A&M)

University of Oregon Terry (UCSD)

University of Pennslyvania: Brandon Bartels (Stony Brook), Moore (Harvard)

University of Rhode Island: Kasniunas (Loyola ABD), Suhay (Michigan), Ewell (UNC ABD), Pearson-Merkowitz (Maryland ABD)

University of Rochester: Terry (UCSD ABD)

University of Texas, El Paso

University of Washington: Baumgartner (PSU), Donovan (WWU)

Wake Forest: Wals (Illinois)

Wofford College:

Wright State

Yale: Jowei Chen (Stanford), Druckman (Northwestern), DeCanio (Ohio State), Moore (Harvard), Meredith (MIT), Campbell (MIT)

Phone Interviews

Georgia Southwestern State University

Loyola University New Orleans

Northern Arizona University

Northern Kentucky University

Oakland University: McDoom (LSE/Oxford)

Santa Clara

St. Edward's University

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Short List



Birmingham-Southern College

Brown University

Bucknell University

California State University - Los Angeles

Clark University (public policy)

CUNY City College

Dartmouth College

Denison University

DePauw University

Duke Univeristy (American/Methods)

Georgia Gwinnett College

George Mason University

Georgia State University


Gonzaga University

High Point University (polling center director, 2-2 teaching ld., subfield open, tenure-track). This postion has been filled.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-South Bend

Iowa State University

Kalamazoo College

Lafayette College

Linfield College

Loyola University New Orleans

Marymount Manhattan College

Northern Arizona University (Native American Politics)

Northern Kentucky University

Northwestern University

Ohio State University - Newark

Ohio University

Princeton University

Randolph-Macon College

Ripon College

Rutgers University (joint w/ Eagleton Center)

San Francisco State University (urban politics)

Sarah Lawrence College

St. Edward's University

St. John's University in New York

South Dakota State University

Stanford University

Susquehanna University

Texas A&M University (Latino politics)

Texas A&M University (African American politics)

Thunderbird School of Global Management (American/Comparative/methods)

Towson University (Public Policy)

University at Albany, SUNY (Public Policy --American/Comparative)

University of Chicago (Harris School)

University of California-Merced

University of Colorado-Boulder (public policy - American/Comparative/International)

University of Delaware

University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Illinois-Springfield

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (Ethnic politics)

University of Iowa

University of Mary Washington

University of Memphis

University of Miami

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Missouri-Columbia

University of New England

University of Notre Dame (Latino)

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of Rhode Island

University of Rochester (African American politics)

University of Southern California

University of South Florida St. Petersburg (American Politics: Assistant or Associate)

University of Texas-Dallas

University of Tulsa

University of Washington-Seattle

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (public policy)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Wake Forest University (social movements)

Wayne State University

Western Illinois University

Westmont College

Whitworth University

Wofford College

Yale University

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track


Dartmouth: Serena Laws (Minnesota)

International Relations

See also http://irrumormill.blogspot.com/

Accepted Offers

American University (US Foreign Policy): Jordan Tama (Princeton ABD)

Boston College: Jennifer Erickson (Cornell ABD)

Columbia, Political Science: Johannes Urpelainen (Michigan)

Duke: Michael Ward (U of Washington)

Hartwick College: Forster-Rothbart (Wisconsin)

Kansas State: Sam Bell (Binghamton ABD), Amanda Murdie (Emory ABD)

Lafayette College: Park (Cornell)

MIT: Vipin Narang (Harvard ABD)

NYU: Bernd Beber (Columbia)

Northwestern: Stephen Nelson (Cornell ABD)

Princeton: Keren Yarhi-Milo (Penn/Harvard)


Smith: Brent Durbin (Berkeley PhD, Stanford Postdoc)

Texas Tech: Toby Rider (Illinois ABD)

University of Alabama

University at Albany (SUNY): Bryan Early (UGA)

University of Alberta: Siobhan Byrne (Queen's)

University of Arkansas: Rebecca Glazier (UCSB)

University of British Columbia: Sheryl Lightfoot (Minnesota)

University of California Davis: McKibben (Pitt)

University of Iowa: Sanchez (Columbia)

University of Michigan, Ford School: Philip Potter (UCLA), John Ciorciari (Oxford)

University of Michigan: Andrew Kerner (Emory)

University of Minnesota, Humphrey: Cohen (Stanford ABD)

University of New Orleans: Richard Frank (Binghamton)

University of North Texas (Human Rights): Jacqueline Demeritt (Florida State ABD)

University of Northern Iowa:

University of Oklahoma:

University of Richmond (GG): Monti Datta (UC Davis ABD)

University of Richmond (IR-Security Studies): Stephen Long (K-State, UNC Ph.D.)

University of Texas, Dallas: Brandon Kinne (Yale ABD)

University of Texas, El Paso:

University of Washington (IR/CP) Victor Menaldo (Stanford ABD)

Wake Forest:

Webster University: Amanda Rosen (Ohio State ABD)

Wilamette U: Jonneke Koomen (Minnesota)

Yale University: Nuno Monteiro (Chicago)

Search Closed, No Hire

American University (Transnational Crime and Corruption)

Arizona State




ITAM/ Mexico City

Michigan State

Northern Arizona University (Middle East/Security)



U Mass- Amherst (IR/IPE)

U Miami

University of Minnesota (Political Science)

U San Francisco, (China Foreign Policy)

University of South Carolina

University of Washington (Jackson School)



Bard College

Colorado State - Pueblo: Malet (George Washington ABD)

Columbia, SIPA

Duke Oeindrila Dube (Harvard ABD)

Iowa State

Georgetown Keir Lieber (Notre Dame); Christine Fair (RAND)

Harvard Jay Lyall (Princeton)

Kansas State: Amanda Murdie (Emory ABD)

NYU: Bernd Beber (Columbia)

Princeton: Keren Yarhi-Milo (Penn/Harvard)

Rice: Fang (Minnesota/Rochester)

Texas Tech: Toby Rider (Illinois ABD)

University of Alabama

University of California, Riverside

University of California, San Diego: Driscoll (Stanford)

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Michigan: Kerner (Emory)

University of Northern Iowa

University of Richmond (GG)

University of Wisconsin: Imai (Princeton); Davis (Princeton)

UT Austin: Urpelainen (Michigan)

UT Dallas

University of Toronto, Mississauga:

Wake Forest


Western Carolina: Amanda Murdie (Emory ABD)

Yale Bernd Beber (Columbia), Jens Hainmueller (Harvard), Jason Lyall (Princeton Asst. Prof.), Nuno Monteiro (Chicago)

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

American (GEP)

Bard College: Michelle Murray (Chicago PhD)

Boston College: S. Nelson (Cornell)


Columbia: Camber Warren (Duke PhD/ Princeton post-doc), Johannes Urpelainen (Michigan), L. Heger (UCSD)

Dartmouth: S. Nelson (Cornell), J. Erickson (Cornell); D.K. Cohen (Stanford); Jonathan Monten (Georgetown)

Duke: Hafner-Burton (Princeton)

Georgetown (Security Studies-two lines [one jr/one sr]): C. Talmadge (MIT); K. Milo (Penn); C. Fair (Rand; Chicago Ph.D.); K. Lieber (Notre Dame; Chicago PhD); E. Ratner (Berkeley); M. Glosny (MIT)

Gonzaga: Amanda Rosen (Ohio State)

Harvard: Potter (UCLA), D.K. Cohen (Stanford), Leslie Johns (NYU PhD, UCLA), J. Lyall (Cornell PhD, Princeton), Camber Warren (Duke PhD, Princeton post doc)

Iowa State: J. Erickson (Cornell), L. Heger (UCSD), M. Schrad (Illinois; Wisconsin Ph.D.)

James Madison: A. Payton (Ohio State)

Kansas State

Lafayette (IR/CP, Asia): S. Park (Cornell)

McGill (IPE): Pelc (Georgetown ABD), Kerner (Emory ABD), Steinberg (Northwestern ABD)

Michigan Ford School: Potter (UCLA); S. Nelson (Cornell); J. Ciocriari (Oxford)


New School for Social Research: R. Youatt (UChicago); D.K. Cohen (Stanford)

Northwestern: Hafner-Burton (Princeton), S. Nelson (Cornell)

Oregon State

Princeton: Philip Potter (UCLA)

Rice: Johannes Urpelainen (Michigan), C. Schneider (Konstanz/Princeton post-doc), B. Slantchev (UCSD),

Rochester: Slantchev (UCSD), Schneider (Konstanz/Princeton post-doc), D. Siroky (Duke)


Syracuse (Maxwell):

Texas A&M: Johannes Urpelainen (Michigan), Russell (UCSB PhD), Kim (UNC ABD)

University of Alabama: A. Michalaches (Penn State), Toby Rider (Illinois)

University at Albany (SUNY): Bryan Early (UGA), Sirin (Texas A&M ABD), Tom Dolan (OSU ABD)

UC Davis: Mitchell (Iowa), McKibben (Pitt), Schneider (Konstanz), Allee (Illinois)

UC Santa Cruz:

UCSD: Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky (Harvard); J. Driscoll (Stanford); D.K. Cohen (Stanford); Camber Warren (Duke PhD/ Princeton post-doc); Schneider; Hafner-Burton (Princeton); Beber (Columbia); Scacco (Columbia); Shewfelt (Yale)

University College London, UK: Margarita Petrova (Cornell), Caroline Fehl (Oxford), James Pattison (UWE), Andreea Mihalache (Penn State), Mohammed Abouharb (LSU).

University of California-Riverside: Interviews completed.

University of Chicago: J. Lyall (Princeton), Thomas Chadefaux (Michigan), D.K. Cohen (Stanford)

University of Colorado (open rank, w/ International Affairs)

University of Colorado (junior)

University of Florida: Michelle Murray (Chicago PhD), D. Siroky (Duke)

University of Iowa: Sanchez (Columbia), Autumn Payton (Ohio State), Kinne (Yale)

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Andrew Kerner (Emory), Camber Warren (Duke)

University of Minnesota (Humphrey Institute): D.K. Cohen (Stanford), J. Erickson (Cornell), Jonathan Monten (Georgetown/Yale postdoc)

University of Northern Iowa: Bryan Early (UGA), Lindsay Cohn (Duke), Laura Janik (UConn)

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond (GG)

UT Austin (junior): Johannes Urpelainen (Michigan), J. Erickson (Cornell), L. Heger (UCSD), C. Warren (Duke Ph.D./Princeton post-doc)

UT Dallas

University of Toronto: Jennifer Erickson (Cornell), Todd Hall (Chicago/Princeton-Harvard post-doc), Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky (Harvard), Seo-Hyun Park (Cornell)


Wake Forest: Will Waldorf; Amanda Rosen (OSU)

Webster (MO): Maryann Gallagher (Emory); Amanda Rosen (OSU)

Western Carolina

Yale (senior): B. Slantchev (UCSD)

Yale (junior): Bernd Beber (Columbia); Nuno Monteiro (Chicago); Arnd Plagge (Rochester)

Phone Interviews

Gonzaga (possible second round?)

Short List

University of Toronto


American University (International Peace and Conflict Resolution)

American University (Transnational Crime & Corruption)

American University (Enviro)

Bard College

Claremont McKenna

Colgate University


Griffith University, Australia (4 positions, sub-field open)

Harvard (Business School)

High Point University (polling center director, 2-2 teaching ld., subfield open, tenure-track). This position has been filled.

Kansas State University

LSE (Professor or Reader/Middle East)



Naval Postgraduate School

Rice University

Shepherd University (IR/CP)

Stanford University

Tulane (senior)

University of California-Irvine

University of California-Merced

University of California-Riverside

University of California-Santa Cruz (Int'l Law)

University of Cambridge (Africa/ Human Rights)

University of Chicago

University of Florida

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of New Orleans

University of Northern Iowa

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond (2)

University of Rochester

University of San Francisco

University of Texas-Austin (senior)

University of Texas-Dallas

University of Toronto

Texas A&M (Bush School) (senior)

Texas A&M (IPE)

Villanova (Russia, Public Administration)

Wake Forest (foreign policy, methods)


Visiting/Non-Tenure Track

College of Wooster (IR/IPE & Theory)

William and Mary (IR/Environment)


Comparative Politics

See also: http://www.poliscijobrumors.com/

Accepted Offers

Allegheny College: Kirschner (University of Michigan)

Auburn University

Bard College: Haig (Berkeley)

Bates College: Perez-Armendariz (Texas)

Boston University: Boas (Berkeley)

Bryant University

Colgate University: Epstein (Harvard)

College of the Holy Cross: Lieb (Princeton ABD)

College of Wooster (Developing World): Rutledge (Minnesota)

Colorado: Liu (Emory)

CUNY--John Jay College

Fairfield University: Jung (Wisconsin)

FSU: Ahlquist (Washington)

Goucher College

Harvard University (Kennedy School): Sheely (Yale)

Illinois State: Sarfati (OSU)

James Madison University

Lawrence University

Lewis and Clark (Europe): Wendt (MIT)

London School of Economics: McDoom(Oxford)

MIT (Senior):B. R. Schneider, Thelen

Michigan State: Conroy-Krutz (Columbia)

Middlebury: Teets (Colorado-Boulder)

Morehouse Seay (Texas)

NYU: Dube (Harvard), Scacco (Columbia)

Temple: Soifer (Bates, Harvard PhD), Yom (Harvard)

University of Illinois: Dragu (Stanford)

University of Mississippi (EU): Loveless (U of Oxford)

University of Oregon (China): Koesel (Cornell)

University of Nebraska, Kearney: Machida (internal hire, UKentucky PhD)

University of Pittsburgh: Brick (Wisconsin)

Vanderbilt: Somer-Topcu (Davis)

Wesleyan: Peters (Virginia)

Search Closed, No Hire

Albion College (financial reasons)

Arizona State University (financial reasons)

Brandeis University (financial reasons)

Harvard (financial reasons)

Miami University (OH)

University of Kansas (financial reasons)

University of Miami (financial reasons)

University of Redlands (financial reasons)

University of San Francisco

Xavier (financial reasons)

University of Washington, Seattle (CP/Europe) (financial reasons)

Missouri State University (financial reasons)


American University (China/India): Lu (Duke)

Auburn University

Boston University: Levy (Berkeley) declined;

Colgate: Epstein (Harvard)

East Carolina University

Elon University

Holy Cross

Illinois State University

Indiana University: Somer-Topcu (Davis)

Lewis and Clark College (Developing): Tudor (Princeton)(declined)(?)

McMurry University:

Northwestern: Kernell (Columbia); Riedl (Princeton)

Nortre Dame: Brinks (UT), Cheibub (Illinois)

NYU: Dube (Harvard); Scacco (Columbia)

Portland State (Middle East):

Wesleyan University (Middle East)

University of California, San Diego (Africa) : Adida (Stanford)

University of Chicago: Scacco (Columbia); Lyall (Princeton)

University of Illinois (Ethnic Politics): Adida (Stanford)

University of Illinois (Political Economy): Dragu (Stanford)

University of Michigan (omnibus): Chen (Stanford), Scacco (Columbia)

University of Nebraska (Kearney):

University of North Carolina :

University of Washington, Seattle (CP/IR Non-Europe): Menaldo (Stanford)

Vanderbilt: Somer-Topcu (Davis)

Yale: Scacco (Columbia)

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

Allegheny College (Middle East): Kirschner (Michigan); Demiralp (American)

American University: Tudor(Princeton)

American University (SIS/Africa): Adida (Stanford)

Bard College: Teets (Colorado-Boulder), Haig (Berkeley)

Bates College: Boas (Berkeley)

Boston University: Adida (Stanford); Boas (UC-Berkeley); Levy (Berkeley); Bulutgil (Chicago)

Brandeis University (Middle East):

Catholic University:

Chapman University (Latin America):

Colgate University: Epstein (Harvard); Levy (UC-Berkeley)

College of Wooster (Developing World): Rutledge (Minnesota), Pehl (Heidelberg), Koesel (Cornell)

Connecticut College (Mideast):

CUNY City College: McDoom (LSE/Oxford)

CUNY John Jay: Tudor (Princeton); Conroy-Krutz (Columbia)

East Carolina University:

Fairfield University:

Florida International

Fordham University: Epstein (Harvard), Tudor (Princeton)

Harvard Business School (BGIE):

Harvard University (Kennedy School): Birney (Yale); Sheely (Yale); Kus (UC-Berkeley); Ang (Stanford); Taylor (Georgetown)

Harvard University (Japan/comparative):

Hollins College

Holy Cross:

Hong Kong University: McDoom(Oxford)

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology : Ang (Stanford)

Illinois State University (Middle East): Karasipahi (TAMU), Sarfati (OSU)

Indiana University (open-rank Western Europe): Somer-Topcu (UC DAVIS)

James Madison University:

Knox College (Visiting): Zhang (UCSB), Vossing (Ohio State), Mossige (Ohio State)

Lawrence University:

Lewis and Clark College: Tudor (Princeton), Teets (Colorado-Boulder)

Loras College

McGill: Birney (Princeton Society of Fellows), Stern (Berkeley), Ang (Stanford), Stockmann (Michigan PhD, Leiden)

McMurry University:

Michigan State: Adida (Stanford), Conroy-Krutz (Columbia)

Middlebury College: Teets (Colorado-Boulder)

Morehouse College

Murray State University

NYU: Kaplan (Yale), Ray (Rochester), Hainmueller (Harvard), Sheely (Yale), Scacco (Columbia), Dube (Harvard), Maloy (Oklahoma State), Pevnick (Virginia)

Northwestern: Tudor (Princeton), Riedl (Princeton)

Notre Dame: Falleti (Penn)

Ohio University: Johnson (Berkeley)

Penn State (Altoona): Mitchell (UGA)

Portland State (Middle East):

Princeton: Driscoll (Stanford); Selway (Michigan); Bulutgil (Chicago); Birney (Princeton Society of Fellows)

Shepherd University:

St. Lawrence University:

Suffolk University:

SUNY at Potsdam: Koinova (Dartmouth, Post-doc)

Temple: Adida (Stanford); Boas (UC-Berkeley); others

Texas State University, San Marcos:

Trinity University (TX):

UCSD (Africa): Adida (Stanford)

University of California-Merced:

University of Chicago: Scacco (Columbia), Lyall (Princeton)

University of Colorado-Boulder: Wilking (UC-Davis); Coe (UCLA); Liu (Emory)

University of Illinois (Ethnic Politics): Adida (Stanford); Terry (UCSD)

University of Illinois (Political Economy): Haptonstahl (WashU); Dragu (Stanford)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Scacco (Columbia); Brick (Wisconsin)

University of New Mexico (Latin America - junior):: Boas (Berkeley)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Tudor (Princeton)

University of Oklahoma (East Asia/Japan):

University of Redlands (Africa/Middle East):

University of Washington, Seattle (CP/IR Non-Europe): Adida (Stanford), Menaldo (Stanford)

University of Washington, Seattle (CP/Europe): D. Siroky (Duke), Somer-Topcu (Davis)

Vanderbilt (open rank European Union and European Politics): Kernell (Penn/Columbia)

Wesleyan University (Middle East):

Yale University: Wilkinson (Chicago), Skrentny (UCSD), Boas (Berkeley), Driscoll (Stanford); Zeynep Bulutgil (Chicago); Ang (Stanford); Tajima (Harvard)

Phone Interviews

Franklin & Marshall

Grand Valley State University

Illinois State University

Roanoke College

Valparaiso University


University at Albany, SUNY (Public Policy --American/Comparative)

Allegheny College (Africa, Middle East)

American University (China or India)

Auburn University

Bard College

Bates College (Middle East/Muslim World)

Boston University

Brandeis University (Middle East)

Brigham Young University

Bryant University (Asia or Europe)

California University of Pennsylvania (Russia)

University of Cambridge (Africa)

Catholic University of America

University of Chicago (States, Identity, Disorder)

City College of New York, CUNY (Middle East, Africa, or Europe)

Colgate University (TWO positions: Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, China, and East Asia)

University of Calgary

University of California-Merced

East Carolina University (any region)

Elon University

European University Institute (full professor)

Fairfield University (Asia)

Florida International University (West Europe/EU)

Franklin & Marshall College (Asia)

Furman University (Middle East, Africa)

Georgetown University (security studies)

George Washington University, Elliott School (Latin America political economy)

Glendon College, YorkU ( http://webapps.yorku.ca/academichiringviewer/viewposition.jsp?positionnumber=1063 )

High Point University (polling center director, 2-2 teaching, subfield open). This has been filled.

Hollins University (Europe)

College of the Holy Cross

University of Illinois (two positions)

Indiana University (open-rank Western Europe)

Lawrence University (Asia)

Lincoln University

London School of Economics

Loras College

University of Maryland College Park (Africanist)

McGill University (China)

McMurry University (Latin America)

University of Michigan (Ford School)

Michigan State University (Africa)

Missouri State University (Middle East)

Naval Postgraduate School

University of Nebraska-Kearney (Asia)

University of New Mexico (Latin America - junior)

New York University (All Levels-Open)

Northern Arizona University (Middle East/IR-Security)

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina (Asia)

Northwestern University (All Levels-Open)

University of Notre Dame (Latin America; two positions - open rank)

Oakland University (Developing World)

Ohio University (Africa)

University of Oregon (China)

Pennsylvania State University (Asian politics)

SUNY at Potsdam (open):

Portland State University (Middle East)

Princeton University (Junior-Open, Wilson School)

University of Puget Sound

Quinnipiac (human rights, peace and/or democracy)

University of Redlands (Africa/Middle East)

Rice University

Rowan University

University of South Carolina (Europe)

Stanford University

Suffolk University

Temple University (any region)

Thunderbird School of Global Management (American/ Comparative, North America region)

Towson University (Developing World)

Trinity University (East Asia)

Tulane University (China)

University of Texas-Austin (British Studies program, senior hire in History, English, or Government)

University of Texas-Dallas

University of Wisconsin-Madison

United States Coast Guard Academy

Valparaiso University

Villanova University (TWO positions: Russia, Africa)

Wesleyan University (Middle East)

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track


Harvard Academy: Phone Contacts Made

University of Louisville (Asia): offers accepted

Nuffield College, Oxford

Political Theory

See also: http://politicaltheoryrumormill.blogspot.com/


Accepted Offers

American University: Tom Merrill (PhD Duke)

Centre College: J. Christopher Paskewich (UConn ABD)

Colgate University

Hunter College-CUNY: Leonard Feldman (Assoc. Prof. U of Oregon), Robyn Marasco (Berkeley PhD, Williams College Asst. Prof.)

Missouri State U: Cigdem Cidam (Minnesota)

Montclair State University: Brian Smith (Georgetown PhD)

New York University: Ryan Pevnick (UVa)

Northern Kentucky: Jonathan McKenzie (Purdue)

Otterbein College: Marcus E. Green (York PhD, Redlands VAP)

Ramapo College of New Jersey: Daniel Skinner (CUNY PhD)

Rollins: Julia Maskivker (Columbia)

St. Michael's College

South Dakota State University: Julie Lane (Texas PhD, Ball St. VAP)

Texas State University-San Marcos: Paul DeHart (Texas PhD, Lee University Asst. Prof.)

Trinity College: Lida Maxwell (Northwestern PhD, UIC VAP)

Tufts University: Dennis Rasmussen (Houston, Duke PhD)

Union College: Matthew Scherer (Johns Hopkins PhD, UC Berkeley Postdoc)

University of Alberta: Robert Nichols (Toronto)

University of Florida: Michelle R. Smith (Cornell ABD)

University of Houston: Jeff Church (Notre Dame PhD, Duke VAP)

University of Minnesota: Joan Tronto (Professor, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center)

University of Oregon: David Leitch (UCSD PhD)

University of Virginia: Chris Lebron (MIT ABD)

Vanderbilt University: Emily Nacol (UChicago PhD, Brown Postdoc)

VMI: Ryan Holston (Johns Hopkins PhD, University of Alabama in Huntsville Asst. Prof.)

Wabash College: Alexandra Hoerl (Rutgers PhD, Rhodes College Visiting Prof)

Wellesley College: Laura Grattan (Duke ABD)

Wesleyan University: Sonali Chakravarti (Yale PhD, Trinity College Post-Doc)

Wisconsin-Whitewater: Michael Illuzi (Minnesota)

William and Mary: John Lombardini (Princeton ABD)

Yale University: Helene Landemore (Harvard PhD, Brown & MIT Postdoc)

Search Closed, No Hire

Brandeis (search canceled)


DePaul University (on hold; may resume in January)

Hobart and William Smith Colleges (search currently suspended--budget)

Morehouse College (search cancelled, budget)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (search canceled, budget)

University of Minnesota (junior): search canceled due to hiring pause

University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg: search cancelled due to budgeting


University of California-San Diego (Jennifer London, Chicago - declined)

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

American University

Florida International University

London School of Economics

Reed College (Visiting position)

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of North Carolina

Augustana College (Visiting position)

Phone Interviews

Christopher Newport University Center for American Studies and Civic Leadership Postdoc

Short List


Columbia University

DePaul University (on hold; may resume in January)

Hobart & William Smith Colleges (search suspended--budget)

Lee University

London School of Economics


St. Michael’s College

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (senior) (was incorrectly marked as search suspended)

University of North Carolina, Pembroke

University of West Florida

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

US Coast Guard Academy

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro

Augustana College (IL)

Colgate University

Duke University

Florida International University

Franklin and Marshall College

London School of Economics

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Reed College

University of Oregon

University of Pittsburgh


AAAS postdoc

Brown University Political Theory Project -- offers made

Brown Pembroke Center Humanities - offers made (any political theorists?)

Christopher Newport University Center for American Studies and Civic Leadership Postdoc --phone interviews scheduled

Columbia Society of Fellows - John Lombardini (Princeton ABD)

Dartmouth Humanities --rejection letters sent

Duke Provost's Postdoctoral -- notification in March

European University Institute - Giunia Gatta (Minnesota)

Harvard Humanities--rejection emails sent 2/13

Harvard Society of Fellows - David Grewal (Harvard ABD, Yale JD),Rachel Stern (UC Berkeley)

McGill University GRIPP-- offer made

Princeton Society of Fellows - Terry (UCSD ABD)

Stanford University Ethics Center -- rejections sent by email 2/3

Tufts Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship -- offers made

University of Chicago SOF--contacted for more information

University of Michigan Society of Fellows -- offer made

University of South Carolina Classics in Contemporary Perspectives Postdoc -- rejection letters sent

Wesleyan Humanities -- offers made

Yale Program on Democracy -- Steve Bilakovics (Texas PhD, UPittsburgh Visiting Lect.)

Public Law

See also: http://www.poliscijobrumors.com/

Accepted Offers

The College of Saint Rose Lemieux (U of Washington PhD, Hunter College asst)

<b>Georgia State: Evans

Grinnell College: Rebecca Hamlin (UC - Berkeley)

John Jay College CUNY: Mak

Marquette University: <b> Engel, (Yale)

<b>Michigan State University: Ryan Black

Princeton: Jonathan Kastellec

St. Louis University: Hall

SUNY-Buffalo: Boyd

University of North Texas: Bethany Blackstone

University of Texas - Dallas: Banks Miller

University of California, Santa Cruz (international law)

<b>Wheaton (MA): Jenna Lukasik

Williams: Justin Crowe (Pomona, Princeton PhD)

Search Closed, No Hire

Brandeis University

Miami University, Ohio


The College of Saint Rose

Marquette University (Engel, Yale ABD)

Michigan State University (Ryan Black)

Saint Louis University (Banks Miller) SUNY Buffalo

University of Kentucky (Blackstone, declined; Boyd, declined)

University of Texas, Dallas (Banks Miller)

Wheaton (MA) (Jenna Lukasik)

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

Allegheny College Lukasik (Vandy)

John Jay College (CUNY)

Creighton University

Georgia State (Mak Stony Brook, Evans Maryland)

Illinois State University

Marquette University (Bethany Blackstone, Stephen Engel)

Michigan State University (Ryan Black, Bethany Blackstone, Jonathan Kastellec)

Princeton (Matthew Hall, Jonathan Kastellec)

Saint Louis University (Banks Miller)

SUNY Buffalo

University of Kentucky (Bethany Blackstone, Christina L. Boyd)

University of Michigan (Jonathan Kastellec)

University of North Texas (Ryan Black, Bethany Blackstone, Christina L. Boyd)

University of Texas at Dallas (Ryan Black, Banks Miller)

Wheaton (MA): Lukasik (Vandy)


Phone Interviews


Short List


Allegheny College

Brandeis University (search suspended)

CUNY-John Jay College

Georgia State University

Illinois State University


Michigan State University

Miami University (search closed)

Oklahoma University

Old Dominion University


The College of Saint Rose

University of Buffalo, SUNY

UC Santa Cruz

University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

University of Texas at Dallas


Marquette University

Washington College

Wheaton (MA)


Visiting/Non-Tenure Track


Methodology and Formal Theory

See also: http://www.poliscijobrumors.com/

Accepted Offers

Berkeley: Quinn (Harvard, WashU PhD)

Michigan: Titiunik (Berkeley)

Pennsylvania State University: Schrodt(KU)

Santa Clara: Levy (UC Berkeley ABD)

University of California-Davis: Haptonstahl (Wash U ABD), (MacKenzie UCSD ABD)

UNC-CH: J. Gross (Carnegie Mellon)

University of Texas-Austin: Moser (Carnegie Mellon PhD, Nuffield Postdoc)

Vanderbilt: Clinton (Princeton/Stanford)

US Naval Academy: M. Kellermann (Harvard)

Search Closed, No Hire

Purdue University


Caltech: A. Meirowitz (Princeton/Stanford)

Chicago: S. Ashworth (Princeton)

Florida State University:: Chen (Stanford), Haptonstahl (Wash U), Ahlquist (Washington)

Michigan: Titiunik (Berkeley)

MIT: Hainmueller (Harvard)

Northwestern: Kernell (NYU)

NYU: Hainmueller (Harvard)

Princeton: Hainmueller (Harvard)

Purdue: Haptonstahl (Wash U)

Santa Clara:

University of California-Berkeley: Callander (Kellogg)

University of California-Davis: Haptonstahl (Wash U ABD); Troeger(Essex); MacKenzie (UCSD ABD)

UNC-CH: J. Gross (Carnegie Mellon)

University of Texas-Austin: Patty/Penn (Harvard), Moser (Carnegie Mellon)

University of Wisconsin: Imai (Princeton/Harvard), Davis (Princeton/Harvard)

Vanderbilt: Clinton (Princeton/Stanford)

Washington University: Patty/Penn (Harvard)

Interviews Underway or Scheduled

Brooklyn College-CUNY:

Florida State University:: Chen (Stanford), Haptonstahl (Wash U), Ahlquist (Washington)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (quantitative): O. Dube (Harvard), J. Hainmueller (Harvard), B. Kellerman (Harvard), and Somer-Topcu (UC Davis).

Northwestern University:

Pennsylvania State University: Schrodt(KU), V. Troeger(Essex)

Princeton University: Bassi (NYU), Sekiya (Rochester), Hainmueller (Harvard)

Purdue University: Haptonstahl (Wash U), J. DeMeritt(FSU)

Santa Clara University (quantitative): Bryan Early (UGA)

University of California-Berkeley (formal): Callander (Kellogg/Cal Tech), Slantchev (UCSD/Rochester), Polborn (Illinois/University of Munich)

University of California-Davis: Haptonstahl (Wash U); Troeger(Essex)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: J. Gross (CMU), + 2 current Asst Profs within a few years of having graduated

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor:

University of Texas-Austin: T. Dragu (Stanford); M. Penn (Harvard/Cal Tech); S. Moser (Nuffield Postdoc, Carnegie Mellon); J. Patty (Harvard/Cal Tech);

University of Wisconsin-Madison (quantitative): M. Bol (Washington), J. Gross (CMU), K. Imai (Princeton/Harvard), M. Meredith (MIT/Stanford), and W. Terry (UCSD)

US Naval Academy (Annapolis): D. Siroky (Duke), M. Kellerman (Harvard)

Washington University (formal): S. Callander (Kellogg/Cal Tech); J. Patty (Harvard/Cal Tech); M. Penn (Harvard/Cal Tech); A. Bassi (NYU); T. Dragu (Stanford)

Phone Interviews

Short List


Brooklyn College-CUNY

High Point University (polling center director, 2-2 teaching, subfield open). This position has been filled.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New York University

Northwestern University

Pennsylvania State University (open rank)

Princeton University

Rice University

Santa Clara University (quantitative)

University of California-Berkeley (formal)

University of California-Davis

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Washington University in Saint Louis (formal)

Visiting/Non-Tenure Track


Junior Placements by Program

Columbia University: Conroy-Krutz (Michigan State, CP), Maskivker (Rollins, PT), Sanchez (Iowa, IR), Kastellec (Princeton), Kernell (Northwestern, Methods), Beber (NYU, IR), Scacco (NYU, CP)

Cornell University: Balsekar (Lawrence University, CP), Erickson (Boston College, IR),Koesel (Oregon, CP), Majic (John Jay, AP), Nelson (Northwestern, IR), Park (Lafayette, IR/CP), Petrova (IBEI, IR), Smith (Florida, PT), Wallace (Kentucky, AP), Wallace (Kentucky, IR), Wu (UMass - Boston, IR/CP)

Duke University: Brady (Denison, AP), Nyhan (Dartmouth, AP), Lu (American, CP), Grattan (Wellesley, PT) Merrill (American, PT), Rasmussen (Tufts, PT), Cohn (Northern Iowa, IR), Flaherty (Southern Illinois - Edwardsville, AP), Fehrs (St. Mary's - Maryland, IR), Huang (UC - Merced, CP), Kselman (Juan March Institute Fellow, CP)

Emory University: Blackstone (North Texas, Public Law), Gallagher (Depauw, AP), Kerner (Michigan, IR), Liu (Colorado, CP), Murdie (Kansas State, IR)

Florida State University: Demeritt (North Texas, IR), Schraufnagel (Northern Illinois, AP), O'Neal (TAMU-Corpus Christi, AP), Nelson (UT-PanAmerican, AP)

Georgetown University: Smith (Montclair State, PT)

Harvard University: Kellermann (Naval Academy, Methods), Landemore (Yale, PT), ,Narang (MIT, IR), Soifer (Temple, CP), Yom (Stanford postdoc; Temple, CP), Jones (Delaware, AP), Powell (Yale, AP), Song (Oklahoma, CP), Epstein (Colgate, CP), Hainmueller (MIT, methods), Dube (NYU, IR)

Indiana University: Loveless (Mississippi, CP), Combellick-Bidney (Augsburg, CP), Shoup (Mississippi State, CP), Evans (Sam Houston, AP), Coleman (Florida State, policy/experimental)

Johns Hopkins University: Scherer (Union, PT), Holston (VMI, PT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Long (Columbia, Security); Wendt (Lewis and Clark, CP); Ziegfeld (Nuffield Post-Doc, CP)

North Carolina State University: Taylor (Toledo AP/PA)

Northwestern University: Maxwell (Trinity, PT)

Ohio State University: Decanio (Yale, AP), Miller (UT-Dallas, Public Law), Rosen (Webster, IR), Sarfati (Illinois State, CP), Sokhey (Colorado, AP) Bartels (George Washington, AP) Bonnette (Georgia State, AP)

Penn State: Kim (East Carolina, CP), Mihalache (Princeton postdoc, IR)

Princeton University: Lombardini (William & Mary, PT), Tama (American U, IR), Lieb (Holy Cross, CP), Darnton (Catholic U), Riedl (Northwestern)

Purdue University: McKenzie (N. Kentucky, PT), Nishikawa (Trinity U, CP); Olive (UM-Dearborn, Policy); Choi (Ohio Wesleyan, IR)

Rice University: González (CIDE, CP), Micozzi (New Mexico, CP)

Rutgers University: Hoerl (Wabash, PT)

Stanford University: Adida (UCSD CP), Ang (Columbia, CP), Chen (Michigan, AP), Cohen (Minnesota IR), Dragu (Illinois, PE), Driscoll (UCSD IR/PS Security, Harvard Academy CP), Harbridge (Northwestern, AP), Kuo (Juan March Institute CP), Menaldo (UWashington CP)

SUNY - Binghamton: Frank (New Orleans, IR)

Texas A&M University: Johnson (Oklahoma, AP), Villalobos (UTEP, AP), Sirin (UTEP, IR), Junke-Gonzales (Michigan State, REP), Petrovsky (Kentucky, PA), Williams (Texas Tech, CP)

University of California - Berkeley: Durbin (Smith,IR), Haig (Bard, CP), Hamlin (Grinnell, Public Law), Levy (Santa Clara, Methods), Reckhow (Michigan State, Urban), Boas (Boston University, CP), Stern (Harvard Society of Fellows, CP), Titiunik (Michigan, methods), Marasco (Hunter, PT)

University of California - Davis: Datta (Richmond, IR), Ryan (Florida State, AP), San (Koc University, IR), Somer-Topcu (Vandy, CP)

University of California - Los Angeles: Potter (Michigan/Ford, IR)

University of California - San Diego: Mackenzie (UC Davis, APD)

University of Chicago: Brooke (Hope, AP), Nacol (Vanderbilt, PT), Ha (Brooklyn, Methods), Monteiro (Yale, IR), Callen (Carroll, AP)

University of Colorado: Teets (Middlebury, CP), Blimes (BYU-Hawaii, IR), Bin (Murray State, CP)

University of Georgia: Schatzinger (Ripon, AP), Early (SUNY-Albany, IR)

University of Illinois: Rider (Texas Tech, IR), Wals (Nebraska, AP)

University of Kentucky: Machida (Nebraska-Kearney, CP)

University of Maryland: Evans (Georgia State, Public Law), Pearson-Merkowitz (Rhode Island, AP)

University of Michigan: Kirschner (Allegheny, CP), Krupnikov (Indiana, AP), Urpelainen (Columbia, IR), Suhay (Lafayette, AP), Aguilar (CIDE, CP)

University of Minnesota: Adams (Nebraska, AP), Chowdhury (Penn post-doc, IR), CIdam (Missouri State, PT), Gatta (EUI post-doc, PT), Hendricks (Susquehanna, AP), Illuzzi (Wisconsin-Whitewater, PT), Kifer (High Point, IR), Kim (Australian Nat. U, IR), Koomen (Willamette, IR), Laws (Dartmouth post-doc, AP), Lightfoot (U British Columbia, IR), Nelson (N. Dakota St, AP), Ringsmuth (OK State U, AP), Rutledge (Wooster, CP),

University of Nebraska: Hatemi (Iowa, AP)

University of New Mexico: Ingram (UCSD US-Mex Center post-doc), Nolan Garcia (CIDE, IR)

University of North Carolina: Long (Richmond, IR)

University of Notre Dame: Church (Houston, PT)

University of Oxford: Ciorciari (Michigan/Ford, IR), Loveless (Mississippi)

University of Rochester: Gillion (Penn, AP), Murshid (Colgate, CP)

University of Texas - Austin: Bilakovics (YPD Postdoc, PT), DeHart (Texas State, PT), Dyer (Missouri, AP), Lane (S. Dakota St., PT), Nichols (Baylor, AP), Perez-Armendariz (Bates, CP), Seay (Morehouse, CP)

University of Toronto: Nichols (Alberta, PT)

University of Virginia: Peters (Wesleyan, CP), Pevnick (NYU, PT)

University of Washington: Ahlquist (Florida State, CP)

University of Wisconsin: Goble (TCU, AP), Werner (Grinnell, Policy), Jung (Fairfield, CP), Fleming (Furman, AP), Brick (Pitt, CP), Forster-Rothbart (Hartwick, IR)

Vanderbilt University: Lukasik (Wheaton, Public Law)

Washington University - St. Louis: Black (Michigan State, Public Law), Haptonstahl (UC-Davis, Methods), Boyd (Buffalo, Public Law)

Yale University: Kinne (UT-Dallas, IR), Kazee (UIC, State Politics/American), Sheeley (Harvard Kennedy School, CP), Kaplan (Princeton WWS Post-Doc, George Washington University/IR and Economic Development).

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