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Welcome to the 2009-2010 Political Science Jobs Wiki

2010-11 wiki is at http://poliscijobs1011.wikia.com/wiki/Polisci_Job_10-11_Wiki

American Politics

Albright College - offer to Mark Oleszek (UC Berkeley) - accepted

American University (1x Associate or Full), (2x Assistant) - Interviews complete Jan Leighley, Paul Gronke, Wendy Schiller (Offer to Schiller - Rejected); Yanus (UNC), Ramirez (TAMU), Karol (Berkeley, UCLA PhD) Offer accepted by Karol.

Appalachian State University - American Politics - offer accepted by Burnett (UCSD)

Appalachian State University - Environmental Politics new line for Fall 2010 - verbal acceptance.

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Ashland University- position filled (rejection letters sent)

Auburn University Montgomery - campus interviews.

Bard College

Baylor University - Offers accepted: Pat Flavin (Notre Dame) and David Bridge (USC)

Belmont Abbey College

Benedictine University - position filled (rejection letters sent)

Boston College - Offer accepted: David Hopkins (UC Berkeley)

Boston University - Christenson (Ohio State), Hill (UCLA), Enos (UCLA), Murakami (Berkeley PhD, Georgetown VAP): Offer Accepted by Christenson (Ohio State).

Briar Cliff University

Cal Poly Pomona

Centre College - offer to McAdams (Ohio State Ph.D.; declined); offer to Knoll (ABD Iowa) -- accepted

Chatham University - Jackie Filla

Chicago (untenured)

City College, CUNY -- campus interviews underway

Coastal Carolina University - offer accepted by Goelzhauser (Florida State ABD)

College of Charleston - offer accepted by McAdams (Ohio State Ph.D)

College of New Jersey - Offer accepted by Bowen (ABD Iowa)

College of Wooster - offer accepted

College of Wooster (VAP)

Dalton State College- Interviews scheduled

East Stroudsburg University- Hired Adam McGlynn (Stony Brook PhD, UT-Pan Am Asst. Prof.)

Elizabethtown College (VAP) position filled (rejection letters sent)

Florida Atlantic University - offer accepted, Holman (Claremont Graduate University)

Florida International University-

Georgetown University (Bureaucracy) - Lavertu (Wisconsin ABD), Konisky (MIT PhD), and others; offer accepted by Konisky (MIT PhD, Missouri Assist Prof)

Georgia State University - interviews scheduled

Harvard University, interviews: Lauderdale (Princeton), Crowder-Meyer (Princeton), and Enos (UCLA). Offer to Enos (Accepted).

Haverford - Offer out, Oberfield (Wisconsin Ph.D.)

High Point University (Asst. Prof, subfield open) - Hired Yanus (North Carolina)

High Point University (Asst. Prof/Asst. Asst. dir SRC) - Hire made.

Indiana State University - offer accepted, Bergbower (SIU)

Indiana University Southeast - offer accepted, Wrzenski (LSU)

Iowa State University (Closed search - Budget cuts)

Iowa State University (VAP)

James Madison University - offer extended

Kennesaw State University - offer accepted, White (Claremont Graduate University)

Lamar University

Lewis & Clark College - Search "ended" (VAP to be listed)

Marian University

Marietta College - interviews: McAdams (ABD Ohio State / VAP Dickinson College), Knoll (ABD Iowa), Nazworth (VAP Marietta College). Offer to Knoll (declined); Offer accepted by Marie Courtemanche (Stony Brook)

Marist College - Offer accepted by Boscarino (Syracuse)

Marquette University (Urban Politics) - Accepted by Wichowsky (Wisconsin ABD)

Mercyhurst College - Rolfe Peterson (UC Davis)

Millikin University - offer accepted.

Missouri Southern State University (VAP) offer accepted by Delehanty (Kansas PhD)

Monmouth College - offer accepted (Hagley, SUNY-Buffalo)

Mount Mercy College

Naval Postgraduate School

New Haven University (Lecturer)

North Central College (Institutions) - Accepted by Chod (Michigan State PhD, Penn State VAP)

Northeastern Oklahoma State University - Offer accepted by Min (Georgia)

Ohio University (VAP)

Old Dominion University - Accepted by Karnes (UMD)

Penn State-Altoona - Accepted by Pyeatt (UNC)

Penn State - University Park (tenured) - Accepted by Lowery (Leiden).

Princeton (WW) - Bonica (NYU), Enos (UCLA), Hirsch (Stanford): Offer to Hirsch

Princeton (REP) - Pedraza (UW), Ramirez (Texas A&M)

Radford University (VAP): Offer accepted by Makse (Ohio State)

Randolph-Macon (VAP)

Reinhardt College - phone interviews complete.

Rider University - hired Brogan (CUNY)

Rochester (APE)

Rochester (REP) - Abrajano (UCSD), Pedraza (University of Washington--Seattle), Benjamin (Mich); No offer made.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick -

Saint Francis, Indiana

Saint Louis University (REP): Offer accepted by Brown (Rutgers)

Saint Vincent College

Sewanee: The University of the South - Interviews: Crowder-Meyer (ABD Princeton), Knoll (ABD Iowa), and Wilkinson (ABD LSU). Offer accepted by Crowder-Meyer.

Shorter College

Southern Methodist University - email went out Feb 16, 2010 saying position filled by

Stanford - Grimmer (Harvard), Moule (UCSD), Park (Wash U), Wichowsky (Wisconsin ABD). Offer to Grimmer (Harvard), offer accepted.

Stanford (REP) - Enos (UCLA).: Enos withdraws. No offer made.

Stony Brook - Interviews: Grimmer(Harvard), Levine(Mich), Ramirez(TAMU), Garretson(Vandy), Park(Wash U), Ramey (Rochester): Offer to Grimmer(declined), Offer to Garretson (accepted)

Southeast Missouri State University - Offer accepted by Miller (Akron ABD, Ohio University VAP)

Tennessee-Martin - hired Parsons (South Carolina ABD)

Tennessee Tech - Search completed.

Texas A&M (REP) - interviews: Benjamin (Michigan), Branton (Rice), Clark (Iowa), Pedraza (University of Washington--Seattle), Rim (Irvine), Ramirez (USC) - Offers accepted by Dionne (UCLA) and Pedraza (University of Washington, Seattle)

Texas A&M (behavior) - Jerit (FSU), Barabas (FSU), Rudolph (Illinois)

Texas A&M (institutions) - Moule (UCSD), Hirsch (Stanford), Grimmer (Harvard): Offer to Grimmer (declined)

Texas A&M-San Antonio (VAP)

University of Alabama - offer accepted by Park (Wash U)

University of Alaska, Anchorage - phone interviews underway

University of Arkansas (REP) - position filled - Jimeno (Arizona State)

University of Arkansas (Southern studies) - position filled - Maxwell (Texas - American Studies, Arkansas VAP)

University of California, Davis (VAP)

University of California, Merced - Enos (UCLA), Quiroz Flores (NYU), Verhulst (Stony Brook), Bloom (Stony Brook) - offer to Enos, Enos declines

University of Central Florida-Position filled.

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs - contacting a long-short list to ask for additional information (writing samples, etc.)

University of Denver - offer to Peter Hanson (UC Berkeley), accepted

University of Illinois, Chicago - Murakami (Berkeley PhD, Georgetown VAP), Ramirez (A&M PhD, Wash U Post Doc), Wichowsky (Wisconsin ABD): Offer to Murakami (accepted)

University of Illinois, Springfield - Offer accepted: Miller (Cornell)

University of Houston-Victoria - Interviewing

University of Minnesota (Associate) - Offer to Karch (accepted)

University of Montana (VAP): hired Gardner (UC Santa Barbara)

University of New England - Interviews scheduled

University of North Texas (Native American Politics & Policy) - Orr (Berkeley PhD, Yale postdoc - withdrew), Day (Indiana ABD). Offer accepted by Branton (from Rice).

University of North Texas at Dallas (2 positions)

University of Notre Dame - Grimmer (Harvard), Wohlfarth (UNC), Fox (Yale)); Offer to Grimmer rejected

University of Pennsylvania (Full Professor)

University of Oklahoma (Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage, Assistant Professor) - Interviews underway

University of Southern California - Offer accepted by Grose (Vandy AP)

University of Sydney - Offer to Smith

University of Texas-Brownsville

University of Tulsa - Search cancelled.

University of Washington - Murakami (Berkeley PhD 2008), Thorpe (Maryland PhD 2009), Mullin (Berkeley PhD 2005 - Temple Asst. Prof) - offer to Thorpe (Maryland), offer accepted.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - Offer accepted.

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Tahk(Stanford) accepted.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (REP/Latino) offer out (Branton), offer declined. No hiring this year.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside (VAP): offer accepted

Wake Forest University - offer to Pedraza (University of Washington--Seattle; offer withdrawn after request for more time); offer to Wilkinson (LSU) (Accepted)

Walsh University

Washington College (VAP)

Washington University (Lecturer): position filled (rejection letters sent)

Wellesley College - Pedraza (University of Washington--Seattle), Enos (UCLA), Murakami (Berkeley PhD, Georgetown VAP), Stout (UC Irvine)

West Virginia State University

Western Illinois - offer accepted by Day (Iowa)

Wright State University (VAP) position filled (rejection letters sent)

Yale - job canceled

International Relations

Air War College - Katagiri (UPenn) and Zwald (Berkeley)

American University - Abrahms (UCLA), offer to Zukerman-Daly (MIT) (declined)

American University (International Economic Relations) - offer accepted by Jeff Colgan (Princeton ABD)

Arizona State University - offer to Zukerman-Daly (MIT) (declined); offer accepted by Wood (UNC)

Bates (VAP)--Schiedeman (University of Washington, Seattle)

Bridgewater State College - Campus interviews scheduled

Butler University -

Boston University (Europe) : Schilde (UPenn ABD)

Boston University (South Asia):Miller (Harvard)

Brandon University -

Centre College - offer to Rob Bosco (UConn)

Colorado State University-Pueblo (crosslisted w/CP)

Connecticut College (VAP)-

Creighton University - search cancelled, hiring freeze [source: IR Rumor Mill]

Dartmouth - offer to Greenhill (UW); accepted

Depaul (crosslisted w/CP) -

Eastern Michigan University (IPE)

Eckerd College - offer to Fait Muedini (SUNY Buffalo), accepted.

Elon (VAP) - search completed, hired

George Washington (IR) - hired Eric Grynaviski (Ohio State)

George Washington (Nat'l Sec) -

George Washington (Int'l Sec) -

Georgia State: interviews completed

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - interviews scheduled -- offer to Meierding (Chicago)

Grand Valley State University -

Gustavus Adolphus College - Interviews Scheduled

Harvard University (Security) -- Horowitz, Lacina, Tingley, Zukerman-Daly; offer to Horowitz, declined; offer to Tingley, accepted

High Point University (CP and/or IR, new line, subfield open; same position listed under CP); University pushed hire back until Fall 2010.

Hunter College (CUNY) - Offer accepted: Zachary Shirkey (Columbia PhD, St. John Fisher College Asst); Second offer made

Johns Hopkins University (IPE/European Politics): offer to Nicolas Jabko

Lee University -

LeMoyne College (VAP)- search closed with no hire

Lewis & Clark College - interviews underway; offer to Colgan (Princeton)

Lycoming College - offer accepted: Payne (LSU)

Marquette University (Security) - offer accepted: Risa Brooks (UCSD PhD, Northwestern Asst) (source: dept webpage)

Marymount Manhattan College -

McGill University - offer accepted by Yumin Sheng (AP, Wayne State)

Moravian College (Lat. Am.)

Mount Allison University

Murray State University (crosslisted w/CP)

National University of Singapore - Kim (Maryland), Chelsea Brown (UNT PhD, SMU post-doc), Janice Bially Mattern (tenured associate Lehigh).

Naval War College - Offer to Pegahi (Chicago ABD/Harvard pre-doc)

New School - Graduate School of Intl Affairs

New York University (2 asst positions)

Northern Illinois University- interviews scheduled

Oakland University - Offer accepted by Byungwon Woo (Ohio State ABD)

Pace University - Phone interviews completed,

Pitzer College - position filled (rejection letters sent)

Princeton University - interviews held; committee met and decided not to make any offers

Providence College (Lat. Am. crosslisted w/CP)

Puget Sound (VAP) -

Ramapo College of New Jersey -

Reed College (open field environmental) - Search closed,no hire.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Saint Benedict & Saint John- Siver (UW)

Sewanee: The University of the South

Shepherd University - interviews being scheduled

St. John Fisher College - Hired Wesley Renfro (UConn)

Stanford - declined to hire in IR

SUNY Oneonta -

Texas A&M University-College Station - Weymouth (UCSD), Greenhill (UW Seattle), Wood (UNC), Lacina (Stanford), Tingley (Princeton). Offer to Tingley (Princeton).

Texas A&M University [IPE]- Offer to Hays (Illinois)

Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi - Campus interviews scheduled

Texas A&M University - Texarkana

Transylvania University (crosslisted w/CP) - Hired Somebody

Tulane University -

Union College (Asia)- offer accepted by Dallas (UC-Berkeley)

United States Military Academy (Terrorism) -

University of Aberdeen -

University of Alabama - Wood (UNC); offer to Ritter (Emory)

University of British Columbia - Arjun Chowdhury (Minnesota)

University of Central Florida (Orlando campus) -

University of Chicago - Staniland (MIT), Grynaviski (Ohio State); Babik (?); Poast (Michigan), Steinberg (Northwestern) offer to Staniland (MIT), accepted

University of Connecticut (human rights, open rank) -Campus visits scheduled--Apodaca (Florida Int.), Richards (Memphis), Nettelfield (Simon Fraser). Offer accepted by Richards.

University College London - Shortlist assembled; rejection emails sent.

University of Georgia (Intl Affairs) -

University of Kansas -- search cancelled [9 December 2009]

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

University of Michigan (Finance) - Weymouth (UCSD), Gray (UCLA PhD, Pitt Asst)

University of Nebraska - Payton (EUI Postdoc), Hillebrecht (WI ABD), Kim (CDDRL Fellow) -- Accepted by Hillebrecht

University of Notre Dame - offer to Kreps (Georgetown PhD, Cornell Asst) (declined), offer to Staniland (MIT) (declined) (Source: IR Rumor Mill)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte -

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Lecturer, int. studies) - Offer to non-poli UNC ABD.

University of North Carolina, Greensboro (VAP?) -

University of Northern Colorado -

University of Oregon - Greenhill (UW-Seattle); Steinberg (Northwestern). Offer to Greenhill (declined), offer to Steinberg (accepted)

University of the Pacific -

University of Pittsburgh (Poli Sci) -- Offer to Hays (Illinois) (Accepted)

University of Pittsburgh (Policy) -- Buthe (Duke Asst); Ehrlich (FSU Asst)

University of Rochester - Baldwin, Lacina. Offer to Lacina (Stanford ABD), accepted.

University of St. Gallen - Andreas von Staden (Princeton PhD)

University of South Carolina - Licht (Iowa ABD), Ryals Conrad (FSU ABD), Greenhill (UW Seattle ABD); offer to Greenhill(declined), offer to Licht(accepted)

University of South Florida - Funke (UPenn ABD)

University of Texas (LBJ School) - Staniland (MIT), Bussell (Berkeley) - Bussell hired

University of Toronto - Interviews completed; offer to Prichard, accepted.

University of Vermont - Interviews completed; offer to Thomas (Penn State ABD), accepted.

University of Western Australia -

University of Wyoming -

Valparaiso University (crosslisted w/CP) - Johnson (Arizona PhD, U. Buffalo Asst.); Atchison (Tennessee)

Washington State University at Vancouver - Offer accepted

Western Carolina University (crosslisted w/CP) - Offer Extended (source: conversation w/WCU faculty)

William & Mary - Offer to Tingley (Princeton), declined.

Willamette University (Lat. Am.) -

Wingate University - offer accepted

Comparative Politics

American University

Arizona State University - Offer to David Siroky (Duke Ph.D.), accepted

Arizona State University West - position filled

Barry University

Bates College (Muslim World) - position filled

Bowdoin College (China)

Brigham Young University - Preece (UCLA)

University of British Columbia: Birney (Princeton Postdoc), Bhavnani (Stanford ABD) ----- Offer to Bhavnani, declined.

University of Central Florida (Lecturer/Instructor)

Centre College: offer accepted by Rob Bosco (UConn) (same as the IR job)

University of Chicago - Thachil (Cornell PhD / Yale postdoc), Hussin (Washington PhD / UMass Amherst); offer to Thachil, declined.

College of Charleston

Colorado State University - Pueblo (crosslisted w/IR)

Dartmouth - Bhavnani (Stanford), Min (UCLA), Abrahms (UCLA), Bohlken (NYU), Thachil (Cornell PhD / Yale postdoc); offer to Min (declined).

University of Dayton (Watkins UW PhD, hire in PT)

University of Delaware - Hired Kinderman (Cornell ABD)

Depaul (Western Europe, crosslisted w/IR)

Drexel (non-West) - Hired George Ciccariello-Maher (Berkeley ABD)

Duquesne (Middle East/Europe)

Eastern Michigan University (Crosslisted w/IR):

East Tennessee State University - Dilshod Achilov (University of Arizona)

Eckerd College-cancel search, filled ME line only.

University of Florida (Africa-Political Economy) - Baldwin (Columbia/NYU postdoc)

Franklin & Marshall - Offer accepted by Linda Hasunuma (UCLA ABD)

Georgetown University - Offer to David Konisky (Missouri Asst)

University of Georgia (Intl Relations)

Hamilton College - Offer made to Lee (Stanford)

Harvard Business School: Bussell (Berkeley/Louisville postdoc)

High Point University (CP and/or IR, new line, subfield open; same position listed under CP); University pushed hire back until Fall 2010.

University of Houston - Offer to Jon Slapin (UCLA PhD, Assistant @ Trinity); Offer accepted

IE Business School - Weymouth (UCSD)

University of Kansas (Middle East)

Knox College (2-yr asst replacement): Offer Accepted.

Lycoming College - offer accepted: Caroline Payne (LSU) (same as the IR job)

Marshall University - Campus interviews scheduled

University of Maryland - Baldwin (Columbia / NYU postdoc), Bond (Penn State ABD), Calvo (Houston associate), Kaplan (Stanford ABD), McCauley (UCLA ABD), Ringe (Wisconsin asst.), Simmons (Stony Brook asst.), Thachil (Cornell / Yale postdoc); 4 offers (Calvo, Bond, Simmons, and McCauley); all accepted.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor(Energy) -- Toby Bolsen (Northwestern); Brian Min (UCLA); Jeff Colgan (Princeton); offer accepted by Min.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor(Finance) --

University of Michigan - Flint

University of Missouri - Offer accepted

Mills College: Offer to Johnson (Berkeley)

Missouri Western: Hired Taylor (Oregon PHD)


Mount Saint Mary's - interviews completed

Murray State University (East Asia/China - crosslisted w/IR)

Naval Postgraduate School - interviews completed for Asian politics position

University of North Carolina at Pembroke (Latin America/Europe)

North Georgia College & State University

Northern Colorado - offer accepted

Northwestern University - Meierhenrich (Harvard Assistant), Slater (Chicago Assistant), Bussell (Berkeley Ph.D./Louisville postdoc)

NYU/Gallatin - interviews scheduled

Ohio University - Hired, Kendhammer (Wisc ABD)

Pace University

Penn State - University Park: interviews underway

University of Pittsburgh (China)

University of Pittsburgh (PE)

Providence College

Queens College, CUNY

Ramapo College of New Jersey (Africa)

Reed College (Environmental) - Search closed, no hire.

Rochester: Baldwin (Columbia/NYU postdoc)

Roosevelt University - Faris (UPenn ABD)

St. Mary's University, CA - Long list (7 candidates)

University of St. Thomas

Scripps College: Offer to Mehta (Chicago ABD), Accepted.

Sewanee: The University of the South - Hired Rae Manesca (Vandy PhD) and Dragojevic (Brown ABD)

National University of Singapore

University of San Diego - Interviews scheduled. 3 candidates. Offer made.

SUNY-Stony Brook - Goodrich (Harvard), Siegel (FSU assistant), Tingley (Princeton); offer to Siegel (declined)

University of South Carolina - interviews held, rejection letters sent out --- offer to Houle (declined). Offer accepted by Kern (Cornell PhD/Yale Postdoc).

University of Tennessee (Knoxville - Political Economy) - Wilson Sokhey (Ohio State); Dionne (UCLA); Ornston (Berkeley); Han (UCLA) - Offer accepted by Han (UCLA).

Texas A&M - Golder (FSU), Golder (FSU), Dionne (UCLA) - Offer to Golder and Golder (FSU)

University of Toronto (Mississauga) - Thachil (Cornell/Yale postdoc), Mehta (Chicago)

Transylvania University (crosslisted w/IR)

Trinity College Dublin - Bhavnani (Stanford), Min (UCLA), Weymouth (UCSD), Dionne (UCLA), Ray (Rochester), Houle (Rochester) - Offer to Weymouth; Houle (accepted)

Tulane University -

Union College - Offer accepted by Dallas (Berkeley)

Valparaiso University (crosslisted w/IR) - Johnson (Arizona PhD, U. Buffalo Asst.); Atchison (Tennessee)

Villanova University (Comparative/IR/Russia) - Offer accepted by Schrad (Illinois VAP; Wisconsin Ph.D.)

Washington State Univ. (Vancouver): Adam Luedtke (University of Washington PhD, Utah Assistant)

Western Carolina University (crosslisted w/IR)

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Interviews scheduled; offer out to Bhavnani (Stanford ABD), accepted.

University of Wyoming - Offer accepted: Nevin Aiken (University of British Columbia PhD)

Yale - Thachil (Cornell/Yale postdoc), Bhavnani (Stanford ABD): Offer accepted by Thachil

Yonsei University

Political Theory

Amherst (VAP):

Arkansas State University: Search closed, no hire; re-listed as VAP search.

Arkansas State University (VAP): Jason Adams (Hawaii ABD)

Barry (Theory/Comparative):

Bates (VAP): Hired PJ Brendese (Duke PhD).

Belmont Abbey College: Patrick Cain (Baylor PhD)

Berkeley College (NYC):

Birkbeck College (London, 3 yr., Theory/IR):

Bowdoin (VAP): Hired Seth Jaffe (Toronto ABD).

Capital University: Hired Daniel Skinner (CUNY PhD).

Carleton College: Hired Mihaela Czobor-Lupp (Georgetown PhD).

Columbia University: Hired Turkuler Isiksel (Yale ABD).

CUNY: Hired.

Drexel (non-West): Hired George Ciccariello-Maher (Berkeley ABD).

Durham (fixed term):

Eastern University: Hired.

Florida International University (Lecturer): Walsh (Florida PhD).

Illinois State University: Search closed, no hire.

James Madison University (Interdisciplinary "Justice Studies" position, VAP): Hired Robert Glover (UConn ABD).

Lee University: Hired Thomas Pope (Baylor ABD).

Lehman College (Human Rights): Phone interviews conducted.

London School of Economics:

Loughborough University (UK): Hired Phil Parvin (LSE, Cambridge and UC Berkeley Post Doc).

Memorial University (CA): Dimitri Panagos (Queen's PhD).

Penn State (Lecturer): Amy Linch (Rutgers PhD)

Princeton University (Political Thought of Race): Search closed, no hire.

Queen Mary, University of London (Fixed term):

St. Francis Xavier University (CA): Hired (Brandeis PhD).

Saint Vincent College:

Skidmore (VAP): Carl Scott (Fordham PhD).

Smith (VAP): Hired Cyril Ghosh (Syracuse PhD).

Stonehill College: Hired Bettina Scholz (Harvard PhD).

Susquahanna University (VAP Theory/Comparative): Bruno Anili (Oregon ABD).

Trinity College (Dublin): Interviews conducted.

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa: Hired Naomi Choi (UC Berkeley ABD).

University of Alaska, Fairbanks: Hired Sean Parson (Oregon ABD).

University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff:

University of California, Davis (Visiting):

University of Central Arkansas: Hired Mary Beth Sullivan (Texas A&M PhD).

University of Dayton: Hired David Watkins (University of Washington PhD).

University of Essex (Lecturer):

University of Hawaii, Hilo: Hired Katherine Young (Colorado State ABD).

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: Hired Yves Winter (UC Berkeley PhD, Wesleyan Post Doc).

University of Oklahoma (Institute for American Constitutional Heritage):

University of Oregon: Hired Anita Chari (Chicago PhD, Chicago SOF).

University of Richmond: Hired Kevin Cherry (Notre Dame PhD, St. Anselm Assistant Prof).

University of Tennessee (Lecturer):

University of Texas - Pan American (VAP): Hired Christie Maloyed (Texas A&M PhD).

University of Warwick (UK):

University of Waterloo (Canada, January 2011 start):

University of Wisconsin, River Falls: John C. Evans (University of Wisconsin PHD; CSU-Northridge Assistant Professor.)

University of St Gallen (CH): Klaus Dingwerth (Bremen).

Valparaiso University (Christ College): Hired David Western (Brown PhD, Grinnell Post-Doc).

Virginia Tech (VAP):

Westminster College (Interdisciplinary "Justice Studies" position): Search completed.

Williams (VAP): Hired Michael Feola (UC Berkeley, Rhetoric PhD)

Wittenberg (VAP): Daniel Betti (Texas A&M PhD).

Public Law

Allegheny College: Hired.

Angelo State University: position filled(?)

Baylor University (Lecturer/Church State Studies): rejections sent

Buffalo State College: Hired.

Coastal Carolina University: Hired.

Cornell University/ILR:

East Tennessee State University:

Elizabethtown College: Hired Kyle Kopko (Ohio State).

Elon University: Hired Dion Farganis (Ph.D. U of Minnesota).

Drake University: rejection letters sent

Hunter College: Hired Emily Zackin (Princeton).

Illinois State University: Hired Leonard (Arizona).

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania:

Lycoming College (VAP): Phone interviews completed.

McNeese State:Rejection Letters Sent

North Central College: Search closed, no hire.

Northeastern State University (Oklahoma):

Oberlin (VAP):Hired

Pacific Lutheran University: Hired Sill (LSU).

Pomona College: Hired Hollis-Brusky (UC Berkeley).

Ramapo College: Hired.

Roosevelt University:

Thomas College: Hired.

University of North Florida: Hired Nicholas Seabrook (SUNY Buffalo).

University of Oregon: Hired Gash (UC Berkeley).

University of Southern Indiana: Hired LaRowe (Arizona State University).

University of West Florida: Hired (rejections sent)

University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (Women, Gender, and the Law):

Whitman (VAP): Hired Knowles

Public Policy

American University x3 - 2 filled (Tamara Hafner, Syracuse ABD); Other positions: all interviews completed, some offers out

Appalachian State University -- Environmental Politics new line for Fall 2010 - verbal acceptance.

Case Western Reserve - Offer to Jessica Green (Princeton)

Columbia-SIPA (environmental policy) - Interviews underway

CUNY-John Jay College

Duke University x2 - Dionne (UCLA)

George Mason (dean of Public Policy School)

Georgia Southern - offer rejected, brought out new candidates

Iowa State University - SEARCH CANCELED

Indiana University-Bloomington x3 (Policy Analysis and Public management positions filled)

Indiana University-Purdue Fort Wayne

Mills College

North Carolina State University - Hyunhoe Bae (ABD, Syracuse)

Ohio State University x2 - public finance position filled, offer out on PM position (PM offer declined)

Old Dominion - interviews scheduled

Pennsylvania State University (health)

Shippensburg University - offer accepted

Texas Southern University

University of Central Florida - phone interviews

University of Colorado -- Brian Min (UCLA ABD); Stephane Lavertu (Wisconsin ABD); Konisky (MIT PhD) -- Offer Accepted by Lavertu

University of Illinois–Springfield - possible hire before hiring freeze

University of Kansas x3 - 2 positions filled (Chris Silvia, Indiana ABD)

University of Kentucky, Martin School - position offered

University of Minnesota - filled

University of Montreal (environmental politics)

University of Oregon x2

University of South Carolina x2 - Position offered for PM, public finance filled

University of Texas-Austin x3 - interviews scheduled, 1 position filled

University of Virginia - Offer to Wiseman (OSU Associate Prof, Stanford GSB PHD)

Washington State University - interviews complete, position filled

Western Carolina x2 - 1 position filled (Daniel Bromberg, Rutgers-Newark PhD)

Western Kentucky University -


University of Connecticut (VAP)

University of Georgia (American substantive focus): Offer accepted by Monogan (North Carolina)

UMass, Amherst (Computational Social Sciences): Campus interviews scheduled for mid-April

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: Kederoiza (Rochester ABD), Hirsch (Stanford GSB ABD)---Offers to Hirsch and Kederoiza

Princeton University - Offer accepted: Pang (Wash U, ABD)

University of Rochester

Vanderbilt University: Wiseman (OSU Associate Prof; Stanford GSB PhD), Hirsch (Stanford GSB ABD)---Offer to Wiseman


Bard College (PT Post-Doc, 2 positions):

Brown PTP: Gregory Weiner (Georgetown PhD).

Brown Pembroke Humanities:

Brown/Watson Institute:

Henry Salvatori Center/Claremont McKenna College:

Dartmouth/Dickey Fellows:

Boston College/Jack Miller Center (PT): Aaron Herold (Texas ABD).

Duke University (Searle Fellow): David Skarbeck, George Mason Univ.; (PIPC Fellow): Ryan vander Wielen, Wash U / Temple; (TW Smith Foundation Fellow): Michael Faber; (Miller Center Postdoctoral Fellow): Randall Hendrickson

Emory/Jack Miller Center (PT): James Zink (UC Davis).

Georgetown/Jack Miller Center (PT): Sarah Houser (Notre Dame PhD).

Hampshire College: Rejections sent

Harvard Academy/Weatherhead: Interviews scheduled.

Lake Forest College/Jack Miller Center: Evan Oxman (Princeton PhD).

McGill/GRIPP: Offer(s).


National Humanities Council:

Notre Dame/Kellogg Institute:

NYU/Hamilton Center: Offers out/rejections out.

OSU/Mershon: rejections out

Oxford/Nuffield College: Selections made.

Princeton SOF: Rejections sent.

Princeton CSDP: Kate Baldwin (UF), Rikhil Bhavnani (Wisconsin), Adam Bonica (NYU ABD), Frederick Solt (SIU).

Princeton LAPA:

Princeton Niehaus: Rejections sent.

Queen's U/Kymlicka:

Queen's U: Skelton-Clark:

Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Scholars: Interviews scheduled.

Rochester/Skalny Center: Rejections sent.

Stanford/CISAC: rejections sent

UC President's Postdoc: Rejections sent.

University of North Carolina: Clark (Iowa ABD).

UT-Austin/Jefferson Center:

University of Virginia (Constitutionalism and Democracy):


Jobs in Canada

Brandon - IR. Offer accepted by Allison McCulloch (Queen's)

Carleton - Public Policy/Admin. Deadline January 15.

Concordia LTAs. IR and Canadian. Deadline March 15.

Dalhousie - Public Admin. Line canceled.

Université Laval - Public Admin/Public Policy. Offer accepted.

McMaster - Public Policy. Offer accepted by Boothe (UBC)

Memorial - Theory. Interviews completed.

Mount Allison - IR

Mount Saint Vincent - Canadian Politics. Short-list. Rejection e-mails sent.

Université de Moncton - Public Governance. No clear deadline.

University of Manitoba - Public Admin./Canadian Politics. Short list.

University of Ottawa - quantitative methods. Offer to Daniel Stockemer (UConn)

UQAM - elections and methods. Offer accepted by Harell (McGill)

Queen's - Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral fellowship. Accepted by Koop (UBC)

Queen's - Democracy and Diversity Postdoc (Phil)

University of Saskatchewan-Johnson-Shoyama. Junior position canceled due to financial constraints.

University of Saskatchewan-Saint Thomas More. Some guy from York.

St. Francis Xavier - Theory. Position filled.

Saint Mary's - Comparative. Short list completed. Interviews being scheduled.

Université de Sherbrooke - Offer accepted by Côté (Asst. Prof, U of O).

Simon Fraser University - Public Admin./Canadian politics. Offer accepted.

University of Toronto-Scarborough. Offer accepted by Cochrane (UofT).

University of Toronto-Scarborough Teaching Track.

Toronto - Conflict Studies

Toronto - Open IR (2 positions)

Wilfrid Laurier - Canadian Politics/Public Policy. Offer to Anderson (McGill), accepted.

Wilfrid Laurier - Political Behaviour/Research Methods. Short list. Holyk (Illinois), Parkin (Minnesota), Roy (McGill), White (UofT). Offer to Roy, accepted.

Placements by School

Arizona State: LaRowe (University of Southern Indiana, PL), Jimeno (University of Arkansas, AP/REP).

Baylor University: Cain (Belmont Abbey, PT), Pope (Lee, PT).

Brown University: Western (Valparaiso, PT), Dragojevic (Sewanee, CP)

Claremont Graduate University: Cleveland (James Madison, PA), Holman (Florida Atlantic University, AP), White (Kennesaw State University, AP/PL)

Colorado State University: Young (University of Hawaii--Hilo, PT)

Cornell: Thachil (Yale, CP), Kern (South Carolina, CP), Miller (U of I, Springfield, AP), Kinderman (Delaware, CP)

Duke: Siroky (Arizona State, CP)

Emory: Ritter (Alabama, IR)

Georgetown: Czobor-Lupp (Carleton College, PT)

Harvard: Grimmer(Stanford, AP), Scholz (stonehill, PT), Miller(Boston U., IR)

Louisiana State: Payne (Lycoming College, IR/CP), Sill (Pacific Lutheran University, PL), Wrzenski (Indiana University Southeast, AP), Wilkinson (Wake Forest University, AP)

Michigan State: Singh (Georgia, CP)

MIT: Staniland (Chicago, IR), Zukerman-Daly (American, IR), Konisky (Missouri Asst --> Georgetown Asst, AP)

Northwestern: Calvo (Houston Assoc > Maryland, CP)

Ohio State: Christenson (Boston University, AP), Kopko (Elizabethtown, PL), McAdams (College of Charleston, AP), Wilson-Sokhey (University of Colorado, CP), Grynaviski (George Washington, IR)

Penn State: Bond (Maryland, CP), Thomas (Vermont, IR)

Princeton: Andreas von Staden (St. Gallen, IR/Law), Emily Zackin (Hunter College, PL), Jessica Green (Case Western Reserve, IR), Jeff Colgan(American University, IR), Dustin Tingley (Harvard University, IR), Melody Crowder-Meyer (Sewanee, AP)

Stanford University: Bhavnani (Wisconsin, CP), Lacina (Rochester, IR), Tahk (Wisconsin, AP/Methods), Lee (Hamilton, CP)

SUNY Buffalo: Fait Muedini (Eckerd, IR), Annika Hagley (Monmouth, AP), Nicholas Seabrook (University of North Florida, PL), Meredith Petershiem (Keuka College, IR), Soo Rhee Ryu (Pitt - Bradford, CP), Bryan Dettrey (Oklahoma State, AP), Jesse Wasson (Rochester Institute of Technology, IR),

Syracuse: Cyril Ghosh (Smith VAP, PT)

Texas A&M: Betti (Wittenberg VAP, PT), Idlerton (UCF, AP), Johansen (University of Hawaii, PA/PP), Kuberski (FSC, IR), Maloyed (UT-PanAm VAP, PT), Ramirez (Arizona State, AP), Sullivan (Central Arkansas, PT)

University of Akron: Miller (Southeast Missouri, AP)

University of Arizona: Leonard (Illinois State, PL), Achilov (East Tennessee State)

University of California-Berkeley: Brass (Indiana University, PP), Bussell (Texas LBJ School, PP), Choi (U of Alabama, PT), Ciccariello-Maher (Drexel CP/PT), Dallas (Union College, CP), Feola (Williams College, PT, VAP), Gash (Oregon, PL), Hanson (Denver, AP), Hassid (University of Technology, Sydney, CP, p-doc), Hollis-Brusky (Pomona, PL), Hopkins (Boston College, AP), Johnson (Mills College, CP), Murakami (U of Ill at Chicago, AP), Naseemullah (LSE, CP, p-doc), Oleszek (Albright College, AP), Ornston (Georgia, CP/IR), Winter (Minnesota, PT), Wright (AP p-doc, KSG), Zwald (Air War College, IR)

University of California-Los Angeles: Dionne (Texas A&M, CP/REP), Enos (Harvard, AP), Han (U of Tennessee, Knoxville, CP/IR), Hasunuma (Franklin and Marshall, CP), Karol (UC Berkeley > American, AP) McCauley (Maryland, CP), Min (Michigan, CP), Preece (BYU, CP), Lawrence Rubin (Georgia Tech), Slapin (Trinity College Dublin > U of Houston, CP), Peter Thompson (Michigan State > National Defense University, IR)

University of California-San Diego: Brooks (Northwestern Asst > Marquette University, IR), Burnett (Appalachian State, AP), Clark Muntean (LSE Fellow, Management > BSU Miller College of Business), Moule (South Carolina, AP), Weymouth (Georgetown, McDonough School of Business, IR)

University of Chicago: Chari (Oregon, PT), Mehta (Scripps College, CP), Meierding (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, SZ, IR), Pegahi (Naval War College, IR)

University of Connecticut: Bosco (Centre College, IR/CP); Stockemer (Ottawa, Methods); Glover (James Madison, VAP, IR/PT-Justice Studies)

University of Georgia: Nitya Singh (Eastern Michigan University, IPE/IR/CP)

University of Iowa: Knoll (Centre College, AP), Day (Western Illinois, AP), Licht (South Carolina, IR), Bowen (College of New Jersey, AP), Clark (University of North Carolina, Post-Doc)

University of Michigan: Simmons (Stony Brook Asst > Maryland, CP)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: Farganis (Elon University, PL), Chowdhury (University of British Columbia, IR).

University of North Carolina: Wood (Arizona State, IR), Pyeatt(Penn State-Altoona, AP); Monogan (Georgia, Methods); Yanus (High Point, AP)

University of Notre Dame: Cherry (Richmond, PT), Houser (Georgetown, PT Postdoc), Flavin (Baylor, AP)

University of Oregon: Parson (Alaska-Fairbanks, PT); Anili (Susquehanna, VAP PT)

University of Pennsylvania: Schilde (Boston University, IR), Faris (Roosevelt, CP), Funke (South Florida, IR), Karpf (Rutgers University, School of Communication), Katagiri (Air War College, IR)

University of Pittsburgh: Garriga (CIDE, PE)

University of Rochester: Houle (Trinity College Dublin, CP), Kedziora (University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Methods), Steinwand (Stonybrook, PE)

University of Tennessee: Amy Atchison (Valparaiso, CP/IR)

University of Texas at Austin: Herold (BC Postdoc, PT)

University of Washington: Watkins (Dayton, PT); Greenhill (Dartmouth, IR); Siver (St. Benedict/St. Johns, IR); Pedraza (Texas A & M, AP/REP); Dana (Tufts, VAP); Schiedeman (Bates, IR VAP); Luedtke (WSU-Vancouver, IR, previously Utah Asst. Prof); Lee (City University of Hong Kong, IR)

University of Wisconsin: Hillebrecht (Nebraska, IR), Kang (Nebraska, CP), Kendhammer (Ohio, CP), Lavertu (Colorado, PP), Oberfield (Haverford, AP), Schrad (Villanova, CP), Wichowsky (Marquette, AP)

Washington University in St. Louis: Malecki (Columbia Post-Doc, Methods), O'Neill (University of the Pacific, IR), Pang (Princeton, Methods), Park (U of Alabama, AP), Shomer (Tel Aviv, CP)

Vanderbilt: Donoso (Universidad San Francisco de Quito, CP), Garretson (Stony Brook, AP), Lukasik (Wheaton, AP), Manesca (Sewanee, CP), Sapra (Kenyon post-doc, PT/IR)

Yale University: Isiksel (Columbia, PT)


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