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Post Cereal Coupons

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Post's History and Products

Post Cereal, which began in Michigan in 1895, is a company that has created cereals beloved by millions for more than a century. The company has featured many different cereals over the decades, with many of them still in production.

These include Alpha Bits, which features pieces of cereal in the shapes of letters; Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, which use Flintstones characters as spokepeople for the crispy cereal; Honey Bunches of Oats, which comes in several different varieties; Grape-Nuts, one of the first of the company's cereals that is still in production; and Shredded Wheat, which also dates back to the 1800s and comes in many varieties.

Kids Nutrition and Fun

One of the ways that Post Cereal has kept interest in its cereals going is through Pebbles Play, which is a fun zone where children can play online games based in Bedrock, the home of the Flintstones. Several different games keep children occupied on this site.

Meanwhile, the official Post site offers information on all of the different cereals that Post produces. Here, one may learn what each of the cereals contains and even buy it online if that is preferred. The site also offers a detailed history of Post, pointing out significant moments in its history.

Web Recipes

Another useful element of the site is that it offers many different recipes that incorporate Post cereals. All of these recipes include not only ingredient lists and baking instructions but nutritional information as well. Hence, it will be easier to tell whether this snack will be a good option for an individual or a family.

Most of the recipes are desserts of some kind, and they would make tasty treats for a get-together. There is also information on the site about Labels for Education, in which Post participates. Post is dedicated to furthering children's education, and those who buy Post products can save the UPCs and turn them in to schools to be exchanged for useful products for the classroom.

Post Cereal Coupons

Post Coupons

Sometimes coupons are available directly through the official Post site. You might also try writing directly to Post Cereals through the contact form; this could result in the company sending a coupon. When the official website does not provide coupons, there are still other places where they can sometimes be found.

The first place to look is the local paper, particularly the Sunday edition. Coupons for Post are often included in the Sunday paper and can save one considerable money at the grocery store. Another common way to find these coupons offline is in a Val-Pak, which generally comes in the mail.

Post Cereal does not have an official rewards program, so online coupons are not that easy to come by. However, sometimes coupons of value will turn up on the Internet. A recent promotion offered $2 off for those who used the printable coupons.

Online Coupons

There aren't any coupon sites in specific connection with Post, so the easiest thing to do is Google Post cereal coupons and see what comes up. You can also subscribe to particular coupon websites like Fabulessly Frugal and FoodCoupons.Net.

Participating in couponing message boards can also be a way to make you aware of different opportunities that may arise. Breakfast is a very important part of the day for a healthy growing child, so parental couponing groups Frugal Mom can be very helpful in pointing out bargains, whether that means coupons on special store promotions.

Post is a brand that has lasted for more than a hundred years, and it continues to produce high-quality products that are a part of thousands of breakfasts. A coupon for one of these cereals is a great find.

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