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Progresso Coupons

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Progresso Soups

On a cold day, nothing hits the spot like something warm to eat. Homemade soups are ideal; however, many people are not able to make these filling meals because of their hectic lives.

Canned Progresso soups are a highly desirable alternative to a homemade soup because they are crafted in the same way as a homemade soup. Go into any supermarket or grocery store and you can find Progresso soups in their many flavors and styles which have been created through hard work and just over a century of experience.

Before Progresso soup was known as such, the company got its start back in 1905 under the guidance of Vincent Taormina. He, and his close family and friends, missed the high quality food they could get in their native Sicily.

History of Progresso

After immigrating to the United States they found it hard to get the foods they were used to and loved so Vincent began his own import business, V.Taomina and Company, which imported food from Italy into their New Orleans location. In 1925 V. Taomina and Company merged with an import company made by his friend, Uddo, becoming Uddo and Taormina Corporation which turned its name into Progresso in 1927 after joining the operation they had running in New York.


Things were running very smoothly for the company until 1942 and the war made importing goods extremely difficult under the best of circumstances. Under this pressure, Progresso began to pack products domestically and then delivered by going door-to-door to neighborhood shops.

Also during this year New York production was becoming harder and harder so the family run company moved to Vineland, New Jersey, a mile from its current location, where they could grow their own vegetables, tomatoes and barreled peppers.

Finally, in 1949, Mama Taormina got involved in the family business and during the next ten years her soup recipes were written on the walls of the kitchens where the staff could follow them to the letter, making them in the exact way with the exact ingredients that she used.

First Soup Released

Because of her involvement in 1949, Progresso was able to release the first canned soup in the same year. By 1974, because of the success of their soups, Progresso made the decision to make it their primary product, shifting away from the import business and releasing 3-5 new soup flavors each year.

In 1983 Progresso became officially known as a soup maker in the industry with its reputation based on selling high quality soups and having an Italian heritage. For the next 13 years they operated smoothly and, in 1996, were acquired by Pillsbury which merged with General Mills in 2001.

In more recent years Progresso has maintained its promise to release new soups every year by adding new lines. In 2006 its Reduced Sodium line was introduced and the following year Progresso Light soups were added.

Progresso Light

The Progresso Light line is the only brand endorsed by Weight Watchers for their program. In 2008 they entered the broth market and in 2009 they added a High Fiber line. Finally in 2010 their World Recipes line is introduced and met with much success due, in part, to some of the specialty ingredients in these soups.

Within the past 3 years Progresso soups have won 2 taste awards: the Better Home and Garden Best New Product in 2009 went to their Light line and in 2010 it won Cooking Light Magazine's Taste Test Award. So it's no wonder these highly desirable soups are sought after by millions of people around the world.

Progresso Coupons

Because of how wonderful they are, people often look for coupons so that they can get more for their money; however, not many coupons can be found for this brand of soups. No coupons could be found on the brand's website [http://www.progressosoup.com progressosoup.com) or through any of the other coupon generating websites.

Progresso soup does have a Facebook page but coupons do not appear to be regularly available here either. Occasionally a coupon can be found in the Sunday paper but it's generally good to know a few different stores to go to. Between Albertsons, Safeway and Wal*Mart one of the stores usually has some, if not all, of the Progresso soups on sale.

Wal*Mart, for example, usually has these soups around $2.00 a can, no matter the flavor. Not too bad for a complete meal. For a family of four this comes out to less than $10 per meal which is much more preferable to eating out for the same family.

Due to their high quality ingredients, excellent taste and product variety, Progresso soups are a wonderful choice for anyone seeking delicious soups. While it is rare to find a coupon for them, Progresso soups are reasonably priced for a complete, award winning meal that will suit any member of the family.

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