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Project Seven

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Project Seven was founded by GUN to create variables on an ultimate, living weapon. Created in response to an "ultimate soldier" project by an unknown organization, Project Seven designed seven soldiers from the ground up, combining and recombining their DNA until they had one of seven results:

  • Geiss, a hedgehog formed from the DNA of Sonic and Shadow. Currently a Lodger.
  • Rizualt, a lynx with both pyro- and cryokinesis. Currently a Lodger.
  • Erinyes, an eagle. Deceased.
  • Johan, a deer. Deceased.
  • Zeros, a chameleon. Status unknown.
  • Shiela, a bat. Status unkown.
  • Phyros, an echidna. deceased.

However, as the first successful products of Project Seven (Johan died in the bio-construction tubes), the reason they were created, this "ultimate soldier", now known as Project Riryoku, had vanished without a trace. Geiss and Rizualt eventually came to lead civilian lives.

The Fall of Project Seven

After a time, GUN cut the funding to Project Seven. Its leader, General Leos Ineral, went rogue and declared war on the rest of GUN. Geiss, Rizualt and the Lodgers went in and eventually stopped him. This also introduced Geiss' "Super" transformation, as well as Rizualt's, Mega Geiss and Inferno Rizualt. After the fight, they (the Lodgers) managed to escape despite the now-dead Ineral's(Mega Geiss killed him with a bolt of lightning) best efforts to lock them underground. Von Klaus, the brains of the project, vanished and was not seen until he launched his attack from ARK.

Chaos Factor

One feature unique to all products of Project Seven is that they each were issued a uniquely-colored Chaos Emerald. They all have access to Chaos Control and an ability known as Chaos Factor. Chaos Factor is displayed visually, as three rings of the corresponding Emerald's color (for example, Geiss' is red, while Zeros' was yellow and Erinyes' was purple). Chaos Factor works as following:

  • Factor 0: The default setting. All attributes are normally distributed.
  • Factor 1: Strength is enhanced at the cost of speed.
  • Factor 2: Speed is enhanced at the cost of strength.
  • Factor 3: Resilience is enhanced at the cost of speed and strength.

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