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Project lightsaber

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Project Lightsaber (Ch: 神剑会议 Fr:Projet Sabre) was Li's party occuring between December 28 and 29th, 2005. Highlights included the new Mafia records, and the extremely long "plant-the-bomb" Halo game. Here is a link to the VGOC page, so you can access it from here.

General Information

Every few months (Or more often, or less), the VGOC convene at someone's house. They come with some warning, stay for about twenty-four hours, make the parents mad, consume all the food, spill pop on the rugs, break a handrail (This is most often done by Olezhiak), and then disappear, leaving the host to cry, whimper and feel sorry for himself and wonder why he does this when he eventually has to clean it all up. ----[Yeah, Jeez Li...]

And so we come to the current edition. Codename: Lightsaber.


  • Li Tong (Confirmed-Obviously...)
  • Bryan Balaton (Confirmed)
  • Nick Spooner (Confirmed)
  • Ken Jin (Confirmed)
  • Michael Fulton (Confirmed)
  • Michael Zhang (Confirmed)
  • Oleg P. (Confirmed)
  • Rocky Wang (Confirmed)

~~Invatation Locked~~

Ken was supposed to come with an all-anticipated Mahjong set, but was "sick" and therefore didn't show up.



We played with the following roles:

  • Two Mafia
  • One Cop
  • One Angel
  • Rest are villiagers

Punishments were to be given for aggravating people. The causes of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking a long time to decide on something (Oleg rule #1)
  • Failing to see the bleeding obvious (Oleg rule #2)
  • Saying the bleeding obvious (Zhang rule #1)
  • Making unfounded accusations in order to be a prick (Zhang rule #2)
  • Claiming to know who's who arbitrarily (STFU Li rule)
  • Complaining about your character selection (STFU MF rule)
  • Randomly casting a vote to screw things up (Wayne/Bryan rule)
  • Generally being an asshole (Sean should never play Mafia again rule)

The general pattern in the Mafia games at Li's was that Rocky and Brian was very frequently Mafia, and that Nick and MF complained about their character selection pretty much every time, which may have contributed to their final complete victory as Mafia [wtf? I said once that I hadn't been mafia for a long time. O_O. -MF]. Ken wasn't there, so the usual strategy of killing Ken during the first round was non-applicable. Zhang was fairly effective until the last round. Oleg had various lapses in logic which may have made sense in his own brain, but failed to register in others. These often led to his own demise, as he appeared to be switching sides and screwing himself over.

Video Games

There will be 3 X-Boxes avaible (probably won't be needing them all)and I will provide the cables and router, if you want to have the 2 TV screen seperated then MF needs to bring one of his cable.

Li, call/email me about how many TVs. I can get my cable out, but I only want to if it's really needed. Are we going with 2 TVs or 3? If we have more than 8 people, may want to go with 3, so everyone plays at once. Just let me know by 9AM on the 28th if you need that cable or not.

In other news, I'll bring my Cube and DS so we can play Smash Bros. and have Zhang make fun of my awesome abstract Japanese games. Mrmanme 00:48, 27 December 2005 (EST)


Football was never played.


Battle Royale, the movie, was watched, followed with discussion between MF, Zhang, and Rocky. The group seemed to have enjoyed greatly the South Park DVD.


Mahjong should be played. Someone's gotta remind Ken to bring it. Got some new interesting ideas about it. Check out Wikipedia's article on Mahjong. MF I will teach you a new betting system. We'll need chips though.


If you have another idea for Lightsaber, add it here!

K as you saw at MF's house, get MEAT LOVERS PIZZA. Fuck cheese. Fuck Ham and Pinapple, Fuck "Vegitarrion", And even fuck pepperoni. MEAT LOVERS. Seriously. - Nick

I second that. Meat lovers only. And I like how you spelt Vegetarian. Sounds like "Carrion" or something. rofl. On something for actual other ideas, I'm bringing my GC. I will also check if Hi-Tech is renting out the Maptacular disk. If they are, I will rent it. Oleg, Nick, make sure you two can get enough controllers and Halo 2 disks. Oh and I'd be open to some play of Xiangqi or Mahjong. That's always fun. -MF

I like the Mahjong idea, Rocky will be there so. ~Zhang

OK i already told Oleg to bring all his controllers to replace some of nick's and i hope he remember(hell knows) and YES i hell agree with nick MEAT LOVERS rules, they r the best tasting ones. we might only have 2 extra large pizza tho, my parents might cook some chickens too. ~Li

Update on Map Pack disk: It's $22.99, not for rental. No rental. BAH! So, no fun maps. Make sure Niock brings his XBOX, because he's the only one with Foundation. Must have that. If we're playing Mahjong, then we should let Rocky decide about flowers. He gets pretty worked up about them :S. ~MF

yeah i told nick to bring his xbox and told oleg to bring his in case bryan's doesnt work~li

Food and Drink

Pizza will be ordered. Pop will be provided, and YES in large amounts (all measurement standard will change without notice after Oleg's arrival).


Any questions regarding Lightsaber should be asked by calling Li, i prefer my cell phone. (The number is in my profile if you don't already know)

or just post here or whatever...

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