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Skip the definitions. If you're unfaithful to your partner or spouse, that's obviously wrong. So let's build something from here.

The gravity of human promiscuity

Let's begin with an analogy.

Consider animal violence. Animals kill each other for food, some eat their own children, and so forth. It's a bloody world for them.

Now, consider human violence. People kill each other for various motives, for money, for ideology, and so forth. Although one could say that the violence is in essence similar to animals, the gravity of human violence is many folds more than animal violence.

Why is that?

Because we humans are born with emotions and intellect.

We empathise. We know how it would feel if our family member or friend is killed, so we do not kill someone else's family member or friend. (Although the reasoning is this simple, humans are still killing each other. Puzzling.)

With this basic framework of comparison in mind...

The same applies to promiscuity.

Male pigs, for example, are known to mate with any female pig they can find. They don't have a sense of relationship, obviously.

But when humans, gifted with intellect and emotions, do the same thing, by being unfaithful to their partners or spouses, the gravity is magnified many folds. It becomes unthinkable. It does not make human sense.

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