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Psychotherapy Consortium of Southwest Michigan


Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Psychotherapy Consortium of Southwest Michigan is an internet–based network for mental health practitioners, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The mission of this consortium is to facilitate the growing and flourishing of individuals and the interconnecting of a community of mental health professionals. Through the format of an interactive 'e-consortium’, we strive to promote the dynamic and synergistic development of our purposes and functions, in a way which is comprehensive and yet relatively free of bureaucratic complications.

Through our wiki-style interactive web-site, bulletin boards, and chat formats, this internet-based community of mental health professionals has many potentials :

  • Publicizing meeting information for our local professional organizations, including upcoming speakers and topics.
  • Providing regularly updated information about local resources, such as therapy groups, support groups, and speakers’ presentations.
  • Sharing information about continuing education opportunities.
  • Keeping informed about new policies and developments from our various state and national governing boards and professional organizations.
  • Keeping each other updated on practices and procedures in the insurance scene.
  • Empowering effective advocacy for optimal, professional client-therapist relationships.
  • Providing opportunities for practitioners to share personal points of view, on professional subjects and issues, through dialog and postings.
  • Developing shared goals, special interest groups & service projects.
  • Eventually, providing avenues of communication with other healthcare providers and with the general public.
  • Contributing to the growth and well-being of the larger community.
  • Interspersing our mental-health professionals’ ‘cyber-community’ with perodic face-to-face meetings and social gatherings.
  • Providing information about job opportunities and office space.

Associated Organizations

..in alphabetical order

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association

* Kalamazoo Counseling Association

* Women Therapist Network

Our Members

Membership List, Psychotherapy Consortium of Southwest Michigan

..in alphabetical order

* George Lockwood, Ph.D.

* Patricia Lyman, Ph.D.

* Judith White, MA LPC NCC

Psychotherapy Groups

Professionally led

Self-help and Support


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Basic Editing

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