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Publix Coupons

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Publix Coupons

Publix is a supermarket that offers it’s customers a delightful shopping experience. Their saving options and wide variety of quality products makes it an excellent place to shop. Almost every product imaginable is available for their customers.

They have basic items like fruits, vegetables, dry goods, canned goods, frozen foods, and household items. They also have a nice wine selection, a flower shop, a health food section and a pharmacy. Additionally, they have a friendly staff that is willing to help in any way possible. They do what they can to satisfy the needs and requests of their customers.

The very first Publix Supermarket opened in Winter Haven, Florida in the year 1930. The founder, George W. Jenkins, focused on establishing a grocery store that made every customer feel at home. He also wanted his employees to feel appreciated so they would be in high spirits at work.

Despite major challenges like the great depression and the second world war, he managed to achieve his goal. Presently, Publix is one of the highest ranking supermarkets in the area of customer satisfaction. It also made Fortune Magazine’s list -- “The 100 Best Companies to Work For.” Publix continues to offer a great work and shopping environment for it’s employees and customers.

Finding Coupons

The best way to find Publix coupons is by looking for the coupon dispenser in the product aisles. Dispensers are usually red in color and located in various spots around the supermarket. It is possible to find them in small metal holders as well.

Manufacturers offer coupons in this way to entice customers to try their brand. For example, a loyal grape juice drinker may decide to buy a brand of apple juice if they spot the apple juice coupon in the aisle. Publix coupons are either two-for-one deals or money-off deals that are redeemable at the register.


Another way to find Publix coupons is by visiting their website. Their coupon section lists a number of printable coupons from popular products. Customers can save a significant amount on anything from household cleaning products to over-the-counter medicines.

If a person enters their zip code, they can get even more deals which may only be available at their local Publix stores. For the customers convenience, they have an online coupon policy which explains how their coupon system works.

Creating an Account

Creating a Publix account online is a convenient way to get coupons and deals as well. When a person registers on Publix.com, they will receive the latest deals, featured products, and coupon information to their email inbox.

They will also gain access to personalized features like My Grocery List, My Events, My Simple Meals and My Cooking School. Along with instant email notice, an individual will have the ability to personalize a grocery list, create a recipe menu, and register online for Publix events and cooking classes.

Daily Deals

It is not necessary for a person to have a Publix coupon if they want to take advantage of their deals. Publix has daily BOGO or Buy-One-Get-One offers on several items throughout their stores. These items are usually placed on the front display shelves so they are hard for customers to miss when they walk in.

BOGO offers are mostly non-perishable food items but other items like soaps and cosmetics are included as well. Every now and then a highly-recognized pricey item will carry this offer. When this happens, customers with limited budgets have a chance to try an item that may have been out of their price range on a normal day.

Penny Deal

Taking advantage of the penny deal is another way to save on Publix items. A Publix coupon for a mystery penny item is displayed every week in their Sunday newspaper advertisements. If you purchase at least 10 dollars worth of items before coupons, you can purchase the mystery item for one penny. Mystery items are usually non-perishable food and household items.

Some stores require you to show the coupon and some do not. The stores that do not require coupons will pick one day out of the week to make the deal available to all customers. Unfortunately, Publix penny deals are not offered in Florida or Coastal Georgia supermarkets.

=More Publix Coupons

It is easy to save on groceries with Publix coupons and special offers. A true penny-pincher can stick to their store-brand items, which are affordably priced and of good quality. Customers looking to save on popular items can look for the coupons located on the shelves throughout the store.

They can also take advantage of the BOGO deals, which includes new items every week. Individuals who wish to get coupons through their email can register on Publix.com. All these saving options, plus the friendly shopping atmosphere, is what makes Publix one of the best supermarkets in the nation.

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