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  1. Game
    1. Session Logs
      1. Antecedents PI: Case Logs and Reports
      2. Orphans: Mishaps and Adventures
    2. Setting
    3. Character Generation
    4. House Rules
      1. Dreaming
    5. Atlantis Background
      1. Atlantian Confederation
      2. The Orphanage
      3. Dor-Manis Surrender
      4. Friends and Strangers
      5. The Bloodlines
    6. Antecedents Background
      1. Age of Aquarius
      2. Antecedents P.I.
      3. Dr Butler
      4. The Antecedents team
      5. Fundis
  2. Antecedents Characters
    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
    3. Ian: Robert Stane
    4. Richard: Corey
    5. Samson: Kai
    6. Jim: Royce
  3. Orphans Characters
    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake


Cabinet Portfolios: -Friendliness

-Interesting Things, Rocks and Dirt (ITARD)

Gadgets: Puyter's Gauntlet of Stone Moving

Puyter's Auric Oculum

UPDATE: Puyter's Plan

Puyter's Gadgets

Bio Data

Name Puyter
Gender Male
Race Archonian (Human)
Birth Location Planet Cogent, Archeaus System
Age 9
Languages spoken


"Pappa Dredda, I heard you were an orphan too."

"Could be."

"And once you had a fight with an Orcasian gladiator, and you almost killed it."

"Maybe true, who knows?"

"And, and, and... you loved this girl, and you wanted to marry her, but she left you and you gotted a broken heart and were really deep rest for a long long time."

Pappa Dreda stopped what he was doing and gave the young boy a long, hard look.

"Who's been telling you these things, Puyter?"


"Which nobody in particular?"

"Ummm... I promised not to tell."

"I bet you also promised not to repeat those things that you just told me, but you broke that one, didn't you?"

"Yes, Pappa Dreda."

"So who did you make that promise to?"

Puyter had the good sense to look ashamed.

"... Uncle Sai Car..."


"Uncle Sai Car, he's nice. He tells me all kinds of stories. He knows all about everything, too."

"And where did you meet this Uncle Sai Car of yours?"

"In the yard."

"He visits you in the compound?"

"No, Pappa Dreda. I visit him. He lives there."

Papa Dredda looked thoughtful for a moment, then pulled down his sunglasses to look at Puyter.

"Do you mean... the cycad tree?"

"Hmm-hmmm. That's Uncle Sai Car, that's what I call him."

"I see. Well perhaps you shouldn't believe everything he tells you. And you also shouldn't go around saying things about people. That's called gossip. Besides, what would a tree know?"

"He knows everything! He said last night that you and this..."

"Puyter! What did I just say about gossip?"

"Sorry, Pappa Dreda."

"Anyway. Say hello to Uncle Sai Car for me, and tell him I'd like to have a chat sometime. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, Pappa Dreda! No prob, Bob."

"Now don't call people Bob, that's disrespectful. Run along now, I'm busy."

"Okay, Pappa Dreda!"

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