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RC procrastination

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Welcome to RC_procrastination!

A site dedicated to R&C's random moments & memories.

Since: April 22, 2007

9_9 & how.nice.213 FOREVER


aw SHITE the formatting is all weird... oh well, i'll come back and fix it up later... --9_9

Rachel's Summer Adventures

Kay, first of all, i didn't have a job/i wasn't working at all for the first month since i got back!! its so baad, i was just lazing around ALL day. so my mom got mad yesterday and told me to go find a job or else... sooooo yea, i went around town today looking for a job, and finally found one at sears... =P Home Depot didn't hire me cuz they don't hire only summer employees... dang, i should've just told them that i was staying here in the fall... oh well, i think i have a job at sears now, but i still have to show them my social insurance, which i can't seem to find anywhere!!! gahhhh...

and about the house, some stuff with the lawyer was delayed cuz the lawyer was so busy so now the possession date has been delayed to tuesday, meaning we're not moving into the new house til next weekend!!! maybe even later! i'm so mad!! oh well, now we have time to hang and it won't be that hectic. cuz WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED PACKING YET!!! ANND... apparently they're not going to put the stucco on the house til later this summer cuz they're so busy, which really sucks since the outside of the house is so ugly... i just drove by the house today and they now have the garage doors on! looks sooooo sweet except we won't be able to go in the house now til we get the keys to the front door...


  • "woah, Woah, WOAH" -Freak Curler From Centennial
  • "MICE LOVE RICE" [damn straight]
  • "look, there's two sticks hanging from that branch" -Rachel in near sleep daze
  • "HOOOOOONNNNNNKKKKKK" -Sean... [though Carolyn invented that, really. honestly i did.]
  • "BLASHLEY" -Referring to Blaine + Ashley. Otherwise known as the most dull couple in the universe.
  • "*pencil wiggle" -Acknowledging severe annoyance, usually referring to 1/2 of Blashley
  • "Lawl" -Literal pronunciation of "LOL"
  • "Anthology" -Rachel's interpretation of ANTH 111
  • "O-Can-a-gan" -Rachel's interpretation of Okanagan
  • "hem hem hem" -Mayma [our eccentric but brilliant History teacher Mr. May]
  • "Bang, bang, you're dead. 50 bullets in your head." -Mayma
  • Carolyn:"You're so full of shit"
 Kevin: "I just went to the bathroom"
           -The Dunn Children 
  • "try giving a girl a chunk of graphite on a ring instead of a diamond...see where that gets you" - Dr. Chasingtoo
  • "You did all the work right, you just tickled the buttons on your calculator wrong!" -Dr. Chasingtoo
  • "WHATTA MEAN IT"S ONLY MONDAY!?!?!?!!" -Dr. Chasingtoo's shirt
  • "I'm a fontAHOLIC!" -Dr. Chasingtoo
  • Honk: "sooo is your name Carolyn or Caroline?
       Carolyn: "Carolyn." 
       Honk: "OK, Caroline!" 
  • "OK, we are going to join EVERY club this year, and get like a million points, then win all the AWARDS!!! -Yea right.
  • "i am having major issues here"
  • Beginning of Chem on May 4th
     Dr. Chasingtoo: hello class, as everybody knows, today is Star Wars day. 
       Whole class: whatt??... 
       Dr. Chasingtoo: well, May the Force be with u... 

It was during SMUNA 2005 when Hope saw Carolyn and immediately added her on MSN. After the countless conversations that ensued between the two, Hope explained to Rachel that Carolyn has lots of "Asian Values". From then on, Rachel would not let it drop and keeps reminding Carolyn to work on her "Asian Values". Rachel also notices that Carolyn eats stir fry all the time, therefore adding to her Asian Values.


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