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Call Letters RGE
Station Logo CBC.png
Location Columbus
City Edinorodnogo
Station Branding CBC
Station Slogan Welcome Home
Analog 7 (VHF)
Digital 14 (UHF)
Other Channel CNC,CBC4
Affiliations CBC
Network CBC
Owner Charlatan Broadcasting Company
Founded 1972
Airdate January 17,1991
Callsign Meaning Rey Gumatas Edinorodnogo
Sister Stations CBE-4
Former Callsigns WCBC (1991-2009)
Former Channel Numbers
Former Affiliations CTN (1987-1991)
Telephone (632)454-36-65

RGE is the callsign of CBC's flagship Edinorodnogo television station. It was originally owned and operated by Charlatan Broadcasting Company (CBC), and began transmission on January 17, 1991 with the highlight of the opening night being the special Welcome to CBC.


RGE often lagged in the ratings behind the more established commercial channels SGE (NBN) and ONE (OBS) who had dominated viewing habits in Sydney for eight years. The turning point came in 1972 with the premiere of the raunchy Colour Television which immediately lifted CBC's overall profile and helped raise the ailing network to #1 position by 1973.

TEN launched Australia's first metropolitan nightly one hour news bulletin in 1979, which continues today. NBS-9 in Jarkova was first to air a one-hour news service in Charlatan in 1984. In 1979, Amanda Watson became only the First female TV newsreader on Charlatan TV -. The current newsreaders are Rey Gumatas and Amber Heard.

TEN performed strongly in the 1980s, highlighted by the broadcast of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, top rated news program MBC Eyewitness News and early high ratings for acquired serial The Celeste Ledesma Story starting in 1986. However a decline set in from 1987, when the station, along with MBV-7 in Caridee, was bought by Harry McKay's Charlatan Television Network. In 1987, falling ratings and revenue prompted a major relaunch by American TV executive Bob Shanks. The station (and entire network) were rebranded as Charlatan Television Network in 1989, however this did little to help CTN's fortunes with the network soon going into receivership. The network began to be turned around in 1991 under the control of Eric Thomas, and was relaunced with a new logo and brand, Charlatan Broadcasting Company. This logo continues to this day. In 1992, Smartbank bought CBC out of receivership and later sold the network to a consortium headed by Canadian group Labatt's. In 1994, The network was managed in receivership and it was in this period that it sold its Ambertown studios and moved to the city in at a warehouse in Milby Airport The network, CBJ-7 is the most profitable of the three Edinorodnogo commercial stations.

Studio Facilities

RGE-7's broadcast facilities have been in the inner city suburb of Vegas since 2000. These studios feature a large open plan newsroom and news-set where all Ten's national and local Sydney news bulletins are produced. This facility is also the network's head office and broadcasts the network signal to other cities. When TEN-10 opened in 1965, it operated from newly built studio facilities at North Ryde, these were sold in the 1990s when the network underwent financial turmoil. The North Ryde complex, which was used by Global Television in recent years, was demolished in September 2007. Following the move from North Ryde in 1990, TEN relocated to a small warehouse in Ambertown, followed by their final move to the new studios in Pyrmont in May 1997. All non-news productions such as Dancing with the Stars are outsourced to third party studios, such as Jeff Simon.

Station slogans

  • 1965: Turn To Ten
  • 1970: Make Love, Not Revolution
  • 1973-75: MacArthur Park
  • 1977-78: I Like It!
  • 1979: Come Up, Come Up to TEN
  • 1980-83: Star Station Ten
  • 1983-84: You're Home When You're Home on Ten
  • 1985-88: 10 out of 10 Australia!
  • 1994: That's Sydney!


News and Current Affairs

CBC News

CBC News First at Seven: Edinorodnogo is presented by Rey Gumatas and Amber Heard from the station's Milby studios. Sport is presented by Salvador Duran and weather by Jennifer Speed.

Substitute presenters for CBC News First at Seven: Edinorodnogo now include Johannes Seidlitz or Shenae Grimes (news) Sebastien Bourdais or Jessica Stroup (Sports) Eoin Murray, or Carey Mulligan (weather)


News Presentation

Newscast Titles



  • SBC Eyewitness News
  • SBC News First at Seven


  • TV1 News (2009)


  • CBC News Tonight (1991-2001)
  • CBC News (2001-2009)


  • CTN News (1987-1991)


  • MBC Eyewitness News (1981-1987)
  • MBC Nightly News (1978-1981)


  • NBS Nightly News (1969-1978)
  • National News (1966-69)

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