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The Road Trip Back East, originally codenamed Road Trip of an Epic Nature, but referred to almost exclusively by its acronym RTBE, was a VGOC road trip to Toronto which took place between July 29 and August 5, 2010.

The name "RTBE" is a tribute to the misogynistic 3OH!3 song, "Don't Trust Me", which had the phrase, "... Trust fund back east", duly loved by all VGOC who heard it.


VGOC took VIA Rail's The Canadian from Saskatoon to Toronto. The journey across Canada lasted two days.


Proposed Modifications

  • Seating for 5 (+1) - remove 3rd row seats = increased cargo capacity
  • Seats may actually not be removed but pushed to the very back of the van. This will create a "pit" area for extra leg room, foot rests and free up a mounting point for the TV off of the former floor mounts for the seats. retaining the seats also allows us to pick up VGOC members on the way. I have added this in in light of seat-belt safety laws that may prevent us from lazying about on bean bag chairs in the back while driving on the highway.
  • Two coolers for food
  • Modified seat to hold 2 or 4 gallon water tank
  • 6 person tent
  • Roof rack for Travel Box (holds: tent, extra air mattress, sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, and clothes in color designated bags.)
  • Mounted TV - smaller to draw less current
  • Game console - most likely an xbox, 4 controllers, two guitars, mic.
  • Plastic, vertical storage container [1]
  • Inflatable bed on the floor of the expanded cargo space
  • Four Bean bag chairs or Body Pillows
  • Tool Kit (auto/fabric repair, carried in travel box)
  • First AID kit (carried in travel box)
  • VGOC stickers for the sides of the Van
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Disco Ball
  • Window Curtains
  • Mini Grill - To be stored under a seat if possible.
  • Rear Cargo Door Locking Strut (prevent accidental opening of rear cargo door while driving)
  • 2 Gallon Jerry Can - Stored in cargo space under floor of trunk. (where spare tire goes?)
  • Spare tire mounted on roof (behind travel box) with jack and key.
  • Locked Tool case for valuables like wallets, glasses, keys, phones and change.
  • A battery pack that can charge electronics (cell phones etc) when the van is not running.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • a white board and markers


  • Boob-lady's place

Bucket List

This will not be posted here but a list will be written up and posted in the Van. A meeting for such a list should occur earlier during the summer. check boxes and a big red pen should be used to check these individual items off.

Each person is allowed to create a "challenge" for all other members of the group. "challenges" must be in good taste/be hilarious or you will be kicked in the balls.

"drink this coffee that is spiked half n' half with vodka" or "bring soul caliber to the party" are challenges that are frowned upon.

"picture taken of you hugging a stranger while wearing green cape" or "spiking sean's deodorant with really hot chilly pepper powder" are win.

Each man must accomplish at least half of their challenges for their own personal bucket list to uphold group moral if not to just have fucking awesome stories to tell later on. Completing more than 3 will grant you better memories later on.

Important things we must not forget to bring!

  • Cameras
  • Clothes
  • Cell phones
  • PHOTO ID******!!!@#!#$!#$#$@ - TWO PIECES
  • Credit Cards / Cash
  • Air fresheners
  • GUM
  • Laptop(s)
  • Awesome Custom VGOC T's to give out to randoms we harass. (Including the "Snake that cries when you hit it" T, and the "In this photo: Sean Acton" T, another plain white T that has a green cape drawn on the back, an "Icecream wRockband World Tour" T that features the VGOC logo on the front and a list of tour dates/locations for RTBE on the back, how bout a T that says "When in doubt, Go Savage" (or "When in doubt, Buy Fries."), and, finally, a T that just reads "BBH".
  • T-shirt Gun: to fire rolled up T-Shirts at above randoms.


  • Hope
  • MF
  • Seanacton
  • Nick
  • Rocky

People to Visit (in no particular order)

  • Oleg (+ girlfriend)
  • Li
  • Zhang (+ girlfriend)
  • Chucky (+ girlfriend... I'm still in shock -Sean)
  • Ken
  • Wayne (+ girlfriend)- thanks for the thought but Saskatoon to Pennsylvania is a 4-day drive. - Wayne, we'll be in Ontario most of the time anyway. It is not difficult to swing down and visit.
  • Yi (is in California?? - Sean)
  • David
  • Bobby (+ girlfriend?)

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