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Racial templates in the Fallen Empire

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No cinematic advantages are allowed, and all leveled advantages must remain at realistic levels. Elves and Dwarves are allowed some advantages that would be considered cinematic in humans, but they are still rare. No one is allowed to take Mana Damper or Mana Enhancer. The mana level of the world is set and cannot normally be affected by people.


38 points

Average Height 5’ 6” Average Weight 90 lbs.

  • Attributes: (30) ST -1 (-10) DX +1 (20) IQ +1 (20)
  • Advantages: (28) Attractive (4), Magery 0 (5), Nightvision +4 (4), Unaging (15)
  • Disadvantages: (-25) Code of Honor (Live with elegance and style) (-10), Sense of Duty (Nature) (-10), Skinny (-5)
  • Skills: (5) Bow DX/A (1), Naturalist IQ/H (1), Savoir-Faire IQ /E (1), Survival Per/A (1), Thaumatology IQ/VH (1)
  • Zero point feature: Cannot grow facial hair.

Elven nightvision may not be lower than +3 or higher than +7. Of all the races encountered elves will probably be the most widely varied. An elf can be a youth with a mere 100 points, or may be hundreds of years old and over 1000 points.

Elves are often described by humans that meet them as haughty, or even arrogant. And often this is the case. You’d probably be arrogant too if you were over 500 years old and had a skill list that reads like the entire rulebook.

Elven bows are always of at least fine quality. Often they are of essential wood or magical. They frequently wear fine quality Orichalcum mail. Light mail is half weight and DR 6/4. Heavy mail or war mail is full weight and DR 12/6.


35 points

  • Attributes: (20) DX +1 (20)
  • Advantages: (15) Attractive (4), Magery 0 (5), Nightvision +4 (4), Extended Lifespan 1 (2)

Sometimes an elf is attracted to a human resulting in a half-elf. They are rejected by their people and grow up in the human lands. The elven parent is given the choice of staying of being ostricized or never seeing the human and child again.


51 points

Average Height 4’ 5” Average Weight 140 lbs.

  • Attributes: (33) ST +2 (20) HT +1 (10) Move -1 (-5) Fatigue +1 (3) Will +1 (5) SM –1
  • Advantages: (30) Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) (3), Extended Lifespan 2 (x4) (4), Hard to Kill +1 (2), Lifting ST +2 (6), Night Vision +5 (5), Talent: Artificer +1 (10)
  • Disadvantages: (-16) Greed (resist 15 or less) (-7), Miserliness (resist 15 or less) (-5), Cannot Float (-1), Distrusts Elves and Goblins (-1), Intolerance (Orcs) (-1), Never Shave Beards (-1)
  • Skills: (4) Axe/Mace DX/A (2) Merchant IQ/A (2)

Dwarves stand roughly 2/3 the height of a human with the same strength. Weight remains the same. Dwarven nightvision may not be lower than +4 or higher than +8. They may raise their DR up to a maximum of 2. Magery is even more rare in dwarves than in humans, leading some to believe that there are no dwarven mages. Power Investiture is much more common in dwarves than in humans. It seems that the dwarves have a more practical relationship with their gods than most. They worship and the gods provide benefits in return.

In battle dwarves often wield magical or very fine quality weapons and wear plate of essential metal which is DR 15 for an essential metal breastplate. Weight is the same as normal armor.


-22 points

Average Height 6’ Average Weight 190 lbs.

  • Attributes: (2) ST +1 (10) IQ -1 (-20) HT +1 (10) HP +1 (2)
  • Advantages: (14) Acute Smell +3 (6), Fearlessness +2 (4), Night Vision +4 (4)
  • Disadvantages: (-44) Bad Temper (resist 12 or less) (-10), Intolerance (all non-orcs) (-10), Reputation (Raiders and killers) -3 (civilized races) (-10), Short Lifespan 1 (-10), Unattractive (-4)
  • Skills: (6) Axe/Mace DX /A (2), Brawling DX/E (2), Spear DX/A (2)

Orcish nightvision may not be lower than +2 or higher than +6. Orcs often have other traits depending on their tribe like Berserk, Bloodlust, Common Sense, Fanaticism, or even High Pain Threshold. Magery is less common among orcs than among humans, but Power Investiture is more common.


13 points

  • Attributes: (20) ST +1 (10) HT +1 (10)
  • Advantages: (4) Acute Smell +1 (2), Night Vision +2 (2)
  • Disadvantages: (-11) Bad Temper (resist 15 or less) (-5), Social Stigma (Second Class Citizen) (-5), Unnatural Features (Orcish blood) (-1)

Occasionally the victims of an orcish raid will survive or escape. When this happens the half-orc is often the result. While tougher than the average human they will occasionally find themselves the target of anti-orcish predjudice. Half-orcs that live among their orcish people replace their Social Stigma and Unnatural Features with: Intolerance (all non-orcs) (-10), Reputation (Raiders and killers) -3 (civilized races) (-10). With their higher intelligence they can often rise quite high in the tribe. If captured they are treated just like any orcish raider, ie enslaved or killed.


0 points

Humans are the default of the GURPS ruleset and so their default template is zero points. The only note is that human nightvision may not be higher than +4, as this is considered a realistic level.

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