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Rainforest Cafe Coupons

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Visiting the Rainforest Cafe

A trip to the Rainforest Cafe is like a vacation to an exotic destination, and Rainforest Cafe coupons make the tropical dining experience more affordable. This jungle-themed restaurant was created by entrepreneur and themed-restaurant developer Steven Schussler in 1994.

The groundbreaking concept restaurant expanded rapidly in the late 90s establishing prime locations on both coasts and adding international properties to their impressive portfolio. Today, the Rainforest Cafe is owned by the Houston-based restaurant and casino operator Landry’s, who acquired the company in 2000.

Each location features a lush jungle setting that includes dramatic plants and animatronic figures of exotic birds and animals. Rainwater curtains divide the dining areas and create a jungle-like ambiance supplemented with waterfalls, fiber-optic lighting and a large aquarium that is often the focal point of the restaurant.

Every 30 minutes, patrons experience a wild, simulated thunderstorm complete with real rain and realistic thunder and jungle noises broadcast from hidden speakers.

Rainforest Cafe Menu Options

The jungle safari experience isn’t the only great part of the Rainforest Cafe. The restaurant features extensive menus for adults and kids with popular, mid-level prices. Options include pizza, pasta, salad, seafood and everything in between. Adults can choose from exotic entrees like "Caribbean Coconut Shrimp" or one of the cleverly named dishes, such as the “Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Wrap.”

The Rainforest Cafe experience doesn’t stop until dessert. A trip to the Rainforest Cafe isn’t complete until you’ve tried the restaurant’s chocolaty brownie volcano cake filled with ice cream and topped with fudge sauce as well as a cheery sparkler. Parents will also enjoy the great selection of affordably priced mini hotdogs, mini burgers and desserts with smaller sizes just for kids.

Rainforest Locations

The Rainforest Cafe opened its first location in Minnesota’s Mall of America back in 1994. Today, the restaurant operates international locations in Canada, Mexico, Japan, England, France, the UAE and several other countries. However, the company’s restaurants at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California consistently draw customers from all parts the country.

Hosting Parties

The party and group-friendly atmosphere makes the Rainforest Cafe the ideal restaurant to host an unforgettable birthday bash or safari-themed party.

Rainforest Cafe Coupons

The restaurant will even provide invitations and envelopes as well as safari souvenirs and a fun activity book with crayons to keep the kids busy. The Rainforest Cafe hosts events and parties for adults too, including employee parties, holiday events and themed-events for tour groups and chartered coaches.

Visit the Gift Shop

Visitors will also find a large selection of mugs and Rainforest Cafe merchandise in the integrated safari gift shop. School groups and organizations can also learn something at the Rainforest Cafe with the restaurant’s educational tours, lesson plans and teaching programs designed to educate the world about the rainforest ecosystem, endangered species and the importance of conservation efforts.

Rainforest Cafe Coupons and Savings

Loyal patrons and new fans can now enjoy their favorite restaurant while saving money by signing up for Rainforest Cafe coupons delivered directly to your mailbox and your inbox. Registering for the Safari Club is the best way to get the latest Rainforest Cafe coupons as well as VIP status at any of the chain’s restaurants.

The Rainforest Cafe will even give you a $10 coupon reward just for becoming a Safari Club member. Although the coupon may take several weeks to arrive, members will also receive special e-mail offers on a regular basis. Members also enjoy special perks like no-reservation, priority seating for parties of six or less.

When you’re a Safari Club member, you can walk in, sit down and order immediately. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a free appetizer of the day or 10% off three entrees. It’s your choice.

Coupons in the Mail

Rainforest Cafe coupons are released regularly through the mail and in email offers. Printable coupons are a great way to enjoy a free volcano cake or $10 off an order of $25 or more.

Rainforest Cafe coupons offer consumers fantastic deals on the restaurant’s most popular menu items. Sign up to become a Safari Club member today and get your Rainforest Cafe coupons, so you can enjoy a memorable experience at a new, lower cost.

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