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This wiki accompanies the exercise 'Using Bluwiki to Create Wikis for a TAFE Classroom'.

To use this site click on the links to go to the wiki's pages and to add information click on
the 'edit' link to the right of the section or at the top of the page, you can then add
the info you want and format it using HTML code or Wiki code which you will find
help on by clicking here.

This example wiki is designed to support any TAFE subject. The wiki has pages for News, Resources, Assignments and 'Gossip'. All of the pages can be edited by students and teachers. Experiment with the wiki by using its edit mode to add or change content to any page.

Latest news

Go to our news page and enter information that will interest other students. For example, coming events, current activities, items for sale, etc.

Recommended resources

Go to our resources page and enter links to resources that will assist other students


Go to our assignments information page and read directions for our class assignments and enter information that may assist other students.

Comments from the 'pub'

Go to our Randwick pub page and enter entertainment news e.g. information on pub bands, books, movies, music,etc.

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