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Red Robin Coupons

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About the Red Robin Company

Any American will tell you that making a burger is an artform -- a skill that becomes perfected over time, only when a burger has been produced that is of the highest quality, with the best flavor, and just the right amount of juicy red meat in the center. And, those same Americans may also tel you that they simply haven't perfected this national artform just yet. That's why restaurants like Red Robin exist; they provide a great way for average burger makers to enjoy excellent burgers with gourmet toppings, grilled to perfection.

Red Robin was founded in 1969 in Seattle, and its original restaurant still stands today; the building dates to 1940, when it was a well-regarded tavern in the city. The company has strived to maintain a collegial, tavern-like feel in its original restaurant as well as the more than 400 locations that now span the United States. It has even opened a whopping 18 restaurants in Canada as it seeks to expand its brand internationally.

The company is quite well known for its "endless steak fries" policy that ensures its customers will never run out of fries as they enjoy their burger. And, because those fries are also endlessly delicious, it's a great touch that adds value to every meal on the menu.

In addition to this extra value -- think of it as a perk just for choosing Red Robin for your meal -- there are numerous ways to save on the restaurant's offerings that include an official discount club and online coupon offerings.

Customer Loyalty Program

Red Robin, like many major restaurants, has a program that rewards its customers for choosing its restaurant over the competition. A simple online signup that asks for your location, your nearest restaurant, and contact information like an email address, mailing address, and phone number, is all it takes to get started with the Red Robin loyalty program.

Members get postal mailings with coupons for meals that offer everything from free appetizers to a percentage off the final meal price when you're done enjoying your meal. Not only that, but every member gets a "free gift" just for signing up -- and that gift can be anything from a special coupon to a free burger to enjoy at a time of your own pleasing.

Red Robin Burgers

Red Robin also celebrates birthdays in style, as it offers every member a free Red Robin burger on their birthday. The coupon has a date range that coincides with a member's birthday, so you can pick the best time for you and enjoy some gourmet goodness at your convenience -- but it's free, and there's never a bad time for free food!

To start saving money with Red Robin's online discount program, simply navigate to redrobin.com/eclub and enter your information. That's all there is to it -- the discounts will come to you as they're made available.

Customer Survey Discounts

The Red Robin chain of restaurants places an extremely high value on excellent customer service and great customer experiences. For this reason, almost every meal receipt comes with the option to take a survey online and rate how your experience was at a certain Red Robin location. The survey is easy to complete and takes no more than ten minutes. It can help your local restaurant improve, or reinforce that they're doing a great job, so it's an important step take after enjoying (or not enjoying) your gourmet burger.

But these surveys come with an added bonus: they frequently offer customers a discount on their next meal at their local Red Robin location. Customers have also been known to win a free burger or a free appetizer, and are automatically entered into sweepstakes contests restaurant-wide for prizes that range from an iPod Touch to a cash price of up to $1,000.

The surveys are easy to complete and their bonuses far exceed the ten minutes it takes to rate the quality of your meal and customer service treatment. A free burger is a great way to save, but imagine how much Red Robin food you could enjoy with a $1,000 cash prize simply for giving your opinion. There are multiple reasons to seize this unique opportunity after dining out.

Online Coupons

If you're not a member of Red Robin's online customer loyalty program, there are still ways to find great deals on their gourmet burgers and bottomless fries. Red Robin coupons are available through many major websites on the internet that make it their job to round up all of the discounts at each retail store and restaurant location.

These coupons can be printed out and redeemed at Red Robin locations. However, it's important to be aware that the company has been a frequent target of coupon scammers, who create fake coupons for free items or deep discounts. These coupons cannot and will not be honored at Red Robin locations, no matter how honest the person is who printed out the deceptive discount.

Always look for user comments relating to the authenticity of the coupon, or call your local Red Robin and inquire as to the validity of any deals you find online. There are great savings to be had by using online coupon websites, but there are also some risks with trusting user submissions. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

For a free gift just for signing up, as well as a free burger on your birthday, you can't beat the Red Robin loyalty program. And their customer surveys are a great way to turn one meal's experience into your next meal's discount. Combined with the usefulness of online coupon websites, there are a number of great ways to get more gourmet burgers for fewer dollars the next time you decide to enjoy Red Robin's menu.

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