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Renni, a fictional planet of Sirius A.

Renni is the innermost planet of the fictional Sirius system. It is Mercury-like in appearance.

Renni's name spelt backwards is "inner", denoting it's position in the system. Like Mercury, Renni bears the scars of many impacts, however, unlike Mercury, it has a small core of iron, making it less dense than Mercury and a bit more like Earth's Moon, which is lighter. Also similar to Mercury and the Moon, Renni has nearly no atmosphere, the slight atmosphere it does have is quite dusty and brownish in colour, similar to the atmosphere of Mars.

Planet Renni has no known moons.

Changing Renni

The 'fantasy' version of the Sirius addon may include Renni with some volcanoes and rivers of liquid Mercury (being so similar to the planet Mercury and all), there may also be a couple of volcanoes in the realistic version of the addon, but liquid Mercury existing on a planet like Renni in the real universe is highly doubtful.

Renni was previously known as Hermius before I changed it's name.

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