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  • Name: Renquizdt
  • Creator: Zent
  • Language: Renquizdt
  • Homeworld: Azut (means "earth" in Renquizdt)
  • Population: ~500 million
  • Availability: Open to request

Appearance and Physiology

The Renquizdt are a humanoid race whose average size is a bit larger than normal human, easily reaching eight feet at maturity, which is around the age of 16. Due to Azut being a somewhat desert environment and most life centered nearer to the equator (and, subsequently, the planet's "Great Eye"), most Renquizdt have medium to dark tan skin.

Their eyes are slightly luminescent with circular pupils, usually within the red spectrum, though they have rarely gone all the way to violet.

Renquizdt hair has an insane range of colors, from black to white and anything in between.






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