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Here is a great resource for many of the subjects in our course

Students from overseas who would like to study in Australia can get all the

Resourses they need in this site

There lot of sites to visit and get information resources.

TAFE NSW offers access to a number of resources that may support you in your studies or related activities.


There are libraries at most TAFE NSW campuses and learning facilities. They provide access to a range of learning resources and materials, as well as individual and group study facilities.

Your TAFEcard is your library card and it automatically gives you borrowing privileges at the TAFE NSW network of more than 100 libraries

Learning Gateway

Another area which addresses TAFE student and teacher needs is the Learning Gateway.

This site provides access to web-based information and resources relating to the hundreds of vocational areas covered by TAFE NSW courses and programs.

Explore the Learning Gateway site to see additional course and career information provided for potential students, parents, careers advisers and others in the community as well as selected links to thousands of industry and resource websites across the full range of vocational study areas.

Tutorials and workshops There is also a variety of assistance available at TAFE NSW campuses through tutorials and workshops.

Language, literacy and numeracy There are several ways that TAFE NSW can help you improve your language, literacy and numeracy.

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