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NOTE: A lot of information on this page about Retuo may be impossible in the real universe as I have not yet confirmed a lot of the stuff written here to be factual.

Retuo is the outermost world of the fictional Sirius A system, hence it's name spelt backwards is "outer", the outer world. Like Elddim, Retuo has similarites to Venus, such as a thick cloud layer and a hot dry surface. But there is an important difference, Retuo has life. It also has a single large moon, known as Anulia.

Retuo's clouds aren't turbulent like Elddim's. They are silvery in colour, the silver colour coming from the microscopic greyish coloured plantlife living in the atmosphere.

Why Grey?

The reason why these plants are grey lies in the colour of the Sirius star. Our sun is yellow in colour, and therefore plants are green, as this helps them photosynthesize. In Retuo's cloud layers, the light coming through from Sirius is white, and therefore the plants have to adjust. Grey is the optimal colour for plantlife here instead of green.

Under The Clouds

Retuo's surface is dark in colour, with patches of shiny metallic material scattered evenly across the planet. No life can exist down here as the greenhouse effect makes the temperature stifling, this is where this world turns into Cytherean one, and the trapping of heat by the cloud layer isn't going to make it any better in the meantime.

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