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About Ringo

So ringo is a labradoodle - or mix between a labrador and a poodle. We got him as a puppy - when he was eight weeks old. On May 3rd Ringo will be turning 4 years old. He weighs about 85 pounds. Even though he is big he still thinks he is a little puppy that can fit on our laps. Ringo is very well behaved, he was very easy to train because he is very smart. I recommend anyone who is looking to get a great dog to get a labradoodle. --Sarah Urban

Photo Album

Ringo getting used to his new place. He's a bit nervious.

Another shot of Ringo relaxing on the couch.

Ringo was having a tough time trying to keep up - he followed me everywhere :)

Photo 080605 013.jpg
Ringo is getting so big. We tried to get him to swim in the lake but all he wanted to do was play with Sam.

Ringo and Sam sleeping.jpg
Sam and Ringo taking a well needed nap.

Sarah and Ringo sleeping.jpg
Ringo is getting bigger but still loves to cuddle.

Ringo close up.jpg
Ringo posing for the camera.

Sam and Ringo.jpg
Sam and Ringo having a good time during Thanksgiving.

Winter of 06 we had an ice storm that shut down all the power and it was freezing and Ringo was cold so I put my UVA hoodie on him to keep him warm.

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