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Robert Farn

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

  • Name: Goes by many, most usually with the initials "RF". Currently known as Robert Farn.
  • Nicknames: The Walkin' Dude, Mr. Aura of Pure Evil, Denim Freak, Demon-man, among others.
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Quasi-immortal, appears 30-ish.
  • Race: Red, originally human
  • Height: Tall-ish
  • Weight: Average
  • Hair Color: Dark brown-black
  • Eye Color: Blue-green or red, it depends
  • Home World: Delain
  • Player: User:ZMetalla



Combat Style

Robert's combat style is unknown, although he seems to prefer messing with people than actual fighting.


For his past before Valgris and future after it, refer to Randall Flagg on Wikipedia. His time on Valgris lies somewhere in between The Stand and The Dark Tower.


Suddenly appearing at the edge of the Rie Forest one day, was soon checked up on by several Lodgers, who immediately took note of his evil aura. Despite the aura, he seemed friendly, and seemed to only remember his own name. Came to the Lodge but preferred to stay outside of the building most of the time.

Eventually, he went into Sega City and incited a racially motivated brawl between some humans and some anthros. However, his fun was short-lived by the interference of Sceaduir and a Heartless Lord, which made him go back to the Lodge. After several Lodgers investigated the aftermath of the incident, Robert was immediately suspected and was questioned by Himi, leading to a confrontation where he tried to use her bad memories against her, only to be attacked by Tenebre.

Somehow, just being in contact with Tenebre made him aware of the presence of the Inalisi Mark on the boy, and after a brief struggle, Robert managed to get away and soon disappeared, despite being pursued by Kelly.

He would show up again after Alisha Shatogi was killed by Shadowfall, claiming to have come to give his condolences, even offering to give Ali's spirit a new body. Naturally, he was refused, and after revealing his intentions were completely seen, fled once again.

His current location is unknown, although he is probably continuing to cause chaos, or bearing witness to it wherever he is. He has also managed to get himself some new followers, only two have been shown or hinted at existing: Ness, a psychopathic, vagabond female cutter who was born with the ability to never be able to die from blood loss, and Charlamange, a mange-ridden child predator.

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