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Robin Rudholm

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Robin Rudholm

  • Team:West Coast Racing / BMW
  • Brand:BMW 320si (E90)
  • Name:Robin Rudholm
  • Lives:Borås
  • Born:June 14, 1979
  • Marital status:Partner with Linda
  • Occupation:Racing driver, runs his own advertising agency
  • Website: [1]
  • Hobby:Fysträning, web, data, design

Racing career

1986: Started with Karting Did my first go-carts when I was 6 years old, won my first race klubbmästerskap 1989 - 1992: Swedish Karting One of the most successful juniors in Sweden 10st victories, 9ST other places and 6st third places including Vann Gothenburg's Great Price and Tom Crane 1993: Nordisk Karting podium places in most contests run 3: ai Nordic Championship (best of Sweden) 1994: International Karting Did the Swedish squad - Ica Junior 10th place in the EM (Braga, Portugal) Finalist World Cup (Ugento, Italy) 3: ai Nordic Championship 1: ai Tom Trana Trophy Ronnie Peterson Award 1995: International Karting Did the Swedish national team in European Championships and World Cup - FA 16th place in World Championship of 120 start (Valence, F) 2 : ai "Grande Finale", Kristianstad 1996: International Karting Did the Swedish national team in European Championships and World Cup - FA Winner of the first SM-finals (Skellefteå) 3: ai Scandinavian Formula School 1997: Swedish Formula Ford First year in electric cars 3: ai SM and 2: ai JSM. 1998: Swedish & Nordic Formula Ford 4: ai Swedish & Nordic Championship Winner of NM-race in Finland A dozen podium places in 1999: Swedish & Nordic Formula Ford Driven to Brother's Racing 12 victories including 10 in a row, new record! Swedish & Nordic Champion Rickard Rydell Special Award This year's Swedish Racing tarn Shots (Bilsport) Contract with Van Diemen for the winter series in 2000: British Formula Ford Driven for Haywood Racing Many top 10 results, 5: a best 10th place in the championship, second best in team 3: ai Formula Ford World Cup at Brands Hatch in 2001: British Formula Ford Driven to the factory team Duck Hams Van Diemen 7: ai the British Formula Ford Championship Kvale in the first point across 6 times, 3 pole position Pole position in the Formula Ford World Cup at Brands Hatch in Victory quarter, 2: ai semis and 6: ai VM Two podium places in European Championships 2002: British Formula 3 Winter Series for Menu Motorsport 2nd & 3: ai F3 premiere at Rockingham 4: ai finale at Silverstone 3rd overall in the British F3 Winter Series 2002: British Formula Renault Driven for Falcon Motorsport official support from the Swedish Shareholders' Renault TV programs on Viasat Sport Many top 10 results, 5: a best 12th place in the championship, the best team in the European Championships in Donington with Fortec, low 5 : a, was hit in 2004: Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia Reported by Porsche Sweden Fastest Pre tests on all 14 pallets of 16 race by 5 gains Winner in the championship Did the German finale at Hockenheim 2005: Porsche, Karting & TV TV expert commentator for STCC on ZTV guest driver in the Carrera Cup, Anderstorp: 3rd & 2nd guest driver in the Carrera Cup, Mantorp: 3rd & 4th National Champion in karting, Sports 2000, Kalmar

STCC career

2003: STCC factory driver for Podium SEAT Sport Sweden youngest among all of the drivers out in the Super pole in Karlskoga, bedrooms on gridden 4: ai STCC-finale at Mantorp 2006: STCC BMW Dealer Team WestCoast Racing 3 fastest race lap 2 pallets 3 lost victories after MUDDLE in the terminal 7-1 in qualifier statistics R. Rudholm - D. Huisman 7: ai championship (11p from 3rd) 4: ai ETCC (EM) in Estoril, Portugal 2007: STCC TOOLS BMW Dealer Team WestCoast Racing 3 fastest race lap 3 pallets First STCC-victory! Anderstorp 1 pole position Kval Cut to 3.5 6: ai championship

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