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Disclaimer: In Darkshadows we do allow the book Gypsy the Outsider Within. The book its self reflects a negative connotation to the Roma people. If you wish to play a Rom you should know a few things. These are real people a real culture and real prejudices that have been leveled against them. The Rom are a very proud people that honor their family and their commitments.

If you wish to play a stereotypical gypsy do not apply in this channel. In my game the Rom are celebrated because they are my family I am of the blood. I am about half Rom.

The book says that they are originally from Egypt. That is not true the Rom are from India originally. Being a nomadic people they wandered. Taking piece of everyone’s culture with them, You will find Jewish traditions, Muslim traditions, Greek, Saxon, Celtic, Spanish, Moor’s and many more.

They have been a hated and feared people for some time. They were actually hunted down and slaughtered for bounty, in the 16-1700's. Then in the last century Hitler tried to exterminate them. The estimates are between 800,000 thousand to 1 million Rom were killed 80% of the European population.

Many brought their fears and distrusts of my people here to the states. And the haltered does continue. In the real City of Cleveland we have several tribes and several families that have settled here. They are upstanding members of the community. But we do see the stereotypes. My skin is pale and my hair dyed red. I walked into a Roma establishment and was treated poorly until I spoke up lol. If my mother went into that same establishment she would be treated like a queen.

The reason I am writing this dissertation is the simple fact that recently I was accused of allowing a racist book in my game. I tend to use the book as a guide for powers and the different families and seeds of life. The culture in the book is not widely accepted in our game. Anyone wishing to play a Rom must do the research to get a character and show me that they know the taboos and they know the respect system. I have turned down players that wish to exploit or do harm to the culture.


Lisa Founder and gypsy rep..


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