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Roots Presentation

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This is the Roots Presentation Planning Board.


The theme of the presentation revolves around a resturant. The classroom desks will be placed in groups of four, simulating tables. A cart will be pushed around with food items and served in a Dim Sum manner.


All five of us will portray a different member of resturant staff

  • Hope-Hard working resturant owner
  • Howard-Waiter/Cart Pusher
  • Ken-Waiter/Cart Pusher
  • Kylie-Hostess(?)
  • Jiajia-Flashback Man(Who am I actually? In relationship to the resturant? We already have two waiters... can I be something special?)

Hee hee I just found out you can mess with colours here


This is what each of us is responsible for in the presentation, and what you researched.

  • Hope-Effect on Western Culture
  • Howard-Immigration Policies
  • Ken-Reasons for Immigration
  • Kylie-Losses and Gains from Immigration
  • Jiajia-Reception by Canadians


Okay guys, insert your part of the script here! Hopefully, if everybody does that before Monday, we'll have a strong base to work off of when we really get started.


Welcome to the Restaurant spiel. Host/Hostess shows people to their tables.




Guys, I'm having some trouble putting my script together. It sounds really corny and...well...scripted. I honestly don't think Mr. Armstrong will understand if I make a bunch of comparisons and use a bunch of symbolism either, in order to make it work. Any other ideas? Could we somehow make it into a video? That would be much easier...


<Jia Jia>


Insert your major points:

Historical, cultural, economic reasons why they left China

Immigration policy and major waves

Historical, economic, social, cultural effects of immigration in terms of loss and gain

  • Ethnic Culture
  • Personal Belongings/Material Wealth
  • Status
  • Rebuild Life
  • Education
  • Opportunities
  • Safety/Security
  • Personality Traits (Perseverence, determination, etc.)

-Future for next Generations Effects of the immigration of this group on Canadian culture

Reception given by Canadians



For Jiajia's part in the presentation, there will be a short video of his exploits. They will mostly involve people slamming the door in his face, but the storyline must be more coherent. The setting of the video will be in a flashback, and will be narrated in an echoy dream-like voice

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