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Round Table Coupons

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Round Table Pizza Coupons and Promotions

If you live on the west coast of the United States, you’ve most likely heard of, if not tasted, a Round Table pizza. Round Table was founded in 1959 in Menlo Park, CA, in the Bay Area of Northern California. In 1961, founder William R. “Bill” Larson, Sr. gave his restaurant an Arthurian theme after a friend drew the knights of Camelot sitting at their round table, eating pizza.

This theme is still found today, despite other advertising revamps, in the corporate logo – three medieval-type banners – and the names of some of the pizzas, Guinevere’s Garden Delight and King Arthur’s Supreme being two.

Round Table Locations

Today, Round Table Pizza has over 500 locations, most of which are found in California, Oregon, and Washington. There are also locations in Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Nevada. Until 2008, there were also stores in Idaho.

The most far-flung Round Table Pizza location is not in the United States, but halfway around the world: there are two locations in the country of Dubai. Despite Round Table’s massive influence, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February of 2011, but stated it will not affect the day to day business in most of its company and franchise-owned stores.

Menu and Ingredients

Round Table Pizza is known for its hand-tossed dough, made fresh at each location, in addition to its expansive menu. While the restaurant chain has had salad bars in many locations for years, they have more recently begun to expand their menu even more, now serving breadsticks, wings, and even gourmet sandwiches in some locations. Some Round Table locations also provide catering, and most offer both dine-in and delivery service.

Finding Coupons

Roundtable Pizza Coupons

Saving a little bit of money is something everyone enjoys, and finding Round Table Pizza coupons is a fantastic thing. There are three different ways to get Round Table coupons: through mail and newspaper advertisements, through in-store specials, and at various locations on the internet.

Like many pizza restaurants, Round Table offers coupons through traditional means. Once or twice a month, a flyer is sent through the USPS to residences within a set mile distance of a Round Table location.

These flyers are similar in appearance to the coupon pages printed and distributed with a local newspaper. Each flyer has various coupons, usually valid for a few months a piece. These coupons are for items ranging from a free appetizer when dining in to a percentage off of the cost of a pizza.

Coupons and Special Deals

Occasionally, there is even a special deal where, with use of the coupon, you can get a free regular pizza when buying a Round Table specialty. If someone wanted to stay up to date on Round Table coupons and deals, they have several options.

Through roundtablepizza.com, the website of Round Table Pizza, visitors can sign up for personalized emails, providing information on discounts and coupons for the location nearest their home or work. They even have a dedicated place for savings on their website, Round Table Pizza. These printable coupons are available for use both in store and with delivery service.

Round Table also has a following on social networking sites, providing fans of their food with updates on both Facebook and Twitter. When customers sign up or follow the company through these sites, they are often privy to deals that are not made available to the general public, and also are usually made aware of new specials and limited runs before other people.

Coupons in Local Papers

Even if someone tends to stay away from national savings websites, many local newspapers will run online advertisements in their online editions, for use either printed out or for web-based ordering, though few Round Table locations have this option.

Coupons on the Web

There are a few caveats when searching for coupons online. The most problematic is the expiration date. As the internet is a fluid space, a coupon may be put out by the company, but not released on the internet until near or after it has expired. This will lead to trouble for the consumer and the company as they try to meet each other’s expectations.

Also, very rarely, people will find coupons that simply do not exist to the company. These are few and far between and often come from email spam offers. A good rule of thumb to staying protected is simply to remember to not open any attachments unless they are specifically requested.

With the popularity of Round Table Pizza on the west coast, finding coupons for a savings on an order is not very difficult. As long as the expiration date hasn’t passed, Round Table restaurants are more than happy to honor these coupons, as they allow the company to provide the best customer service possible.

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