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Ruby Tuesday Coupons

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Save Money at Ruby Tuesdays

Named after the famous Rolling Stones song, Ruby Tuesday is a US restaurant chain that targets casual diners, offering a high quality eating experience and top notch service. Started in the 1970s by five friends, students at the University of Tennessee, Ruby Tuesday skyrocketed to national fame and fortune due to what they insist is their delicious menu choices and innovative style and look.

They began as a bar and grill, attracting college students and other rowdy diners to their easy going atmosphere and low prices. Ruby Tuesday grew quickly and soon became one of the largest specialty restaurants in the United States.

Today, Ruby Tuesday has locations in all 50 states except six. They can also be found overseas in such exotic places as the Philippines, India, and Mexico. There are 1,000 Ruby Tuesday restaurants around the world, the majority owned by the company itself and the rest franchised to private owners.

Re-branding Ruby

Recently, Ruby Tuesday began a campaign to rebrand their image. Attempting to upgrade from their casual bar-like atmosphere, they began introducing handmade beverages and pricier menu selections. Their standards of service were raised with waiters, busboys, and chefs receiving extended training in their areas of expertise.

The look of many Ruby Tuesday restaurants was upgraded to have a classier feel in the hopes of attracting a more specific customer type while still being appealing to the guests who grew up with them.

Ruby Tuesday Coupon

Along with their new look and higher prices, Ruby Tuesday restaurants also began offering a wider selection of coupons and promotions in order to avoid alienating their base of regular customers. If you enjoy eating out in nice places but tend to balk at the stuffy prices those kinds of places offer, you will be pleasantly surprised by Ruby Tuesday’s coupon campaign.

Ruby Tuesday Coupons

No longer will you have to wait for a special occasion to dine out because of pocketbook limitations. With this guide to finding the best Ruby Tuesday coupons you’ll be able to afford eating out when you feel like it.

One of the best places to find the latest deals, promotions, offers, and, yes, coupons is right at the source, the Ruby Tuesday official web space, located here: RubyTuesday.com. Besides the latest news from the company, their web page lists all their latest dishes and specials, as well as any complimentary or discounted offers they are currently having.

My favorite part of the Ruby Tuesday homepage is the So Connected campaign, found here: RubyTuesday.Com/SoConnected. So Connected is Ruby Tuesday’s exclusive membership club, which is available to anyone after a quick sign up process.

Once you are a part of the So Connected club you will receive all the best Ruby Tuesday exclusive deals right in your inbox. So Connected includes coupons that aren’t available to anyone else in the world and exclusive promotional offers that only club members can take advantage of.

Birthday Specials

There are also redemption coupon deals for both food and beverages that you can present at any Ruby Tuesday outlet as well as a personalized hamburger meal available to you completely free on your birthday.

Ruby on Facebook

Another way to find the latest and greatest coupon offers for Ruby Tuesday restaurants is at their Facebook page: Facebook.Com/RubyTuesday.

The Ruby Tuesday Facebook Wall features a list of the best daily deals as they become available as well as happy hour times in many of their locations. Links to printable coupons also regularly show up on their Wall, although it’s important to mind the expiration dates.

Coupons that appear on their Facebook Wall are easily identified through the Bearable Deals icon they sport and the expirations dates are clearly annotated. You can even search for deals, coupons, and activity at your local Ruby Tuesday through the Local section of their Facebook page.

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