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Rudder Detail

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Rudder Detail

Design the rudder much like you would the leeboard, with the thinking that “larger is better”. If you were to design a rudder that was 2’ x 4’, you’d have an excellent rudder on your hands. Consider a kick up rudder after you get tired of having to disassemble the rudder every time you want to beach it. But for the first 10 outings, you should be ok with your quick build rudder.

On hinges. Go buy some removable pin hinges and be done with it. Pretty much everything else breaks, as is the general consensus among PDRacer builders, after being recently polled. Replace the pins with a carriage bolt and wing nut for easy removal and installation. If you reinforced your rear transom structure with 2x4’s, you’ll have a good secure foundation for the rudder to attach to, and there will be no fear of it breaking off at the worst time imaginable.

Doubling up. Since you’ll have to cut in to a new sheet of plywood to extract a rudder and leeboard, you might as well double their thickness, thus increasing their strength.

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